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The more common trans bathrooms get, the more sexual assaults will happen in them

When you declare that spaces that were once female-only can now be accessed by males, you have created a situation that predators will take advantage of.
Wed Mar 11, 2020 - 12:37 pm EST
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March 10, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — According to a local news outlet, a male student from Rhinelander High School in Wisconsin has been charged with child enticement, exposing his genitals, and fourth-degree sexual assault against a child. Captain Terri Hook of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Department reported that 18-year-old Austin Sauer was arrested after perpetrating these crimes in the school’s new gender-neutral bathroom, which the school had created in 2019 in order to accommodate students identifying as transgender. The bathroom has now been closed until the police investigation has been completed.

As Doug Mainwaring of LifeSiteNews noted, the new fad of gender-neutral bathrooms has resulted in quite a number of these crimes. I’ve written about many such incidents over the past few years, including the assault of a ten-year-old girl by a man identifying as a woman in the U.K. last February, a man dressed as a woman attempting to photograph a woman in a female bathroom in South Carolina that same month, female students refusing to use the bathrooms if males are permitted access, and many other examples. Unfortunately, the proliferation of these crimes should not surprise anyone with a reasonable understanding of human nature.

Every time I write about one of these stories, trans activists and their allies promptly accuse me of being transphobic for claiming that transgender people are predators. Obviously, that is not what I am saying (as evidenced by the fact that I’ve never said any such thing). Nobody is saying that people suffering from gender dysphoria are predators. In quite a few instances, these crimes are not even perpetrated by transgender people. They are perpetrated by people who are taking advantage of the fact that the transgender movement has demanded that anyone be allowed access to spaces previously set aside exclusively for women and girls.

That is the real point here. When you declare that bathrooms, change rooms, locker rooms, and other spaces that were once female-only can now be accessed by males as long as they claim to be a woman — even if they are still in possession of fully functioning male genitals and happen to be attracted to females — you have created a situation that predators will take advantage of. In fact, in many ways, it is a perfect opportunity for predators, since they do not have to have any evidence beyond their own say-so that they happen to be a female. They simply have to identify as a woman, and because the transgender movement has rendered that term meaningless, we must believe them.

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Every previous generation would have recognized the inherent folly of these new bathroom policies, because the dangers are glaringly obvious. Based on their furious denunciations of anyone who dares to point out the dangerous stupidity of their bathroom demands, it would appear that LGBT activists believe that a) predators would never take advantage of this new ease of access; b) no transgender person could ever possibly be a predator; and c) LGBT people are without sin, thus any caution concerning their preferred policies is indicative of grave wickedness on the part of the one expressing this caution.

This gaslighting campaign is a very successful one — I noticed that very few mainstream media outlets bothered to cover the story, despite the obvious implications for the gender-neutral bathroom policies currently sweeping the nation. Most people have been successfully cowed by the LGBT movement, fearful of being outed as the possessors of some new phobia and damned by respectable society for refusing to be swept along with the newest ludicrous craze. As such, it will probably be up to the students themselves to continue to stand up and demand their privacy back. Fortunately, in increasing numbers, they appear to be doing so.

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