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Photograph of 26-week-old baby in womb.Lennart Nilsson

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January 22, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Forty-seven years ago, seven Supreme Court justices handed down a decision that legalized the murder of whole, distinct, living human beings. 

In America, you can legally be killed – and, in fact, your murder will be celebrated, politicized, and maybe even funded by taxpayers – as long as you are smaller and less developed than bigger, stronger humans. As long as you’re inside your mother’s body and dependent on her, you’re fair game for an abortionist’s forceps or suction vacuum or heart attack injection.

The crux of the abortion debate is not about women’s empowerment, the appropriateness of government programs, or “choice.” 

It’s about one thing: whether it should be legal to violently end the life of a tiny, growing human. A variety of tactics and reasons are deployed in defense of this killing: hard cases like rape, the dehumanization of the preborn child, its alleged necessity for women (or “uterus owners,” if one wants to be woke; after all, we’re told men can get pregnant, too, and that some “pregnant people” are neither men nor women) to be equal in society.

But none of those reasons should ever justify killing an innocent human being, born or unborn.

Basic science tells us this tiny, growing human is, in fact, a member of our species. Basic morality says innocent humans shouldn’t be killed.

The 1973 Roe v. Wade and its sister decision Doe v. Bolton have allowed for the murder of 60 million people. They were little, some of them no bigger than a blueberry. Others were just days away from being born. They were all equally valuable and equally human. Even though their deaths were mostly hidden from the world, and they were unable to scream or cry out, they were. They existed.

If you’re marching for life later this week, march to mourn those 60 million innocent little souls. March to represent the many others who are targeted for death right now or will be in the years to come. March with righteous anger at the sickening injustice of abortion. March for those who can’t.

March to end the genocide.

As we do that, let’s not lose sight of what – or rather, who – this fight is really about: the youngest members of our human family, who are so tiny and helpless but human nonetheless, and thus should not be killed.

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As a journalist and editor for LifeSiteNews, Claire Chretien has written more than 1,500 articles about abortion, human dignity, bioethics, the Catholic Church, politics, and related topics. Claire holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Alabama. It was there that she first became involved in pro-life activism.