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A screenshot of the trans-friendly angry uterus heating pad Teen Vogue recommends giving young women after screenshot

February 10, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Teen Vogue suggests buying an angry uterus heating pad, feminist poetry, and pro-abortion needlepoint for a friend who's “just had an abortion.”

The article, originally titled 11 Thoughtful Gifts Your Friend Who Just Had an Abortion Would Appreciate, is now What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion.

The article's author sells abortion greeting cards (one says, “hey baby killer”), vagina, tampon, and condom rubber stamps, and “America was never great” buttons, among other pro-trans and feminist items.

“She will need a ride, she will need a hug, and she will need you — not because the act itself is so terrible, but because sometimes the world can be,” the article explains.


A Ruth Bader Ginsburg coloring book, signing up to be an abortion facility escort, and an “F U-terus” pin will “lift her spirits … help ease the cramps,” and “put a smile on her face.”


Abortion is a very traumatizing experience for women. Even women who consider themselves pro-choice will tell you as much. It's a “difficult, personal” decision, they say. They acknowledge abortion can be very hard on a woman even if she doesn't know or believe she's ending the life of her pre-born child.

Giving a friend who's just had an abortion an angry uterus heating pad or “we won't go back” embroidery probably isn't going to make things better. It will just remind her of one of the worst days of her life.

(By the way, according to the article: “If you’ve gone the pill route, you can expect almost 3 solid days of pain. Likely worse than any period symptoms you’ve ever experienced. You’ll love it! It’s like 2 throbbing hot balls of lead are trying to escape your body, all while your stomach contracts over and over again. Huzzahhhhh! This angry uterus heating pad is the most apropos, because trust us — without some direct heat, your lady bits will not be pleased. Oh and she makes a mustached 'MAN-struation' version for our trans-friends as well.)

What women need after abortion is love, compassion, and care. Your friend could have a perforated uterus. She could have an infection. She may need to see a doctor or go to a hospital. 

Your friend may become depressed. She needs to know you love her, that there is a loving God who will forgive her, and that there are free and low-cost services that can address her physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs.

A feminist coloring book isn't going to cut it.

One wonders when Teen Vogue will publish a gift guide for “a friend who just chose life.” 

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