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(LifeSiteNews) — The advent of the COVID regime has been all encompassing for the past 19 months, or “two weeks to slow the spread.” It has felt for many of us like a fog of unreality has set in with a weight that presses down on us each day. I imagine that I am not alone in waking up some mornings with a sense of “old normal” optimism about the things I would like to do in a day – only to realize that I live in a dystopian framework that has caused a rupture we never saw coming.

Sure, those of us with our finger on the pulse of current events that affect life, family, and the Church have known for some time that things were not good. Whether it was the Church scandals, political unrest, or the general spread of immorality in society; none of us are truly surprised that we are in a bad way at the moment. We all have an innate understanding that as a society we are “reaping” what he have sown. 

Nonetheless, the cross that we all bear now is heavy, and it often feels like the walls are closing in, especially as we are segregated into a veritable caste system of clean and unclean, or vaxxed and unvaxxed. If we aren’t careful, we might fall into a state of despair, and risk losing our common sense, our sanity, and even our souls. We ought not forget that the Apostle who betrayed Christ was also the Apostle who gave into despair: Judas.

Now, we know that God is in charge, and that He is allowing this and has allowed this to continue for some time; there must be a reason. The corona narrative will not go away for some time, and we will be dealing with the fallout of this for years, maybe even decades if we consider the effect on the psychology of many youths who have come to view their mask as a talisman or security blanket.

Some pockets of civilization have maintained some semblance of the “old normal,” and it is inspiring to see. However, there is no escaping some aspect of the COVID regime no matter where you are. Even in a place like Florida – where Ron DeSantis has courageously set himself up to be a veritable American monarch – the reality of the China virus (communism) is a constant threat. What if DeSantis is plagued by an unforeseen scandal? What if he loses the next election due to fraudulent voting, or chooses to run for a federal position? What if the next person to replace him is a mini-Biden?

All of these things are possible, and at the risk of seeming overly negative, I believe we should keep them in mind, if only to remember where our ultimate hope lies: in Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Redeemer. God will work good out of evil, as He has done throughout history.

No manner of evil, whether personal or societal, is too big for God. He is bigger than all of it. How many civilizations built on the diabolical religion of human sacrifice have fallen to their knees to learn the Gospel at the feet of Christ? How many souls have been snatched from the grip of suicide by the gentle prompting of an angelic messenger sent by the Almighty?

If we are going through some of the greatest evil that the world has ever seen, then we must remember that the reaction on behalf of Heaven will be proportionate. May we all live to see the astonishing reversal that God will work at the moment when it feels like there is no hope left.

Keeping that in mind, we would do well to consider an immensely positive development that has arisen alongside the rise of COVIDism. I am not referring to a rise in populist sentiment, which is often laudable. I am not referring to a steepening consciousness of bodily autonomy. I am not even referring to a growing sentiment among parents that they must take a great interest in how their children are educated. As positive as all of these things are, there is something even greater afoot.

I am here referring to the rise in awareness among the population at large of the truth that life begins at conception.

You might be wondering what the rise of COVIDism has done to help society see the truth of life’s early stages, something that we all already knew.

I suggest that this is the case because of the pressure that the powers-that-be (or shouldn’t be) have put on the populous to take the jab. Never have I seen in my life such a contentious conversation surrounding vaccines. Sure, they have always been a controversial issue, and the label of “anti-vaxxer” has been a long-standing pejorative used to calumniate anyone who decides to make a different medical decision for their children. However, with the advent of broken jab-related reopening promises, vaccine mandates and passports, and the growing divide between the “vaxxed” and “unvaxxed,” people are really looking into vaccines for perhaps the first time.

I have spoken to numerous people who are otherwise all-in for vaccines as a whole but who have decided to forgo the current offering, even when facing severe professional consequences. Ironically, the pressure that governments have put on the general public to take the jab has caused people to take a second look at what the jab might do to them, and what it contains.

I am sure if we were to take a look at internet analytics, we would find a massive surge in vaccine search words over the past year, whether from those pro or against. Along with the health concerns regarding the COVID shots, it has now become part of the mainstream conversation to discuss the open secret that vaccines are often tainted with abortion either in development or testing. Even outlets like Reuters have had to admit that abortions were part of the process while trying to play it off as a non-issue. 

The reality of how abortions have been utilized to develop vaccines is horrifying, and reading about it seems as much like reading the actions of a murderous sociopath as anything. It is sad, it is gross, it is wrong, and it must stop. It is likely that as people see more about the tainting of vaccines with the use of human flesh derived from abortion, that consciences will be alarmed.

Like all societal evils, in order for a thing to be stopped by a society as a whole, it needs to be seen and known by enough people. We might think of the abolition of the slave trade in England, which took place largely due to the efforts of William Wilberforce. In the 1800s, the English statesman and Christian displayed the harsh reality of the treatment of chattel slaves to the English parliament. The resulting disgust on behalf of the formerly apathetic men who had finally had their consciences pricked was enough to see the British Empire end the barbaric practice.

I believe we may be living through a similar moment right now.

The pro-life battle over the years has been a grind, to say the least. So often our hopes have been flattened when we thought we were winning. But with Donald Trump’s additions to the Supreme Court (even if they weren’t perfect), the Texas Heartbeat Law (and other legal victories), the ever-encroaching presence of pro-life sentiment is impossible to ignore.

Add to mounting pro-life legal victories the expanding consciousness among the general populous that babies were killed so that we could avoid the rough parts of a flu, and we might just have a pro-life awakening on our hands.

In fact, the reality of abortion-tainted vaccines actually proves what pro-lifers have said since day one: Life begins at conception!

the vaccines are tested on, or developed with cells derived from abortion, then this is a de facto admission on behalf of the medical establishment that the cells are human. To put it plainly – testing/developing vaccines on/with a fetus proves it is a person; It is human testing for human medicine.

It is a simple truth that we have all known for a long time; namely, that a human being can only beget a human being. In addition, by the insistence on behalf of Big Pharma to use fetal cells from the very early stages of pregnancy for the production vaccines, they prove to us that they scientifically believe that human life is present from the very beginning.

I am sure that there is some animal testing that takes place at some point in the process, but by using human fetal cells, they admit that there is a difference between the offspring of a woman and the offspring of a beast. The devils that rip our children to pieces show the world that for them, only the blood of children will suffice for their pharmaceutical diabolism.

Abortion is among the greatest of evils ever perpetrated by the human race, and if God did not promise to never flood the world again, I would not be surprised if we were rightly overwhelmed by the sea as a consequence for our societal participation in such an atrocity. However, as the truth of Big Pharma’s descent into the depths of human sacrifice becomes evermore known, we can be sure that God is using this moment to spark the deadened hearts of an apathetic generation.

Who would have thought almost two years ago, as news came out of Communist China about a flu that would kill us all, that God would allow Marxist maneuvering to showcase the brutal sacrifice of His innocents that had long gone unnoticed?

Whatever happens from here, it is clear life is winning and that all levels of power recognize the human nature of life in the womb, even if they deny what they demonstrate by their actions. Those poor children who were sacrificed for medical research have not been forgotten, and it is their veritable martyrdom that God is now using to bring the world back to sanity.

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Kennedy Hall is an Ontario based journalist for LifeSiteNews. He is married with children and has a deep love for literature and political philosophy. He is the author of Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity, a non-fiction released by TAN books, and Lockdown with the Devil, a fiction released by Our Lady of Victory Press. He writes frequently for Crisis Magazine, Catholic Family News, and is on the editorial board at OnePeterFive.