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Drowning an abstinence advocate in a garbage can full of water, blowing up zombie pro-life protesters with giant condoms shot from a gun, cooking a pro-life senator in a boiling cauldron – these are all things Planned Parenthood thought were so funny and so clever that they included them in a promotional video put out by its former Planned Parenthood Golden Gate affiliate in 2005.

After pro-lifers raised an outcry that spilled over into the media, Planned Parenthood pulled the “Superhero for Choice” video from their website without comment or apology.

At this point Planned Parenthood would simply love it if everyone forgot that they ever created and published a video depicting violence against pro-lifers as funny, and caricaturing pro-life activists as zombies and creeps. But in the age of Youtube, that simply isn’t going to happen. Take a look at the video yourself.


Remember, any video like this would have had to have been written by a writer, created by designers, vetted by management, published online, and then promoted by Planned Parenthood.

And we’re the extremists?

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