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Wow! I have been telling you about the unusually high volume of important news stories the past few weeks. Today takes the cake and reinforces the need for your financial support and/or prayers like never before in our 25 years of existence. 

There is still a long way to go to reach our goal, but we have finally seen a significant, encouraging uptick in donations from many of you. Thank you to those who have made those donations! They have been a great relief for the passionately dedicated LifeSite team. 

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As for today’s articles, there are far too many to preview for you. I will try to summarize the more significant ones, but that is almost impossible because most are worth noting. 

The growing public disgust with Trudeau’s travel-into-Canada Covid policy, along with recent, effective legal actions against them, seems to have finally succeeded in forcing the Trudeau government to be reasonable. We are delighted to report leaks that the Covid jab travel mandate for entry into Canada will be ended this coming Monday. Hurray! However, let’s wait for Monday to be 100% certain.

Now there are only two other countries, Communist China and the Communist Biden admin-governed U.S., still requiring jabbing for entry. We can probably assume there will be an announcement at any time from the White House that the remainder of the U.S. borders, beyond the southern one that has not required vaccination for most entries for a long time, will also no longer require proof of jabbing to enter the United States. I say that because Trudeau and Biden are ideological WEF buddies. 

The Canadian government is still considering whether it should also remove its mask mandate for travel. That is a no-brainer for both the U.S. and Canada. If almost all other nations in the world ended that long ago, why would Canada and the U.S. still keep any of those ridiculous requirements – other than to continue them for successful mind-compliance conditioning for new, unsupportable mandates in the future? 

It certainly helps that a federal judge, as we report today, struck down the Biden admin’s Covid jab and mask mandates for Head Start teachers. That is more good news affirming individual and organized citizen activism against unjust government policies can and does work – as long as many join in and persevere. 

Yet another sports star gives the public a very important lesson in civic responsibility regarding unjust and dangerous Covid mandates. NBA star Kyrie Irving calls COVID mandates ‘one of the biggest violations of human rights in history.’ Hello to all other sports stars, movie stars, religious leaders, and business leaders – take note of the good example shown by Irving. We will all remember Kyrie with a smile for a long time, but your compliance with tyranny will be remembered for its cowardice and harm to freedom. 

Canada’s Rebel News has released an excellent documentary film that blows holes in the internationally publicized, fake “mass graves” and “genocide” narrative that allegedly proves the Catholic Church and others who long ago cared for native children in residential schools were racist child murderers. The story is almost entirely bunk speculation with no proof. It appears designed to further Trudeau’s, Pope Francis’, and others’ attempts to destroy Canadians’ love for their nation, respect for all that the Catholic Church did for Canada in the past, and to elevate native pagan spirituality above the Christian spirituality that many natives have been grateful for. That is, it is part of the pagan Great Reset agenda. 

In these times, we need special Heavenly protection. Timely is a new film about St. Michael the Archangel. All Christians should believe in and ask for the help of this great protector given to us by God to assist us in spiritual warfare. We are without doubt now in a time of great, almost certainly unprecedented spiritual warfare. We need St. Michael. The movie has a strong Catholic perspective but should still be of help to all people of any faith. Just consider what is revealed in the film. Most people still believe in angels. 

Fifteen agencies in the U.S. federal government bureaucracy, or the Deep State, have been found to be complicit in censoring online Covid information needed to save lives. Dr. Mercola once again presents convincing information and discoveries about secret, illegal censorship meetings arranged by Biden administration officials with social media companies to ban or de-platform those who share views about Covid and vaccines that contradict wrong government views on them. LifeSite has been one victim of this collusion. These agencies have been complicit in murder and other massive harm to citizens and nations. This is a blockbuster, must-read article crying out for justice. 

We present another crucial article today on the soaring worldwide excess mortality rates that have coincided with the Covid jabs. The question asked is, “Is there something ominous going on that’s not being reported?” We are convinced that there is. One would have to deny reason to not come to that conclusion. But of course, the intense propaganda and threats related to exposing disturbing information about the jabs have made it difficult for all but the most principled and courageous persons to reject fear and warn the public about this grave threat to life and health. 

More good news today: Dr. Robert Malone reports that Louisiana has chosen medical freedom by dropping its school COVID jab mandate. Parents and guardians successfully fought for this. See, it can be done, but we have to fight for our freedoms – persistently. 

So there you have an outline of some of today’s articles on LifeSite. Imagine if we were not able to do this. Most of you might not otherwise ever know about many of these developments, and those whom you share this with would also remain in the dark. 

It takes courage and a willingness to sacrifice personal security and comfort for people like Dr. Malone to write such articles, and for us to publish and promote them. Such outspokenness often leads to harsh reprisals, as Dr. Malone certainly has been enduring, but those who act as he has been doing would not be able to face their conscience if they remained silent. That frightens them the most, as it frightens us at LifeSite, knowing that we will be held accountable at the end of our days. 

We cannot claim ignorance. God will not accept our excuses, especially considering how much was at stake and how much of it has really been an attack on Him. 

We hope and pray that you consider LifeSite to be a gift to all who encounter and read and watch our reports. We try to make it that – a gift of truth that is cruelly denied to most of the world’s population. Still, there has been a noticeable awakening in recent months as a result of our reporting and that of many other truth organizations that have been rising up over the past few years. It is catching on.

The struggle is intensifying, and the globalist tyrants are clearly becoming frazzled, which is really good. 

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