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2022 Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, former Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, frequent Tucker Carlson guest commentator Chadwick Moore, Log Cabin Republicans President Charles T. Moran, and others pose for a picture at the December 15 Mar-a-Lago LGBT event.  David Leatherwood/Twitter

(LifeSiteNews) — It’s Day 21 of the 25-Day Countdown to Christmas campaign.Yesterday, I neglected to mention one of the most significant articles of the day that was written by Doug Mainwaring and deserves a lot of US attention. Before I get to that, we are absolutely delighted to report that total donations for the campaign have passed the $500,000 point. Wow! It is looking good, with only $250,000 more needed to reach the $750,000 minimum goal by Sunday, the end date of the campaign.

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Yesterday’s article by LifeSiteNews journalist Doug Mainwaring is his eleventh commentary on the dangerous rise of LGBT influence in conservative and Republican circles. These first-rate, exceptionally well-informed articles by a man who was once part of the LGBT movement, suffered greatly from it, and with the grace of God managed to extract himself from that self-destructive life, is an act of charity for all involved in or otherwise negatively affected by this trend.

Doug is a caring person who does not want others to experience what he and many he knew—some of whom are now dead—experienced from very bad choices. He also cares for the future of his country and sees that this infiltration of numerous LGBT leaders into the conservative movement and the Republican Party can only cause tremendous, long-term grief to the organizations and people allowing this to continue, and to the future of the United States.

One of those people, sadly, is Donald Trump, who proudly hosted a huge LGBT Republicans event at his Mar-a-Lago resort home. Doug and many other conservatives were stunned by how oblivious Trump is to the grave danger this event posed to the conservative movement and the Republican Party.

Even Kari Lake was there gleefully frolicking with “married” or otherwise gay couples as they celebrated the passage of the “respect for marriage law” that is devastating for religious liberty and conscience rights.  Few thought that Lake would be so incredibly foolish as to alienate a large portion of her socially conservative base.

Many of us have cheered Donald Trump’s wonderful, totally unexpected, many positive accomplishments during his presidency and are grateful for them. However, there are some large negatives in Trump policies that are now causing significant second thoughts about him.

One has been his inability to apologize for the horrendously bad Covid policies enacted and maintained under his presidency, and his inability, even now, to admit that his Operation Warp Speed and its jabs have been far worse than the disease: they killed and maimed millions around the world. We realize that he was constantly lied to and manipulated about them, but surely he must know by now how destructive those policies have turned out to be and the absolute necessity for a heartfelt apology.The second major flaw in current Trump policies is his strong, public support for the LGBT movement and leaders and his appointment of some of these people into key government positions. We have a moral obligation as a life and family issues news service to not shy away from calling out Trump on his huge failures on this now crucial issue that is seriously threatening what is left of the healthy family life foundation of American society and religious and moral freedoms.We at LifeSiteNews have seen conservatives in different nations fall into this trap again and again over the years with the same result every time. The LGBT agenda is a key part of the Great Reset New World Order plans for the world.

Klause Schwab frequently talks about the need to implement a “fully inclusive” new world order for the Great Reset. That coincides with the same emphasis in the UN’s Agenda 2030 scheme of the globalists who Trump has been fighting against.

In reality, whether Trump, Kari Lake and other political conservatives realize it or not, by cooperating with these LGBT leaders in the US they are actively facilitating the implementation of an essential goal of the global totalitarians who are also the number one enemy of all of their economic, U.S. sovereignty and pro-life policies.

That is, whatever the globalists are promoting as being essential to their plans can only be very harmful to the world. Trump should not cooperate with any of this and investigate why it is so important to the globalists. If he is open-minded enough to do that he will be shocked by what he will learn from people like Doug Mainwaring whom he should meet with.

Trump is only getting one distorted, limited view on the issue from all these gay activists who will destroy the Republican Party as a clear alternative to the Democrats if this foolish courting of them carries on.

LGBT political operatives are smart, skilled, and know how to play the victim better than almost any other group to get what they want from persons of influence. They work very hard to ingratiate themselves to those in authority, worm their way into positions of influence, generate sympathy for their “persecution” by alleged “haters” of homosexuality or transgenderism, do a great job helping to get someone elected or to pass bills, and then eventually reveal their price for all of this. The entire scheme has always had the long-term goal of convincing those they have politically helped, that there must be legislation and government policies to normalize and protect sexual perversion and to ensure that any critics, including those of strong religious faith, are forbidden to say or write anything critical of LGBT values and actions.

They almost always get what they want because most people in politics are poorly formed on moral issues, don’t have a clue about the dangers of LGBT practices and lifestyles, easily swayed by emotionalism, and don’t realize it is much more charitable to tell the truth about the many harms of all this sexual perversion. Homosexuality or gender dysphoria is usually a manifestation of other problems in a person’s life that have not been and often can be resolved.

The people who most care about persons in LGBT thinking and practices are those who tell them the truth about the harms of that way of life – not those who give them what they demand so they can carry on their self-harming ways. Worst of all, when they are given more power and influence, they create a situation where many more vulnerable young persons succumb to the temptation to join them and then the misery grows and spreads.

No conservative politician should cooperate with this globalist-driven movement that destroys so many lives.

How do we at LifeSiteNews know about all of this? It’s simple. Former or current homosexual, lesbian, transgender, etc., individuals have been telling us these things over the years and have wanted LifeSiteNews to write about it and tell the world not to do what they did.

We have published many articles by people who have escaped those lifestyles and their false, self-destructive beliefs. They have bared their souls to us, and we or they then wrote about it on LifeSiteNews, helping others to return to a natural, far more satisfying and rewarding, spiritually healthy life.  We have been delighted to accommodate these heroic people who faced the reality of their errors, appealed for help, have been helped, and in turn have been helping others to achieve what they did. Doug Mainwaring is one of them, and we are tremendously grateful to have him on the LifeSiteNews team.Please help Doug Mainwaring and LifeSiteNews to help those desiring to escape from a harmful sexual lifestyle by publishing the truth about these things. We want to and must do this. That is one of our callings as a true life and family news service.

We also want to help Donald Trump, Kari Lake, and other political candidates to learn the full truth about the harms of LGBT practices and to change their policies on this to what they should be. We need to warn them about the very real dangers of their courting of Log Cabin and other LGBT Republicans and the high price America will pay for this if it continues. To donate click here at life and family,

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