In March, Philadelphia actress and abortion counselor Emily Letts posted a video that ostensibly recorded an abortion she had. The video, which has garnered praise from many abortion advocates, has also garnered its share of pro-life critics, including LifeSiteNews' own Ben Johnson. Our U.S. Bureau Chief pointed out that Letts' video merely “purports to be” about abortion, since “it does not show the abortion procedure, the doctor, nor anything below her waist.”


It's not just pro-lifers who are hammering Letts, either. One abortion supporter wrote that Letts' cavalier attitude ignores that “abortion is not something to be taken lightly or glorified. It is for most women a heavy decision.”

More recently, another critic has offered her own takedown of Letts. In a 10-minute video worth watching, sharing, and promoting — hence this blog post — Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society absolutely shredded Letts.

Content Warning: While this video is excellent, and a must-see, it is also quite graphic with regards to imagery and language regarding the realities of abortion.

Among Miller's many excellent points:

  1. Letts' video did not show her unborn baby even once. “Abortion is the dismemberment of an innocent human being. That character, that person, was completely absent and completely invisible in your video,” says Miller.
  2. Letts did not clarify what “I'm kind of early” in the pregnancy meant in the video. Miller said this lack of specificity — “the facts of fetal development” — indicates Letts may be “hiding the baby” and does “not want to confront the reality of abortion.”
  3. A music overlay of the actual abortion procedure may be hiding “the sounds of the surgical instruments,” says Miller. “Where the heck is the sound of the suction machine [that] is dismembering your child?” she asked.

Citing Letts' piece in Cosmopolitan about the video, Huffington Post reports that Letts says she “searched the Internet, and I couldn’t find a video of an actual surgical procedure in the clinic that focused on the woman’s experience. We talk about abortion so much and yet no one really knows what it actually looks like.” As Miller, Johnson, and others have pointed out, Letts' video provides no further knowledge on that subject.

One final point: Huffington Post says Letts was not using birth control when she got pregnant. In other words, she engaged in consensual sexual activity, knowing that pregnancy is a predictable result of that activity. And rather than own up to it — she admits to not being ready to be a mother — she decided killing her child to make a point was preferable to adoption.

Miller has it right — this wasn't a video about the realities of what happens to children and women during an abortion. It was, instead, Letts' “fantasy abortion.”