The homosexual activist tyranny is growing and it is a very real tyranny. We need to ask how can this have come so far in so few years?

Todays report, Christian B&B owners lose Supreme Court appeal: forced to sell business after gay couple complain, is not only yet another heart-breaker for that good couple who have endured much unjust persecution. It is also verification that anyone who holds to Natural Law principles, whether they be Christian or otherwise, is now subject to judicial, political and social tyranny that will only become worse in the months and years ahead – in many nations.

Why will it get worse? Because those who should be loudly speaking up and acting in defence of this couple and others similarly tyrannized, have miserably failed them and allowed, no, encouraged this tyranny to grow by their silence.

Another of today's articles, ‘Homosexual marriage’: How Catholics lost or may lose this battle, in 10 steps, reveals the extraordinary negligence of Catholics and especially their leadership on this issue – for decades. Where were the Catholic Church leaders while all this persecution of Mr. and Mrs. Bull was going on? Does anyone remember any loud and frequent public protestations from those whose very business is most naturally this issue of morality? An issue that is vastly more one for Christian church leaders to address than it is for politicians? All I can recall, from the Catholics and Anglicans at least, was the usual, deadly, shameful soul and spirit killing silence that seems to happen all over the developed world on this issue.

This should be a very high priority issue for the Churches, especially the Catholic Church which has such deep, well expounded teachings on moral issues. However, in his recent blueprint for the Catholic Church,  Pope Francis does not yet seem to share Pope Benedict's understanding of the grave danger this international, very rapidly advancing tyrannical altering of the sexual order poses to the essential family foundation of civilization.

The Catholic bishops of the world need to be shaken out of their long silence and inaction on this issue that they seem to unduly fear more than they fear God's judgement of their negligence.

It has been very rare, if not unheard of, in most Western nation Catholic parishes, to have sermons expounding on the dangers and sinfulness of acceptance or participation in homosexual acts and the great need to charitably assist persons with such dispositions to avoid homosexual thoughts, actions and association with gay activist persons or organizations. It is just not done – at all. Unbelievably. For over 50 years.

It seems that a majority of Catholic schools and colleges and teachers' unions have long accepted homosexuality as normal in their programs and no one from the hierarchy has done anything significant about this sordid state of affairs that has been leading many into devastated lives and souls – inlcuding death from disease and suicide.

LifeSiteNews keeps reporting on the growing tyranny. Some of the public is finally catching on, but the Church leadership is way, way behind – even now, with only a few heroic, holy exceptions.

Pope Benedict did what he could. He did far more than most realize on this issue. But we have encountered much information that he was literally hated by many Catholics in leadership positions for doing this. He followed Christ and accepted the cross that most of his brother bishops greatly fear. Many dissident clerics, among them numerous unrepentant homosexuals, were glad to have finally gotten “rid of that bast…d”.

However, the cross can't be avoided at this stage, you know. There is no other way. And, the Master has proven, as have all the saints and martyrs, that it is more powerful than all the powers of the world.

That is why those worldy powers, wiser than we are about this, fear the cross so much.

And let me repeat again, as I have many times – active homosexuals are mostly vulnerable persons being groomed, encouraged, financed, promoted, given influential positions, and used and abused and thrown away in the end, for other larger agendas. One of them is the world de-population movement (no natural sex, no Natural moral Law behavior = no babies, no interest to have babies) and the other is militant secularism's deep hatred for Christianity.

In the end, the homosexuals will be seen as expendable, imperfect humans. And we will defend them because they are human and each one made in the image and likeness of God.

For now, they very mistakenly think we are their enemy. That will change.