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(LifeSiteNews) — How should Catholics think about and practice modesty? How do we preserve our purity at a time when we’re constantly bombarded by immodesty in real life and on the internet? A faithful Catholic priest gives us advice and encouragement on today’s episode of The John-Henry Westen Show.

Father Chris Alar, MIC, who was on the show not too long ago, is back to share Church teaching on modesty and purity, describe how to maintain custody of the eyes, and explain why we are called to modesty and chastity not just for own sake, but for that of other people as well.

As one of the 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit, modesty means presenting yourself in a decent manner in accord with the dignity of the human person. Father Alar says modesty “avoid[s] causing sexual excitement in another person and, surprisingly, even yourself.”

He states that dressing in such a way to intentionally stir up disordered sexual desire (i.e., lust) in another person could be a mortal sin. Even if not intentional, one should ask themselves if their manner of dress could excite lust and use that as a “barometer” or “guideline” for dressing modestly.

Father Alar also describes modesty as a virtue. It serves as the mean between the opposed vices of shamefulness and shamelessness. He also says one should consider the context of a given situation to determine how to dress modestly.

“If we have too much [shame], we’re shy. If we don’t have enough, we’re shameless,” he says. “And so [Pope] John Paul [II] did a great connection there, saying there’s a right time and a right place of how we dress ourselves and what’s appropriate.”

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Lastly, Father Alar explains how modesty is important for all of us, whether we’re single or married, male or female. In marriage, modesty doesn’t just protect ourselves, but also our spouses.

Citing the Catechism, Father Alar says modesty “protects the mystery of the people and their love for each other.”

Catechism 2522 talks about this, saying it inspires us not just in our loving motions, but in our choice of clothing,” he says. “It says it keeps silent what should be kept silent. It reserves the person’s dignity where there’s a risk of unhealthy curiosity. And so, keep that intimacy sacred between the husband and the wife, just like between the priest and the Church.”

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