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December 2, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — This is the most crucial and detailed article I have ever written since the 23+ years John-Henry Westen and I founded LifeSite. Weeks of exhausting research has been involved. As you read the article you will understand its significance.

I urge you to persevere to the end of this article and to especially urge President Trump to immediately act on as many of the recommended 10 actions as he can.

The article will be much easier to read if printed out, or on a computer screen as opposed to a smartphone. However, the critical several brief videos and numerous supporting links can only be accessed by online viewing.

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You may wish to initially forward to the 10 solutions. All other sections are intended to provide supportive information for the necessity and validity of the 10 solutions.

– COVID, election fraud, and Great Reset all connected

– Trump can end use of COVID for voter fraud, destruction of economy, and imposition of Great Reset

– Globalist scheme is totally dependent on virus fear, the vaccine and proof of vaccination

– Alarming issues with new type of vaccine

– There have always been excellent prevention and treatment meds for COVID

– The ‘casedemic’ hysteria

– Stop being afraid

– The biggest cause of fear

– Trump’s COVID infection raised huge treatment issues

– Hydroxychloroquine is ‘spectacularly’ effective for COVID-19 prevention and treatment

– The real killers

– Immediate actions to stop fear and defeat Great Reset

10 Solutions

– Solution #1 – President Trump should fire his entire COVID advisory group
– Solution #2 – NEW OPERATION WARP SPEED on already available, COVID-effective meds
– Solution #3 – Release strategic stockpile of HCQ
– Solution #4 – Ramp up HCQ production
– Solution #5 – Instructing public on boosting immunity
– Solution #6 – No more ‘2 million deaths prevented,’ no ‘plague’
– Solution #7 – Stop mass testing
– Solution #8 – Remove and investigate Fauci
– Solution #9 – Investigate CDC COVID death numbers
– Solution #10 – Prepare for possible imminent release of much more dangerous COVID-20 or 21 (This one has been addressed here in previous article)

The purpose of this article is to explain the extreme importance of readers immediately inundating President Trump and the White House with communications urging them to stop listening to the very bad advice most of the COVID medical advisers have been giving and to IMMEDIATELY take the 10 critical actions listed further down in this article. 

COVID, election fraud, and Great Reset all connected

I realize we are currently in a storm of activity related to the election and that there is great uncertainty as to whether President Trump will still be the U.S. president on January 20, 2021. However, our election reports have revealed that the COVID-19 or Wuhan virus has been heavily exploited to justify many of the still on-going voter fraud actions and investigations.

It will continue to be used to mess up continuing election recounting and investigations and the all-important January Georgia Senate run-off elections and vote observations, as it was used to keep Republicans away from observing vote counting and verification during the November 3 election.

Already, Breitbart reports Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Jon Ossoff “ suddenly stated Sunday he would support a statewide lockdown of businesses to address coronavirus spread.”

How convenient that would be to once again make fair election monitoring very difficult and  for frightening Georgians into asking for only mail-in ballots that have high fraud potential.

Prominent Canadian doctor Roger Hodkinson has just doubled down on previous comments and told The Epoch Times that government measures — lockdowns, restrictions on private gatherings, mask mandates— to try to stop the spread of the virus, from which the vast majority of people infected with it recover, do more harm than good.

“All of this is draconian … first of all because they have no basis in evidence-based medicine, and secondly because of horrendous consequences of that action,” he said.

Also, in a November 30 article former Pfizer chief scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon strongly emphasized, “It is now appreciated that this virus is less of a threat to those under 70 than seasonal flu.” He trashed the reliability of massive COVID positive test results, or “cases,” explaining the tests almost everyone is using are notoriously unreliable and that a large percentage of the population is already immune to COVID-19.

Throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe the virus is again being used to justify more rounds of catastrophic lockdowns and other devastating policies demoralizing citizens and gravely harming every aspect of the economic and social environment.

By now, many are starting to realize that there is a strong connection between

  1. the destructive COVID policies,
  2. the massive election fraud, and
  3. plans to implement the globalist Great Reset.

#3 can’t happen without 1. and 2. being successful. The real goal of the first two has begun to look to have always been to prepare the way for the Great Reset. And planning for all three has likely been taking place for at least a few years.

See the incredible comments last February by U.N., George Soros and Pope Francis close associate Jeffrey Sachs in a Remnant TV video explicitly indicating that Donald Trump had to be removed from the presidency for globalist plans to succeed. The video was included in my April 17 article that went viral to about 1.5 million readers.

Watch Sachs’s comments that predicted where we are at today, starting at 26:22 in the video.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has become an openly declared Great Reset madman heavily exploiting a disease that has a 99.6% survival rate and seemingly bent on deliberately destroying the UK after announcing he will be imposing 12 or more months of lockdowns on his already deeply suffering nation.

See Boris join Communist China admirers Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden in the following 2-minute video clearly indicating they are each committed to the Great Reset and its “Build Back Better” revolutionary changes.

In the U.S., the giant airline and travel industries, most manufacturing industries, even Boeing, and hundreds of thousands of small, medium-sized and even most large businesses, including all manufacturers of fossil fueled vehicles, will likely not be able to endure another round of lockdowns and other suppressions of normal life because of what Klaus Schwab has called “the mildest pandemic in 2000 years.”

We are currently in an extremely dangerous situation and heading towards an even worse, global elites’ planned catastrophe. Dramatic actions are needed to stop this health dictatorship imposed national suicide for no good provable reasons.

Be assured though that it can still be stopped because it has an “Achilles heal,” or weak dependent factor, that can cripple it.

Trump can end use of COVID for voter fraud, destruction of economy and imposition of Great Reset

I believe there are actions that President Trump can and must immediately take that would greatly lessen public fear of the virus and pull the rug out from under the medical and globalist tyrants by proving to the wide public that none of their harmful anti-virus measures are necessary or helpful.

At the moment a great many have been brain-washed to believe the measures are necessary. It is frightening to see the rampant irrational, almost robotic compliance with the increasing restrictions on normal life and behavior.

Churches have become a disorienting, hostile environment for those of us who have not yet shut down our reason and accepted the radical changes to the distopia that Church leaders have cowardly permitted these sacred places to become. They are no longer houses of worship to the Holy Trinity, but rather houses of worship to the COVID medical regulations, faithful to every precise detail demanded by the medical priests of this virus mitigation religion. 

Visiting a large local Mall recently was a distrubing, nausea-producing experience. It was a surreal environment seemingly out of a science fiction movie with every single person unnecessarily wearing a mask and a sea of large, brightly colored COVID policy requirement signs and direction arrows everywhere and rigid controls being imposed throughout the mall by a numerous security personnel. Many of the shops seemed to be permanently closed for lack of sufficient business to pay their bills and staff.

LifeSite’s article on the recent demonstration in Toronto against the latest COVID restrictions is especially enlightening about the urgent need for the public to fight back against these arbitrary, unnecessary and harmful measures. Watch the brave speakers claim their God-given rights.

Don Welsh, professor in physiology and pharmacology from the University of Western Ontario, told the rally that, contrary to health official statements, a large percentage of the public are immune to the virus.

He added:

More distressingly, the public health community is starting to retreat and embrace what we call ‘COVID-zero’ policies”…. “This is a fantasy based on the belief that restrictions, if applied in some sort of puritanical manner, can eradicate a respiratory virus. This is simply not possible. It has never happened in the history of humankind.

The 10 actions proposed below could first make a dramatic difference against continuing exploitation of alleged COVID dangers to deny election justice. That is because they would ensure that persons involved would no longer believe they are in any danger of becoming infected by being close to others or, if they did become infected, that there would be mild, if any symptoms and quick recovery from infection. There would also no longer be any perceived need for mail-in ballots.

Secondly, and far more important, the proposed actions could put a huge spanner into exploitation of the virus to prepare the US for the imposition of Davos Forum founder Klaus Schwab’s globalist Great Reset/4thIndustrial Revolution world tyranny. 

John Kerry explicitly stated Nov. 17 on behalf of Biden that the Democrats are going to launch the Great Reset “with speed” after Biden’s possible January presidential inauguration. That would start the rapid end of America as a sovereign nation and the end of the American Republic as we know it. 

Globalist scheme is totally dependent on virus fear, the vaccine, and proof of vaccination

These elites absolutely need the virus, massive fear, and related nationwide mask mandates, lockdowns, contact-tracing, economic and social devastation, the collapse of Christian influence and above all, a mandated, world-wide “COVID vaccination” and digital proof of vaccination programs to implement their Great Reset. Their evil scheme will fall apart without the success of their virus and vaccination plans.

They failed trying to impose their New World Order by attempting to terrify the public about fake, man-caused global warming that was later changed to Climate Change. We must and can cause them to fail again with their latest much more successful scamdemic using the Wuhan virus. It is not nearly as difficult as most presume.

The U.S. must first of all not wait any longer for a supposed vaccine solution. It won’t and can’t be done. Too many of even the very best people have been taken in by this vaccine scam. Coronaviruses mutate too much for any vaccine to be really effective and long-lasting. Fauci and others are now admitting that it will only be mildly helpful – and with significant, dangerous side effects.

The Blaze reported that Dr. Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warned during an Oct. 23 online Zoom meeting that even with a vaccine, masks, social distancing and presumably other measures will likely have to continue until perhaps 2022. He “also predicted any forthcoming vaccine will only be 70% effective”.

The Blaze also noted Trump added later on the call that Fauci has been a “disaster.”

I strongly suggest that the real goal of these constantly extended mitigation is likely to prevent us from being able to go back to a normal life. Bill Gates has strongly indicated that life will not be allowed to go back to “normal”.

Great Reset creator Klaus Scwabb has also often explicitly decreed, such as in the creepy 5-minute video below, that the virus has created a situation where, according to him, there is now no going back to the “old normal.”

For Schwab and his influential elite co-conspirators, our current, or recent way of life, must be left behind as we adventure forward into his godless, “more resilient, more inclusive, more sustainable,” super-high-technology controlled and downright evil 4th Industrial revolution.

Alarming issues with new type of vaccine

There are too many serious concerns and unknowns about this new type of experimental mRNA gene-altering vaccine that the globalists have been preparing and putting billions of research dollars into. Most of the people behind these vaccines are said to be highly untrustworthy persons such as Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, who have a disturbing alleged record of having caused much harm via their vaccine projects. The vaccine companies themselves have a seriously worrisome history.

The November 23 article we published about the strong warnings from Dr. Mike Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist, about the Pfizer and other new COVID vaccines, is a must-read that has gone viral.  Yeadon is the type of person it would be foolhardy to ignore.

You MUST also read his November 3 article with more politically incorrect pronouncements from this great man.

Yeadon says the vaccines have a “whiff of evil” and he “will oppose them …vigorously”. Actually, they have a stench of evil. Trump should have nothing to do with them. Many people will be harmed, including military, law enforcement, first responders and other health care workers. I don’t doubt that some will die from these vaccines. Their claims of 90-95% success for constantly mutating COVID-19 are impossible. These companies are lying to us as they have often lied in the past.

Ireland’s Dave Cullen reveals in the following 2.2. minute video solid government evidence of British plans to use artificial intelligence to identify an expected high volume of adverse reactions to COVID vaccine use once it begins in the U.K. That has to tell us all a lot about how safe these vaccines really are. And one has to question whether the government is going to make this data readily available to the public.

My suspicion, just based on the massive deception that has already been going on since this virus came upon us, is that they are going to keep this negative information to themselves. It would also not be unreasonable to expect that government officials will suppress attempts to alert the public about these adverse reactions given the massive investment in the vaccine project and how critical it is for the implementation of the Great Reset.

Information suppression has been a strong characteristic of COVID virus-related issues. Watch the video!

And no one really knows what is actually in these vaccines that are being especially pushed by world de-population despots such as Bill Gates.

Yeadon, a high-level scientist wrote:

There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects.

So why are we really doing this? We must ask that question!

The November 23 LifeSite article on Yeadon also includes links to numerous other articles with evidence supporting Yeadon’s statements. The US and many other nations are being led into a globalist trap with this vaccine, especially given that there have always been, from the very beginning of this almost certainly man-made pandemic, “spectacular” or otherwise excellent treatments and preventative medications for the Wuhan or distractively named COVID-19 virus.

A large group of German physicians, researchers and scientists have also warned that “COVID-19 is a global false alarm.” 37,000 physicians, 12,500 medical and public health scientists and 668,000 concerned citizens have signed the Great Barrington Declaration advocating a total end to the always very harmful lockdowns, contact-tracing and other measures totally disproportionate to the real threat of COVID-19.

So why then are we being told that then entire world must urgently be vaccinated? Yes, the entire world. That is what emperors Gates, Fauci, Schwab, and other globalists have explicitly emphasized.

There must be another reason for the vaccine that has nothing to do with the Wuhan virus or any new mutation or version of it that might suddenly appear.

There have always been excellent prevention and treatment meds for COVID

This is the coup de grâce, or death blow, to the global conspiracy! And this is where I and most of you readers should become angry.

We have been constantly lied to by all the media, by most health bureaucrats and by many elected leaders of cities, states, provinces and nations about already available, very effective treatments for COVID from the very beginning of this pandemic.

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of Wuhan-virus infected people, the large majority with one or more other serious health conditions, have unnecessarily died because they and their physicians have been denied early or even any access to long-available, safe, inexpensive preventative and healing treatments for Wuhan virus infection.

This denial of access to these medications, massive disinformation campaigns about them and the related impositions of catastrophic lockdowns and other measures that have themselves led to many thousands of non-COVID deaths, such as suicides and missed health care for other serious illnesses, are considered to have been criminal actions and actions worthy of “crimes against humanity” charges.

Various individuals and groups of physicians and other professionals are in the process of enjoining lawsuits and attempts to have such criminal charges laid.

Dr. Harvey Risch and other researchers and physicians have strongly proclaimed that almost all hospitalizations and a majority of the US COVID deaths could have been prevented by early and proper out-patient use of Hydroxychloroquine together with zinc and an antibiotic.

There are also other treatments that have been used with amazing similar success, although out-patient use of HCQ has been the simplest, least costly and safest drug for COVID prevention and treatment. Literally thousands of doctors on the front lines in many nations have been having great, and even “spectacular” success treating COVID with these medications. A huge Indian slum area avoided a potential COVID infection disaster through wide distribution of a preventative dosage of HCQ.

As Yeadon and many others have been saying over and over again, there has been no need for a vaccine for COVID-19.

The recovery rates for infection from this virus, even for those with comorbidities, except for those wrongly treated and put in close, long-term proximity with other infected persons, is extremely high.

President Donald Trump, even though he might only have until January 20 as president of the United States, is still the only person who could save us all from the global tyranny rapidly being implemented through evil exploitation of the current coronavirus pandemic.

The ‘casedemic’ hysteria

The frequently stated justification for a new round of brutal government actions, which Trump thankfully rejects, is that we are being constantly told that the long-predicted and feared “Second Wave” of virus infection is now upon us in the US, Canada and across Europe – except in Sweden

That is largely due to a massively, increased volume of COVID testing that has resulted in a huge jumps in positive tests. Added to the positive test numbers are a large number of untested persons known to have only been close to positive-tested individuals and thousands who are recorded to be showing normal seasonal flu or cold-like symptoms, plus even people who are known to have only been close to them. 

The testing is actually terribly unreliable, with a high percentage of false positives, and most testing using a “PCR” test that was never intended, according to its inventor, to determine if someone is ill. Watch this 13-minute video and its astonishing information on the great COVID testing fraud.

Media and their listeners are all freaking out about the meaningless rise in “cases”. In every medical waiting room, in subways and in many stores, and on radio, we are constantly being warned and frightened by TV news reporting about the increasing number of “cases.” This keeps everyone constantly anxious and looking at others around them to ensure they are all wearing useless masks.

Those who have been watching television and listening to COVID propaganda the most are behaving like Nazi informants, calling police, store managers, and government officials to act against family get togethers or targeting those not wearing a mask – even in Church. They shout at and threaten non-compliant persons.

Ugly scenes and even violence is increasingly occurring. Totally unreasonable, exaggerated fear of death is the motivator. Those without faith in God are the worst. Groups of police roughly take violators down to the ground, even in front of their wives and children, handcuff them and take them to jail – over a virus that is no worse and even less dangerous than the flu, for those under 70, and still with a very high recovery rate for those over 70 and even with comorbidities if treated properly. This insane, angry, frightening behavior is increasing and becoming the norm. LifeSite has published a good number of disturbing videos of such occurences in Australia, England, Europe, Canada and elsewhere. 

Knowledgeable conservative commentators, including physicians, are calling this a “casedemic” hysteria because it is not being accompanied by even a remotely similar total increase in COVID deaths.

Hospitals are allegedly, frighteningly filling up in more places, but for a variety of reasons:

  1. They are still coping with the giant backlog of serious health issues and loss of health care staff and partially shut-down facilities caused by the past lockdowns,
  2. The cold and flu season is generating a lot of COVID-apparent patients who cannot be accurately tested as being COVID-infected because of the serious unreliability and large percentage of false positives of those tests. Every Fall a lot of elderly people do die from flu and other winter-weather aggravated conditions. It is a normal annual occurrence that tends to fill hospitals. A speaker at the Toronto protest noted that “the average age of those who [allegedly] succumbed to the virus was 82, while the life expectancy of Canadians is 81.”  
  3. There does seem to be a new, even more contagious mutation or possibly a newly released coronavus spreading though Europe at this time. However, it is still a coronavirus and the treatments that have been used by thousands of doctors with great success on both the 2005 Sars Cov-1 and the current Sars Cov-2 should also be effective with any version of Sars Cov. Therefore, there is no need for more panic and fear if those meds are allowed to be used for both prevention and treatment and no longer prohibited for no valid medical or scientific reason. The increase in hospitalizations that are occuring in many areas are also caused by the near total lack of early, at home treatment that would end most of those COVID-related hospitalizations. This article from explains this totally avoidable crisis.
  4. The media, Democrats, Big Pharma vaccine advocates, especially Bill Gates and his friend Anthony Fauci, and the Deeply cruel and evil Great Reset, “Build back Better” globalists, as I have already noted, seem to want the public to see as bleak a picture of the virus situation as possible.

We must be totally skeptical of the doom and gloom talk considering what we have learned since the pandemic first began.

Stop being afraid

Another major cause of the current fear is the public’s irrational, very wrong belief that if they go to a hospital for any reason, they will almost certainly become COVID-infected and will then be isolated from their loved ones and die alone. Many are believing this craziness because of some tragic situations that have frequently been seen on their televisions and reported in their newspapers.

People have indeed been tragically and wrongly dying alone in hospitals, but in most cases because they were very ill with other diseases, not COVID. It has been a huge medical scandal that so many ill patients have been denied the comfort of family and close friends while they have been in hospital.

LifeSite published an article today on a Clinics in Dermatology study reporting “that almost 90% of patients who [allegedly] died with COVID-19 [in New Jersey] had do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders in place at the time of admission” which “illustrates the severity of their pre-existing conditions.”

That is, these patients did not come into the hospital because of COVID and highly likely did not die from COVID. It is therefore reasonable to presume that a huge percentage of the deaths of others who were claimed to be COVID patients were also not actually killed by COVID.

However, keeping these patients isolated because of COVID rules has NOT been justifiable for any legitimate medical or scientific reasons. It is cruel and criminal.

That is another politically imposed policy that must be immediately changed wherever it still exists.

But getting back to COVID infection, it is not remotely a death sentence if you get infected. Going to a hospital for any other health condition is unlikely to result in infection. Hospitals are well prepared to make sure that you do not get COVID infected and/or are immediately treated. And even if you did get infected, your chance of experiencing no or mild symptoms and completely recovering is very high – in the 90%+ range.

The unique Northern Italy and New York City situations, where so many were dying and the particular hospitals treating COVID patients were terribly overwhelmed, was experienced in few other places in the world. The media deliberately contrived to make us all believe that this was happening everywhere. It was all lies.

Numerous hospitals in North America and elsewhere were nearly empty for months and had to lay off staff because of a lack of patients.

It cannot be repeated too much again that most people who test positive for COVID, experience no or mild symptoms. As we stated earlier in this article, a large percentage of the population has been found to be already immune to the virus for a variety of reasons and cannot be infected.  

Too many doctors have been telling me that some of their seriously ill, non-COVID-infected patients have been avoiding hospitals because they were afraid of getting infected and they died from not getting the care they needed and which their doctor insisted they needed for the serious health condition they had.

Also, some who were COVID-infected, and definitely needed hospital care because of other health conditions, have also bizarrely been refusing to go the local hospital and subsequently, unnecessarily died.

These patients refused to accept that they were unlikely to become infected at the hospital or that were already infected or became infected, they would not die from COVID. They were watching far too much television news and listening to radio news too much. They needed to go the hospital when told to go. Their doctors felt terrible that these patients believed the media over them. Can you imagine the extreme frustration and heartache doctors are feeling over these crazy, media-generated situations?

Polls have indicated the general public wrongly believes COVID death numbers are 30 or more times higher than the actual numbers.

The biggest cause of fear

However, the biggest, underlying cause of the fear that is threatening America, Canada and Europe, and does not get any of the media attention that it should, is that the public wrongly believes there are no already developed, normally available, effective COVID preventative treatments.

These would prevent almost everyone from getting infected, or at least they would experience only a mild infectioneven if they went shopping, to the dentist, to the hospital, to school, to a protest, on the buses, ate in a restaurant, or, even for those elderly who have comorbidities, if their children or grandchildren visited and hugged them or if they went to Church or anywhere else (providing they are not quite ill and risk infecting others, and/or their immune system is so weak that they are highly prone to be infected by any prevalent flu, cold or other virus – common sense has always been important, long before COVID). 

And they also don’t know that there have always been effective, out-patient medical treatments if they do become infected and which would prevent the vast majority of directly COVID-caused deaths. There is no need to go to a hospital if you have COVID-like symptoms or test positive, unless your doctor tells you to go to hospital because of other complicating conditions that he or she knows you have.

Most should NOT go to hospital because you have some normal flu or cold symptoms.

The public has been incessantly propagandized that “the vaccine” which keeps getting delayed and is probably impossible to develop to be safe and effective, is the alleged only medical solution and the only way back to normal life.

I presume that is why Trump has been pushing the vaccine solution so much. How can he counter the incredible influence of all the media, medical establishment and government medical bureaucrats saying the same thing about the alleged, absolute need for a vaccine?

But, the vaccine is not going to be anywhere as effective as Hydroxychloroquine and a number of other medications that have long been available. As well, none of these have any of the potential serious side effects that the Moderna, Pfizer and other vaccines have now been admitted to be having.

The above beliefs causing the current “casedemic” fear are totally wrong, but I can’t blame most people who watch television and read newspapers every day for being so fearful. LifeSite has been working hard to refute all the wrong beliefs. 

Trump’s COVID infection raised huge treatment issues

When President Trump was infected at a White House outdoor event, the media gleefully reported the infections and condemned the fact that Trump and many others who also tested positive were not wearing masks. Many opponents were hoping he would get sick and more than a few were not so subtly indicating they hoped he would die. 

This media “fear porn” intensified the public’s general fear level. They were seeing that even their supposedly highly protected president, his wife, staff and senators could also be infected, and the president was sent to hospital and given a new, dangerous experimental medication and other previously approved ones, some of which were good.

But he was not given one that hundreds, if not thousands of physicians now believe he should have automatically been given immediately after the positive test results were known. It is a medication that Trump knew has been very effective and incredibly safe for COVID infection. He even took is for a few weeks as a preventative and said he was fine, but then for an unknown reason, he stopped using it.

Dr. Simone Gold, of the Americas’ Frontline Doctors group, responded to LifeSite about the care the president was given. She went so far as to state,

I think it’s criminally negligent if the President was truly not on hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) preventatively or as an early treatment. The safety and evidence is clear. That’s why America’s Frontline Doctors recently filed a Citizens Petition to make HCQ available over the counter to every American who wants it. 

I, too was astonished that Trump was not given HCQ, but also glad that he quickly recovered. 

Dr. Harvey Risch, the prominent Yale professor and researcher, was glad that Trump survived from the treatment that he was given but told LifeSite:

I suspect that the MD team thought it was too late in the disease course for optimal use of HCQ. The most important thing is treatment asap. What one gives to a president that costs up to $5,000 and can only be done in hospital is not generalizable to us mere mortals who need inexpensive pills asap as outpatients to defeat the infection. There are a number of things that can work, including HCQ.  Like ivermectin, probably bromhexine and other things, still including zinc, vitamin D, steroids etc.

One of the medications Trump was given was Remdesivir frequently recommended by Dr. Fauci, who has the conflict of interest of being closely tied to the pharmaceutical industry for decades. That includes Gilead industries, the Remdesivir producer which Fauci gave biased preference over HCQ.

It is not unreasonable to wonder if it was Fauci who convinced the government to buy up the entire stock of that drug which is not anywhere as effective and vastly more costly than HCQ,. Many physicians have slammed Remdesivir and the $99 million the government paid for its development.

Risch told LifeSite “Remdesivir is a dud” and sent a study backing his comment.  I have read several articles by medical experts and others claiming there is a reasonable possibility that Gilead, the Remdesivir manufacturer, has been the main driver of what both Dr. Simone Gold and Dr. Risch call the “criminal”, “massive disinformation campaign” against HCQ, which is by far the strongest competing drug for COVID treatment. 

Dr. Maryl Nass documents the extraordinary, never before seen extent of this international campaign against a long-approved drug described here on her special website.

The main drug that Trump was given is one that most have never heard of. That is because it was still experimental and undergoing testing. Fox business news and others have reported that trials of that antibody drug have since been suspended because of an observed “potential safety signal and an unfavorable risk/benefit profile at this time.”

And yet, that risky drug was given to the president of the United States, while an approved drug with a 65-year safety record and a record of “spectacular” successes in both preventing and treating COVID infection, was denied to him. 

How could this possibly have happened?

Hydroxychloroquine very effective for both prevention and treatment of COVID-19

In an August 26 article about Risch’s appearance on Fox TV’s Mark Levin show, LifeSite reported,

Dr. Risch told host Mark Levin during the latter’s Fox News show last Sunday: “There’s no question that in the people who need to be treated, and are treated early, [hydroxychloroquine] has a very substantial benefit in reducing risk of hospitalization or mortality.”

In reality, “the science is so one-sided in supporting this result that it’s stronger than anything else I’ve ever studied in my entire career,” said Risch. “The evidence in favor of hydroxychloroquine benefit in high-risk patients treated early as outpatients is stronger than anything else I’ve ever studied.”

The real killers

The fear and many government health bureaucrat-advised policies that I have noted, has been leading to increasing deaths, including suicides that were not caused by COVID infection. The fear of the virus has itself been causing thousands of deaths and in many cases, more deaths than from the infection. It has been devastating to learn of this in the past few months. 

The real killers have been the globalist manipulators using the virus to implement their world-changing plans, the giant, greedy pharmaceutical industry, which is often called “Big Pharma,” sensationalist, lying, leftist and anti-Trump media, and unelected government health and elected officials who have discovered and become addicted to a shocking new degree of power over people that they never experienced before.  It is causing many of them to give into their darkest impulses that are endangering the natural rights, freedoms and security of the citizens in their states, provinces and nations. 

The initial panic was especially caused by drastically wrong models that predicted death numbers and overrun hospitals that only happened in a few places such as Northern Italy with its numerous Chinese workers and unusually high level of sick elderly, and New York, which had the highest COVID death rate in the world and whose governor is being investigated for ignoring CDC directives, possibly falsifying death numbers of the elderly, and general corruption common to New York culture.  

Watch the horrific personal testimony of two very shaken young nurses from different small towns who came to New York city to help with the COVID crisis at New York city’s Elmhurst hosptal, where all COVID patients were sent. This video has received over 1.5 million views to date. The sobbing, much shorter testimony of the second nurse, not known by the first, is near the end of the video. She did not go on to participate in the investigative project that the first nurse, with a military background, did. 

Their obviously sincere, very emotional testimonies revealed that there was possible criminal negligence in the hospital that led to numerous deaths that could have easily been prevented. Their testimonies should have led to an investigation of whether manslaughter charges should have been laid regarding some of the deaths they described as a result of brutally uncaring, incompetent hospital policies.

One has to wonder if the real goal at Elmhurst was to deliberately terrify the US public, and health and elected officials, with a false narrative of the danger of the virus to justify panic-induced lockdowns, mandatory mask mandates and all the rest across the nation.

In stark contrast, the mass testing results have actually been good news, but are also now a huge waste of government health funds. They have revealed that the virus death rate has plummeted, and we are getting closer to the herd immunity needed to finish off the virus danger. Dr. Yeadon says we are very close to having reached that natural herd immunity.

Ireland’s Prof. Dolores Cahill has strongly emphasized to me that once infected (most won’t even know they were), one is immune for Life – no matter what Dr. Fauci and other compromised health gurus are claiming about that immunity. Ignore them. Trump is correct in stating he is immune now after having recovered from COVID infection. It is ridiculous for anyone who has recovered to wear a mask, social distance and especially to be vaccinated. Absolutely NOT necessary.

The public does not see these huge numbers of testing-revealed “cases”, with now comparatively far lower deaths, as good news. No mainstream news dares to tell them that because Trump must be defeated and they are in on the Great Reset.

A large percentage of the public is believing propaganda about the “casedemic”, panicking as programmed, asking for mask mandates, high fines and other rights-crushing measures, the vaccine, and snitching on neighbours, shoppers, even fellow parishioners, because they stupidly believe all this is crucial to stop the “deadly” virus spread.

Now we know how easy it was for Hitler, Communism and other totalitarians to brainwash their populations into accepting the unnaceptable.

Immediate actions to stop fear and defeat Great Reset

President Donald Trump MUST IMMEDIATELY take certain actions that would have a massive effect on relieving the fear in the U.S. and other nations and would have a strong likelihood of saving the world from globalist tyranny and their nightmarish New World Order technological control of the lives of every person on the planet. Yes, they really are determined to implement such a diabolical scheme. 

Trump must also quickly act to protect the internal and international security of the United States. Democratic governors have been using the pandemic as an excuse to violate the rights and freedoms of their citizens and to essentially destroy their state economies as part of a strategy to convince their citizens that Trump is the cause of their suffering. 

They have been hoping that will cause them to turn against Trump and the Republican Party out of desperation to get back to a normal life. These governors and others, however, also strongly appear to be cooperating with the imposition of the Great Reset that will impose the “new normal” socialist utopia on the entire world.

That can only be achieved if the current order is destroyed. That is also one of the reasons for the sudden BLM and Antifa protests, violent riots and calls for defunding of police – additional exploitation of the virus to create despair.

On the international level, Trump must act to prevent the US from being surrounded by dangerous, China-friendly and Great Reset co-operative developing new dictatorships in Canada, many European nations and more Latin America countries, to add to the dictatorships already existing ones in Cuba, Venezuela and other South American nations. 

The COVID health powers are feeding totalitarianism like nothing we have ever seen in living memory. The US must boldly lead the way to show that the hospitalizations and deaths can be swiftly mostly eliminated and COVID infection widely become accepted as being no more dangerous than a bad flu, at worst, which is now known to be its real danger level.  

10 Solutions

These are technically or physically not that difficult for Trump to do, although politically, he will meet extreme, if not violent opposition because in taking these actions he will upset the dreams and years of highly developed plans of a large number of the wealthiest, most powerful elites in the world and in the United States. He will also undo the new powers that governors, mayors, health bureaucrats and others have been enjoying.

But, he has to do this now. The fears and trials we have been experiencing the past several months will be far exceeded in just the several months ahead and onwards. This could be labelled as a different kind of World War III that will destroy our current world and cause suffering of a type and on a scale that has never been encountered in history. At least that is what some of the most astute researchers, such as Ireland’s Dave Cullen, are now warning us about these “deeply cruel, evil and psychotic” elites.

And I should add one more item but will not go into it in any detail. That is, the Chinese Communist Party has likely been playing a substantial role in our destructive COVID policies, the election fraud and helping to assist efforts to prepare the US for the Global Reset takeover.

Read here about Brigadier General Robert Spalding’s warnings that China has been engaged in a new kind of “stealth war”against the US.

Solution #1 – President Trump should fire his entire COVID advisory group

President Trump and the United States have been served very badly these past several months by government health bureaucrats with major conflicts of interest while advising Trump and the nation’s many medical officials at the national, state, and municipal levels. They have provided frequently wrong, contradictory, harmful, and useless advice and information. 

Many of them have far too close association with the very wealthy and highly influential pharmaceutical industry. Top Federal CDC and FDA bureaucrats have usually had past careers in the pharmaceutical and other medical industries and have maintained close connections to these businesses while serving as public servants on medical issues. 

The recent resignation of Dr. Scott Atlas as Trump’s coronavirus adviser has been unfortunate. He had a close connection with numerous frontline doctors who are actually treating COVID-infected  patients and is exceptionally well-informed. He has a deep concern for the health of patients and the health of the nation.

One of the best things that can additionally be said about Dr. Atlas is that he has been despised by many top U.S. government health bureaucrats and by their national media friends.

Trump must nevertheless immediately consult with Atlas, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Simone Gold, and her group of doctors who have been daily saving COVID infected people, the top signers of the Great Barrington Declaration, The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons and Stanford statistician Dr. John Ioannidis, about whom he should appoint as his new COVID advisory group.  Some, if not all of the most capable of those noted names should be appointed to his new advisory group, even if it might only last until January 20.

They cannot possibly be any worse that the ones who have advised the President to date and are certain to be a huge improvement because they are not compromised government health bureaucrats or persons commited to a New World Order.

Solution #2 – NEW OPERATION WARP SPEED on already available, COVID-effective meds

By far the most urgent and important is to instruct a new head of his advisory group, perhaps with the assistance of Yales renowned Dr. Harvey Risch, to immediately launch another Operation Warp Speed to approve use of and make Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ),available over-the-counter as it is in many nations, for COVID prevention and treatment using the correct early-use protocol with zinc and an antibiotic when necessary.  This is the most effective measure to help relieve the fear Americans are wrongly experiencing over COVID infection.

In all nations where HCQ has been freely available over the counter, or otherwise easily available by prescription, the COVID death rate has been dramatically lower than in nations that have suppressed its use.

The California doctor in the following video, like numerous others in many nations who have similarly been successfully treating COVID patients with HCQ, has at the time of recording on Oct. 5, cured 1,700 coronavirus patients. He states that he is not going to let his patients die because of politics. And also, like every other HCQ-using doctor that I have talked to, seen interviewed or read, this physician emphatically states, “We don’t need a vaccine. If you have a 99.9% chance of survival, what do we need a vaccine for?” HCQ is by far the best, safest and most inexpensive medication that is in existence for COVID treatment at the time.

Such doctors on the frontlines also state we don’t need masks, social distancing, and contact-tracing. The doctors using HCQ are saving many thousands of lives. And, as far as they are concerned, those suppressing use of HCQ and imposing medically and scientifically unjustified and devastating lockdowns, which themselves result in more deaths than the virus itself, and wrongly lengthen the time to reach necessary herd immunity, are “criminals.”

Solution #3 – Release strategic stockpile of HCQ

Along with the above, Trump must ask his new advisers to take actions strongly advocated by the The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) that has sued the FDA for withholding from its Strategic National Stockpile 60 million doses of HCQ donated for the purpose of treating COVID-19 patients.

Contrary to all of Trump’s other advisors, Dr. Atlas has said: “What’s happened with hydroxychloroquine is that the system has gone mad.  … Hydroxychloroquine is super safe.” 

The people behind the “massive disinformation campaign” against proper HCQ use are so evil that they obviously do not want to see the inexpensive, safe, patent-expired medication used to save lives. They have shown they would rather see thousands of infected people die than promote the use of a medication that they have known all along would save almost all of those lives.

Solution #4 – Ramp up HCQ production

The president needs to use his presidential powers to facilitate a massive ramping up of production of the inexpensive, patent-expired, many years known to be safer than Aspirin or Tylenol HCQ. This ramped up production will make it available not only for Americans, but also for citizens in other nations so that they can quickly get as much of the medication as they and current users of the drug for other health conditions need.

Solution #5 – Instruct public on boosting natural immunity

The president must direct his new advisory group to immediately promote the simple way for all citizens, especially those in high-risk categories, to substantially strengthen their natural immunity against viral infections.

I have read and heard more than a few physicians express anger that this genuinely important way to lessen, if not totally avoid COVID infection, is never talked about by government health officials.  It is rare to hear any of them tell their country’s citizens that proper nutrition and the regular use of specific supplements will substantially lessen the risk of COVID infection or at least lessen the severity of such infections.

On the Internet there are many articles from supposed health care professionals ridiculing and rejecting the idea that supplements can cut COVID-19 infection risk. Ignore these Big Pharma clients. Prof. Dolores Cahill, America’s Frontline doctors, and many other medical scientists and physicians strongly emphasize that taking the following supplements can make a dramatic difference in infection susceptibility. 

Vitamin C: 3,000 milligrams in divided doses during the day
Vitamin D3: 2-3,000 International units daily (this is a crucial vitamin to prevent Covid infection)
Magnesium: 400 milligrams daily, usual before bed
Zinc: 20 milligrams daily (another crucial supplement to prevent Covid infection)
Selenium: 100 micrograms daily

And of course, a healthy daily diet, getting the required amount of daily sleep and reducing stress are also very important for maintaining immune system strength. Obesity and diabetes are high risk factors for serious COVID infection.

Solution #6 – No more ‘2 million deaths prevented,’ no ‘plague’

President Trump should no longer keep saying that government actions have saved 2 million predicted deaths and also stop calling it the “plague.” A few months into the pandemic, Anthony Fauci changed from telling the president that the virus was not that serious and would soon fade away to later advocating extreme lockdowns which led to catastrophic harm.

Now we know that the initial predictions were wildly inaccurate. It can no longer legitimately be called a “plague.” It is a mild pandemic.

Every time Trump keeps referring to the prevented 2 million deaths and calls it a “plague,” he unintentionally adds to the fear. That plays right into the hands of the Democrats wanting to justify their tyrannical policies. It also helps the globalists exploiting the virus and their desired world-wide vaccination policy and subsequent required vaccine passport, or in-body electronic vaccine record, that will be used to force a Global Reset on the entire world. 

The 2 million expected deaths number came from an incredibly flawed Imperial College model. Fauci, Birx, and many others used that to justify to governors that we needed to impose lockdowns and other restrictions on the public. See this excerpt from

The March 16 report by Imperial College epidemiologist Neil Ferguson is credited (or blamed) with causing the U.K. to lock down and contributing to the domino effect of global lockdowns. The model has since come under intense criticism for being “totally unreliable and a buggy mess.

This is the same Neil Ferguson who in 2005 predicted 200 million could die from the bird flu. Total deaths over the last 15 years turned out to be 455. This is the same Neil Ferguson who in 2009 predicted that 65,000 people could die in the U.K. from the swine flu. The final number ended up around 392. Now, in 2020, he predicted that 500,000 British would die from coronavirus. 

His deeply flawed model led the United States to fear over 2 million deaths and was used to justify locking down nearly the entire nation. Dr. Ferguson is a character of Shakespearean drama and tragedy. His March 17 presentation to British elites on the dire need to take action ironically may have infected Boris Johnson and other top British officials, as Mr. Ferguson himself tested positive for COVID-19 two days later. Then in May he resigned in disgrace after he broke his own quarantine rules to meet clandestinely with a married woman.

The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) produced another disastrously wrong model that was used by White House and US state and city health advisers to determine US COVID policies that created massive, unnecessary harm.

Solution #7 – Stop mass testing

Trump must stop the massive, very costly, on-going COVID-19 testing, except for those with significant symptoms. All that testing is doing now is revealing a constantly climbing number of mostly false “positive” results which are giving the public (with a tidal wave of media help) the false impression that we are in the midst of an even more dangerous second wave – which we are not. These incredibly high numbers of tests mean very little, other than the death rate is very low. Some are calling all this on-going “madness.”

The predominantly used PCR test was developed by a scientist who openly admits “it cannot be used to diagnose anything.” A Canadian doctor wrote to a Canadian provincial health officer that “The PCR test was never designed, intended or validated to be used as a diagnostic tool.” Dr. Stephen Malthouse also mentioned the controversy around the accuracy of PCR tests as the method to detect COVID-19, bringing up a New York Times report that concluded that PCR testing can show up to 90% false positives.

Solution #8 – Remove and investigate Anthony Fauci

The president must remove Anthony Fauci from all government positions and and at least begin an investigation into:

  1. His actions and advice related to the virus,
  2. His past history of HIV-related recommendations that cost thousands of lives,
  3. His very bad advice to the president on the coronavirus,
  4. His lies that HCQ would not be effective against the virus after he admitted in 2005 that chlorquine (very similar to HCQ) was indeed effective against coronaviruses and Sars Cov-1, 
  5. His criminal government funding of illegal “gain of function” studies in the US and then in the Wuhan lab in China that led to the development of the current virus,
  6. His deep ties to China,
  7. His major conflicts of interest as a result of his close relationship with Bill Gates and their joint intense bias in favor of vaccines as the supposed only solution to COVID and a host of other illnesses, 
  8. His admission of strong bias in favor of the CCP-controlled, corrupt WHO that had a major role in facilitating the current pandemic catastrophe and his admitted radical globalist bias that is in direct contradiction to the policies of the president whom he has been advising,
  9. His far too close relationship to the Democrats,
  10. His frequent criticism of HCQ and the president’s enthusiasm for it and his highly inappropriately strong advocacy of the competing, far less useful and even dangerous drug Remdesivir and his unethical manipulations of the Remdesivir trials to favor the drug,
  11. The great power he has because he “gives $6 billion in grants to people around the world to develop vaccines and other medications and can destroy careers of scientists.”

Solution #9 – investigate CDC COVID death numbers

Trump was forced to rely on CDC COVID-19 death numbers for decisions and during his speeches on the COVID pandemic. However, he has thankfully often voiced concerns about their accuracy. He has ordered the hospital death stats to be sent directly to the White House because of the known unreliability of most things from that highly politicized, pharmaceutical industry-influenced government agency.

Every time the president refers to the CDC U.S. death numbers in a way that indicate they are accurate, he contributes to the fear. He also gives credibility to those who are imposing devastating rights limitations on the public, using that death figure as a justification for their actions. 

The CDC death totals cannot possibly be accurate. There have now been numerous studies, articles, and statements by believable medical and other professionals that seriously question the publicized COVID death totals. A consensus has been building that the actual total is likely far less than the posted CDC numbers and possibly half or even less than those numbers.

See also this report from the Heartland Institute, “Is the official COVID-19 death toll accurate.” It states, “…the evidence is more consistent with the theory that less people have died from C-19 than the official figures indicate.”

The president should appoint some highly respected, apolitical experts on viral death statistics, such as Stanford statistician Dr. John Ioannidis, to investigate the death statistics that have been provided to U.S. government leaders, the media and the general public over the past several months.

There is something seriously wrong with the manner in which these stats have been determined. 

To contact the president, go here.

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Only Donald Trump Can Save Us from the Great Reset 

  • This is a very informative article by James Delingpole. He writes about the phrase “build back better” and states, “About the only leader you won’t hear using it is Donald Trump because he recognizes its true significance. Build Back Better is the code phrase for one of the most terrifying and dangerous, globally co-ordinated assaults on liberty and prosperity in the history of mankind. If the plan succeeds, the world you inhabit will be unrecognizable, your children will have no prospects and your life will barely be worth living. Build Back Better means totalitarian rule by a global, technocratic elite – as constrictive and immiserating as life under fascism or communism. This hideous New World Order is the Great Reset.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Americans must ‘do what you’re told’ despite ‘independent spirit’ (Breitbart):

Fauci spoke in a forum about working with officials in the United Kingdom who faced a similar problem. “[E]ach of our countries have that independent spirit, where we don’t want to be told what to do,” he said. “Well, I understand that, but now is the time to do what you’re told.”

Fauci said there would continue to be a “core of people” who would never take a vaccine, but that it was important to combat misinformation to the larger public about the importance of vaccines.

Harvey Risch in Newsweek, July 23:

“I am usually accustomed to advocating for positions within the mainstream of medicine, so have been flummoxed to find that, in the midst of a crisis, I am fighting for a treatment that the data fully support but which, for reasons having nothing to do with a correct understanding of the science, has been pushed to the sidelines. As a result, tens of thousands of patients with Covid-19 are dying unnecessarily. Fortunately, the situation can be reversed easily and quickly.”

[He did contact Fauci who only thanked him for the message.]

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White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, in fact, co-authored an article published March 26 in the New England Journal of Medicine predicting the case fatality rate for COVID-19 would turn out to be like that of a “severe seasonal influenza,” about one-tenth of 1%. The Centers for Disease Control now estimates the survival rate for those infected with COVID-19 is 99.997% for ages 0-19; 99.98% for 20-49; 99.5% for 50-69; and 94.6% for those 70 and older. The World Health Organization's estimate in March of a death rate of 3.4% sparked panic worldwide, fueling the catastrophic lockdowns.

Dr. Atlas on coronavirus lockdowns: ‘The policy … is killing people’ (FOX News)

“The policy itself is killing people. I mean, I think everyone's heard about 650,000 people on cancer, chemo, half of whom didn't come in. Two thirds of cancer screenings didn't come in. 40 percent of stroke patients urgently needing care didn't come in,” Atlas said. “And now we have over half the people, children in the United States not getting vaccinations.[”]

“And I and my colleagues from other institutions have calculated the cost of the lockdown in terms of lives lost,” Atlas said. “Every month is about equal to the entire cost of lives lost during the COVID infection itself.”

Lockdown was a waste of time and could kill more than it saved, claims Nobel laureate scientist at Stanford University (Daily Mail)

  • Prof Levitt told The Telegraph: “I think lockdown saved no lives. I think it may have cost lives. It will have saved a few road accident lives, things like that, but social damage – domestic abuse, divorces, alcoholism – has been extreme.”

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