By now, everyone has gotten wind of the “not guilty” verdict handed to Casey Anthony just last week.  This coming after she spent the last three years in an Orange County, Florida Jail awaiting trial to determine whether or not she murdered her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

No matter what your opinion of whether or not Casey Anthony should be free or serve a life sentence – or something more severe – the tragedy surrounding the loss of this beautiful little girl cuts to the heart of everyone. No two-year-old should become a household name because of a murder trial. No toddler should meet such a horrific end, no matter what the circumstances.

It seems like the only heart-wrenching truth we’re able to take from this story is the inconsistency of public opinion. A two-year-old girl is gone, and the public is still mourning the loss; rightly so. But thousands of children are murdered every day in our country and the public stays silent. Why is the murder of a young girl met with national media attention and outrage while the murder of a preborn baby is met with indifference and, sometimes, defensiveness? How is the topic of abortion any less of a murder than what was examined in the Casey Anthony trial?

For years, people were waiting with baited breath for Casey Anthony to “get her dues”. They hated her – many still do even after her verdict – and she was easy to peg as the “bad guy”. Whether or not she played a role in the death of her daughter is now irrelevant – she is hated for what she could have done.

The entire nation wept when Caylee died and became infuriated with the accusation that her mother – the little girl’s own mother – could be responsible for her death. Our whole country followed the three-year-long case and millions tuned in to watch her sentencing, many with the hopes that the woman they pegged as a murderer would receive a maximum punishment.

Interesting. Almost 4,000 babies will be murdered today. I don’t see any news trucks.

A lot of pro-lifers have voiced the growing opinion that, when comparing this trial to abortion, the scales seem to be a little weighted. No one is negating that the death of Caylee Anthony is truly a terrible and horrific occurrence… but so is abortion.

The legal inconsistency between abortion and murder must be addressed.

What makes the act of killing a living, human being abortion or murder? Why is it in some state the intentional killing of the preborn child is deemed an act of murder through state laws like California’s Lacy and Connor Peterson law – and in some states it’s not?

Since 1973, a woman has been free to legally murder her unborn child up to the full nine months of her pregnancy. That’s a full-term, viable-outside-the-womb child. I’m not the first to point out that if Casey Anthony had aborted her daughter before she was born, there would be no trial, no media exposure, no national outrage. She simply would have been one of the 3,700 women in America everyday who chose to have their baby murdered at the local abortion mill. Even if it were a nine-month old viable one.

But even here, there are inconsistencies. The Unborn Victims of Violence Act recognizes the unborn as legal victims if they are killed during a federal act of violence. This law helped convict Scott Peterson of double homicide after he murdered his wife Laci and their unborn child in California in 2002. The law is definitely a wonderful step in the right direction, but why is the knife of an abortionist less of a murder weapon than that of someone without a medical background?

We need to take to heart that pre-born children are just as valuable as those we have met face-to-face. The tragedy of each life lost to abortion should be just as horrific to us as the loss of Caylee Anthony, and while the pre-born are gaining more and more media attention, pro-lifers need to make sure we stay consistent.