The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin controversy gets stranger every day. The evidence of George Zimmerman's innocence against the murder charges laid against him and the subsequent acquittal have proven so straightforward that it is a wonder the president and very many others have still been going on about this failed attempted lynching of the young Latino.

One thing I fear might be generating from this is not a black vs white race war, but rather a very unfortunate, lib-leftist generated Latino vs African-American race confrontation.

The idea that Zimmerman was racially biased against Black Americans is now totally ridiculous in light of new information about Zimmerman's intense 2010 campaign to organize the black community against Sandford, Florida, police officers involved in a racially motivated beating of a black homeless person. 

As for the recent trial and acquittal of George Zimmerman, you must watch this incredible 10 minute Afterburner video with Bill Whittle regarding the case. It is best summed up by saying, “Wow!”

Whittle lays it all the line like I have never seen anyone explain the political/journalistic malfeasance that took place in this incredibly wretched attempted abuse of the judicial system. He presents crucial new information that I was not aware of. Again, please view it!

Little rightly emphasizes that if this episode illustrates how very far the Obama administration has been willing to go on this one situation, what else are we in store for from Obama and his henchmen on far bigger issues yet to come? I fear the Zimmerman/Martin case tells us there is much to fear.

As for the Black community, there can be a silver lining to it all, if only Black leaders will heed the background to Martin's story. There is a huge disproportion of social problems and crime among Black youth that can almost always be traced back to the dismal family situation of far too many black Americans. Part of that has been playing right into Obama's Black baby-killing abortion genocide.

What you also haven't been hearing is that Trayvon's father has been twice divorced. But then Bill Cosby laid it all out in a 2004 talk at an NAACP event, in which he pleaded with his fellow black Americans to stop blaming White people for all their problems and to look in the mirror of their own lives which should be their first priority.

PLEASE, also read or listen to that incredible talk

As for the Abortion President, never has there been any president  who has so hatefully undermined the entire social and historical foundations of the nation. This case, and much more, makes one wonder why Obama has not only not been booted out of office by now, but why he has not been charged for what seems to some to be numerous cases of criminal abuse of the political power entrusted to him by Black, Latino, White, and all races of American voters.

I also cannot comprehend how Obama still has about a 48 percent approval rating. What can those 48 percent (and up to 60 percent in some areas) possibly be thinking? It boggles the mind.

It seems to me to be a kind of Jim Jones social suicide cult under the hypnotic control of their cult leader. Obama is clearly leading the nation over a cliff, and yet so many are still following their leader to that cliff – and bringing everyone else along with them.

Have a nice day.

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