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Pro-life activists achieved something unprecedented on Friday: they flooded social media with posts about notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell, and in the process pressured mainstream media to finally pay attention to a story that they had steadfastly ignored.

The success of Friday's “Tweetfest” blew away even the organizers of the event, who were completely unprepared for the overwhelming response. As previously reported, there were an estimated 170,000 tweets that used the hashtag #Gosnell in the space of 12 hours on Friday (at least, according to 

Now a company called Target Point consulting has put together an even more comprehensive report, which includes all the mentions of Gosnell on Twitter across the 24 hour period on Friday. Their estimate puts the number of Tweets considerably higher, in the 600,000 range for the whole day! That's stunning!

In their graph you can see the massive spike in Tweets on Friday. Amazingly, this spike was the result of a totally last-minute, barely coordinated, last-ditch effort by a small group of pro-life activists (Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries and Priests for Life, Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, and Andy Moore of Abortionwiki) who were simply frustrated with the mainstream media silence on Gosnell.


Evidently their timing couldn't have been any better, because the thing simply took off! 

And it worked. Whereas the media benches in the Gosnell courtroom had been basically empty for the first several weeks of the trial, on Monday they were reportedly packed with reporters from some of the biggest agencies in the country.

Now, pro-life leaders are gearing up for a second Gosnell social media event. On Wednesday, they are asking pro-lifers to flood social media with as much information exposing who Gosnell is as possible.

You can find out more about that event here. Let's keep the ball rolling!

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