Fort Wayne, Indiana's Journal Gazette has an amazing story about an amazing young man.

Nik Hoot is a competitive high school wrestler. But what makes him remarkable isn’t that he has won any medals or top championships, but that he wrestles at all, despite having had parts of both of his legs amputated.


But where his story gets really interesting, is where you find out why his legs were amputated: because of a failed abortion attempt. 

From the story:

Nik Hoot was born in Siberia in 1996, and from his first breath it was him against the odds. He was supposed to have been aborted (“The medical report read ‘Interrupted gestation 24 weeks,’” his mom says), but the abortion was botched. And yet somehow he survived, minus parts of both legs.

Nik, you see was “unwanted.” But the legal killers didn’t do their job properly. And so, instead of being another statistic in abortion-rife Russia, Nik has now been adopted by a beautiful, loving family of nine kids, five of whom are adopted. 

So in many ways this story is as much about Nik as it is about the parents who have opened their hearts so wide that they willingly welcomed five non-biological children into their homes – four of whom suffer from physical challenges. 

And that, my friends, is how love overcomes all obstacles. That’s how we end abortion. What an inspiration!

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