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Help Josh Alexander challenge the corrupt education system: LifeFunder

(LifeSiteNews) — Do you remember that heroic young man by the name of Josh Alexander? He’s the 16-year-old who went to bat for girls in his Catholic high school not to have biological males in their bathroom. Well, this story has new developments to it.

He and his lawyer are now going to the courts to fight this out because the school has actually, believe it or not, given him a trespass notification. So he’s going to be arrested for trespassing the next time he comes in. He was suspended, they lifted the suspension and, lo and behold, he went in … but no, because he still doesn’t agree to what I guess it is that they want, they continued his suspension. And now lawyers are getting involved.

We’re going to give you a chance to contribute to his efforts in court with a LifeFunder. But I wanted to tell you some new developments.

First of all, I had an opportunity to speak with one of the young ladies who confided in him, who was one of the reasons why he went forward in the first place. We’ve had Josh Alexander on The John-Henry Westen Show before, but we weren’t able to speak to the young women who were suffering under what the school is going through. So I wanted to read to you from an interview that I had with her. She has to remain anonymous. She wouldn’t come on camera because of, obviously, fear of massive reprisal.

READ: Catholic high school issues trespassing notice to suspended student who opposed boys in girls’ bathrooms

So, if you remember, Josh told me that when he went to the principal first to say, “Hey, I was approached by some of my classmates who are uncomfortable with this idea that young men are in their bathrooms.” And the principal said first, “Well, no, no, no. You’ve got to get the girls to come in and tell us that.” So he did. He got one of these young ladies to come forward and go with him. And the principal still did nothing.

And that’s when Josh Alexander said, “OK, we’re going to stage a walkout and protest this, because this is ridiculous.” So here’s how the story went from the side of one of the young ladies who did speak with him.

These are her words: “I just told him in passing conversation about this issue that I was weirded out by it, because it is males in my bathroom, and I didn’t know who else I could talk to about it other than a few of my female friends.”

But then get this — and this is mind-blowing — this is what she told me about what went on inside the classroom. Because, remember, when Josh announced that he was going to do a walkout for this, the school threatened that any student who would join him in protesting would be cut off from transportation to the school.

Josh Alexander v. Renfrew County Catholic District School Board
Help Josh Alexander and the Liberty Coalition of Canada level the playing field as they challenge the corrupt education system.

This is Renfrew County, Ontario. It’s the Catholic school there called Saint Joseph’s, believe it or not, in Renfrew. And they’re cutting off people from getting there with transportation, busing? That’s massive in these rural communities, because sometimes they are 20, 30, 40, 50 kilometers away. So to cut off transportation is basically to cut them off from the school altogether.

So they were threatened with being denied transportation to the school. But in addition, this young lady told me that a teacher in the classroom told them this: “Your reputations will be ruined. You don’t want to associate with those people.”

So this is crazy indoctrination going on, in a supposedly Catholic school! In fact, the young lady told me that the school is supposed to be Catholic. She said, “Well, the teaching of the Church doesn’t seem to align with what school is doing.” And when I asked the young lady about what her message would be to young people in high schools who find themselves in similar situations, where they’re put under all this pressure and their own privacies are being violated by the woke agenda, she said, “It’s important to not feel like you don’t have a voice, or your opinion doesn’t matter, or that you’re a horrible person, if you think differently from everyone else.”

WATCH: Teenager speaks out after Catholic school suspends him for protesting gender-confused boys in girls’ bathrooms

You know, this is really reminiscent of what happened to Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Benedict of late memory (in the days after his funeral, we’re still praying for the repose of his soul) had a lot of hardship in dealing with this issue as well. He tried his hardest to bring forward the teaching of the Church with love and with truth. And here’s what happened to him.

He gave an address to the Roman Curia on December 22nd, 2008. He capitalized actually on the popular ecology trend, calling for a “human ecology” where we would respect the Creator’s natural order of relationships between men and women. The Holy Father said the Church “must protect men from self-destruction, and if the Church speaks of the nature of the human being as man and woman, it demands that this order of creation be respected. This is not some antiquated metaphysics. What is involved here is faith in the Creator and a readiness to listen to the language of creation.”

“To disregard this,” he said, “would be the self-destruction of man himself and hence the destruction of God’s own work.” Now, obviously, the pope didn’t say this kind of thing because he had said, ‘I’ve got a vendetta against gays or whatever or trans people.’ No, he also didn’t say this because he was sadistic or masochistic and wanted harm to himself. But sure enough, harm comes from the woke world when you speak the truths of Christ. And he was preaching this with love, the truth in love. And it wasn’t only love for God, but it was also love for all of mankind, His human beings, His fellow human beings who are hurting themselves by these destructive sexual lifestyles.

But for his remarks, he was castigated in the mainstream press. And here are some of the news headlines at the time from 2008 against Pope Benedict for saying what he said about God’s plans for human sexuality.

PinkNews, a homosexual news service in the UK, said this in their headline: “Pope Benedict learnt nothing from his time in the Hitler Youth,” and “Pope Benedict’s latest outburst ‘justifies’ homophobic bullying and attacks.” Absolute insanity.

But the coverage in the mainstream press was hardly less extreme. The San Francisco Chronicle headline read: “Pope Benedict at Christmas: Preaching bigotry disguised as compassion.” The Times of London said: “Christmas was never meant to be about this.” So this kind of persecution from the woke world comes despite trying to do the best we can for God’s truth in love and charity.

Now, I’ll be speaking with Josh Alexander, this courageous young man for whom we’ve got a LifeFunder running that I encourage you to support. This is The John-Henry Westen Show.

Help Josh Alexander challenge the corrupt education system: LifeFunder

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