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July 6, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – I recently explained that, as much as I am sympathetic to the goals of gay Americans who feel that they are simply fighting for equality and freedom, I cannot support those goals for two reasons. The first is biblical: same-sex relationships and endless gender variations violate God’s best plan for humanity. The second is social: when we look at the trajectory of LGBTQ+ activism, we see that it ends up going in a very dangerous and destructive direction.

Recently, a man who identifies as a woman shocked patrons at a local spa when he exposed himself to the women and girls there. This led to protests condemning his behavior as well as defending his “rights,” with one protest turning violent thanks to the presence of Antifa.

To be sure, there were many in the LGBTQ+ community who were appalled, saying this is not what they stand for.

As reported on Fox News, Tammy Bruce “a member of the LGBTQ community herself, told Tucker Carlson on Monday that the exchange was troubling to many of her ‘transgender friends’ who found the individual's behavior offensive.

“‘My concern here is that the average transgender person, and I have perhaps more transgender friends than some of the people watching the program, they are also appalled,’ Bruce said.”

So, the trajectory of which I am speaking is not that there will suddenly be an epidemic of biological males who claim to be females exposing themselves to women and girls. (Sadly, this has happened in the past, and it’s another reason why biological males should not have access to women’s bathrooms and locker rooms and the like.)

The trajectory of which I speak is the trajectory of social madness, resulting in headlines like this, from the Daily Mail: “Violent clashes break out in LA between rival protesters after viral video showed customer complaining about transgender woman exposing their penis to children in upmarket spa’s steam room.”


Just look at this four-word phrase: “woman exposing their penis” (and yes, never forget that he did this in the presence of girls). What kind of madness is this?

A woman does not have a penis (yes, we need to remind people of this fact these days, since it is hotly disputed). And a single woman is not described by the possessive pronoun “their.”

Of course, some of the absurdity and outrageousness of this whole situation would have been underscored by using correct grammar, hence “woman exposing her penis” (remember the realities of biology!). But using the generic, transgender “their” only heightens the ridiculousness of the sentence.

The headline was later updated to remove the word “penis,” and now refers to a “transgender-woman exposing herself.” The first bullet point beneath the headlines makes clear that what this “transgender woman” allegedely exposed was a penis.

And what of the dangerous trajectory in which some believe that this man has the “right” to such behavior since, after all, he is “trans”? Is not this some of the very child abuse of which some of us have been warning for years?

Speaking of child abuse, Mary Margaret Olohan recently posted an article titled, “‘You Should be in Prison’: Critics Slam WaPo Article Encouraging ‘Kink Culture’ for Children.”

As she explained, “‘A Washington Post op-ed published Tuesday [June 29] celebrates and encourages exposing children to “kink culture,” such as explicit performances at pride parades.

“Yes, kink belongs at Pride,” reads the headline of writer Lauren Rowello’s Tuesday WaPo piece. “And I want my kids to see it.”

As for Rowello, Olohan tells us that she is a “‘gendervague’ person who is married to a transgender woman.” Rowello “described how the couple attended a pride parade where their children were confused to see ‘a few dozen kinksters who danced down the street, laughing together as they twirled their whips and batons, some leading companions by leashes.’”

But Rowello wanted her kids to see this – “Hey kids, check out the BDSM practices enjoyed by some of our community!” – since, “Children who witness kink culture are reassured that alternative experiences of sexuality and expression are valid — no matter who they become as they mature, helping them recognize that their personal experiences aren’t bad or wrong, and that they aren’t alone in their experiences.”

This is parental child abuse, plain and simple, adding to the confusion these kids will already experience due to the gender identities of their parents.

For good reason Ben Shapiro tweeted, “In a sane society, CPS [Child Protective Services] would already be on the way.”

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PETITION: Stand with Hungary for protecting children from LGBT propaganda
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Hungary recently took a major step to protect children from having their innocence destroyed and being sexualized by LGBT propaganda in schools and by pornography in the mass media.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition which expresses agreement and respect for the wishes of the sovereign nation of Hungary to protect its children against the onslaught of LGBT indoctrination propaganda and pornography.

Since passage of the bill the fake news outlets from Europe to America have predictably begun to fabricate outrage and, or, simply lie about the contents of the bill. And, the corrupt European Union has also now started to attack Hungary's efforts to protect children.

For doing the hard and good thing, Hungary now needs our support.

The bill, which was passed last week, specifically prohibits showing pornographic material or content portraying homosexuality or transgenderism to minors under the age of 18. Other measures include a registry of sex offenders, regulations on sexual education, and stronger policies against child pornography.

This policy is to be welcomed as a pro-active measure against the liberal and LGBT propaganda machine which is steadily encroaching on Hungary's borders, and which threatens to tear down Christian civilization altogether.

Indeed, the same week that this law was passed in Hungary, Vienna's (Austria) deputy mayor distributed "Rainbow Family" information boxes to 350 kindergartens in the Austrian capital. And, Vienna is only about 50 miles from the Hungarian border! 

But, never satisfied with corrupting the children of their own countries, LGBT activists and their accomplices in the EU have been quick to castigate Hungary, claiming that the Budapest government has "discriminated" against homosexuals with their law to protect children, and in doing so, has violated EU law.

However, Hungary's Justice Minister, Judit Varga, set the record straight in an interview with Hungarian journalists, stating:

"This is one of a number of declarations declaring certain Hungarian measures to be contrary to EU law without a thorough examination. The fake news that has taken wing in these statements is completely unfounded.

In Hungary's view, the legislation has nothing to do with EU law. The issue of subsidiarity and constitutional, national identity is a matter for the Member States. Furthermore, the European Charter of Human Rights also says that a parent has the right to determine the direction of their children's development in a culturally traditional background."

And, more broadly, Viktor Orbán, Hungary's Prime Minister, had this to say about Hungary's new law:

"The current left-wing campaign against Hungary is further proof that today, the left is the enemy of freedom, because instead of freedom of speech, they want political correctness as defined by them, and hegemony of opinion instead of a pluralism of ideas.

The new Hungarian law does not conflict with any lofty ideals or European laws. The new Hungarian law simply states clearly that only parents can decide on the sexual education of their children. Education in schools must not be in conflict with the will of parents; it must at most be supplementary, its form and content must be clearly defined and it must be subject to parental consent.

Parents also rightly expect that on platforms used by our children, pornography, sexuality for its own sake, homosexuality and gender reassignment programs should not be available. These restrictions must also be defined with surgical precision. In Hungary, no one has a say in how adults live their lives. In our view, a free adult should not have to give an account of his life in front of any secular authority — only before God when the time comes."

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition which supports the government of Hungary in their passage of this pro-active child protection measure banning LGBT propaganda and pornography for under-18s.

Thank you!


'Hungary passes law against homosexuality, prime minister renews vow to ‘protect our children’' -

'Hungary bans promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism to minors' -

'EU to take legal action against Hungary’s anti-pedophilia bill' -

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Of course, many in the LGBTQ+ community would be appalled at this as well, but that is not the issue. The issue is trajectory, and the fact is that it was the Washington Post – not even the Advocate or the Village Voice – that published this perverse editorial.

Yes, this is why we’ve been shouting from the rooftops for so many years. Just look at where this all leads.

That’s why others are speaking up as well, most recently Helen Joyce, senior writer at The Economist with a Ph.D. in Mathematics, and so, not one to focus on LGBTQ+ related issues.

Yet she has now written the following:

Gender self-identification is often described as this generation's civil rights battle. 

But for a man to declare 'I am a woman', and for everyone to be compelled to agree, is not, as with genuine civil rights movements, about extending privileges unjustly hoarded by a favoured group to a marginalised one.

What we are facing is a fundamental redefinition of what it means for anyone to be a man or woman – the supplanting of biology and a total rewrite of society's rules, with far-reaching consequences.

She has actually devoted a soon-to-be released book to the subject titled Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality

Remarkably, the book carries endorsements from world famous atheist Richard Dawkins, who called it, “A frighteningly necessary book: well-written, thoroughly-researched, passionate and very brave.” Even gay activist Simon Fanshawe said, “If anyone doubts that gender ideology poses a threat to all of us – including trans people – you really should read this book.”

The reality – yes, let’s focus on reality – is that something is terribly wrong with the direction our society is going. If we don’t make a very serious about face, our children and their children will pay dearly.

Will we let this happen on our watch?

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