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Ottawa Police point guns at a demonstrator.Twitter screenshot

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was written last night, but there have been quite a few dramatic additions, especially videos.

(LifeSiteNews) — The past few days have been a nightmare for freedom in Canada. For the past three weeks, there have been extraordinary scenes of patriotism, heroism, kindness, joy, and united efforts by hundreds of thousands of Canadians generated by the massive Convoy 2022 trucker movement.

Then, late last week and this weekend, an army of hundreds of grim, seemingly heartless “police,” behaving more like an occupying force of well-trained mercenaries, arrived in Ottawa from across Canada, and possibly also from one or more other nations, to crush this populist movement that actually threatened no one.

The protesters were frequently accused of occupying the Capital city in the nature of a military occupation.

The freedom protesters, who were never violent, were met with four days of real violence and brutality by the lawless “police” who violated serious Canadian and international law. Many of them engaged in what strongly appeared to be criminal actions.

Never before experienced oppression of such large, peaceful citizen protests in Canada

Canadians have never experienced anything on this grand scale against peaceful protests before. Many citizens were shocked and dismayed by this deep betrayal by their federal and some provincial and Ottawa city governments.

They sought to influence their representative, elected federal government in the most natural and logical place to do so – in front of the federal parliament and in the city in which the national government resides and debates and decisions that affect the entire nation take place.

Ottawa, the capital city, has been the most natural and logical place for this protest

There is no other place in the nation as suitable for these largest protests and lawful civil disobedience than Ottawa. That is how democracy works. The citizens in that city must accept that protests against federal tyranny will take place in the nation’s capital. They should not feel especially privileged to not be inconvenienced by these essential expressions of democracy.

Contrary to the many outright lies of the Ottawa mayor, its police chief, and the prime minister, numerous Ottawa citizens welcomed and strongly supported the truckers and their hundreds of thousands of supporters during the weeks they were there. That is because Ottawa citizens have also greatly suffered from the unnecessary and devastating mandates as much as did Canadians across the nation.

The truckers stated they made every possible concession to not overly cause harm in Ottawa. Many businesses lost sales during the protests at least as much because of police orders and government mandates and restrictions as from the truckers’ few weeks of protest. The protests brought a lot of business to Ottawa which was stymied by police and government restrictions.

Yes, some Ottawa residents complained, but from information received there were not nearly as many as the public was led to believe. We have been told that almost all accusations were false or greatly exaggerated. Don’t forget there are numerous Liberal-Party-biased federal civil servants living in the downtown capital who gladly do Trudeau’s dirty work. They are financially rewarded and have better job protections and pensions than most Canadians.

Possibly darkest time in Canadian history

This was a weekend that will go down in history as perhaps the darkest time in Canadian history considering the extremely disproportionate and brutal measures undertaken against the peaceful, patriotic protesters that included thousand of ordinary, working-class Canadians and many military veterans.

As the great Canadian and former Newfoundland premier Brian Peckford eloquently and thoroughly explains in an interview with John-Henry Westen, Canadian democracy is in “grave danger” of being canceled forever in Canada as a result of the events of recent days.

Yes, it is that serious. The NPD Members of Parliament and the Senate are the only ones who can stop this disaster because they hold the additional numbers required in Parliament to end the Emergency Measures invocation and remove Justin Trudeau from his position as Prime Dictator.

Trudeau and illegal Emergency Act invocation gravely threaten ALL Canadians

It does not matter on what side Canadians are regarding the mandates, all must understand the grave danger the nation is in at this time because of the lawlessness, frequent lies, demonization of opponents, and illegal invocation of the Emergency Measures Act by this Prime Minister, who admires the Communist Chinese dictatorship over Canada’s democratic rule of law. Everyone is in danger because of his criminal actions.

Trudeau’s first allegiance is to the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum. Maajid Nawaz explained to podcaster Joe Rogan how the World Economic Forum infiltrates world governments and has openly put its members in leadership roles to steer world governments toward ‘more and more authoritarianism.’

Bob Unruh of WorldNetDaily explains how Canada’s Emergencies Act is a threat to any civil rights marcher, not just the truckers. “It is not just truckers who can be the targets of such Canadian emergency powers. The sweeping language would allow Trudeau to shut down a contemporary civil rights movement and a leader like Dr. King as easily as he did the convoy.”

Massive, shocking, military-style police occupation and brutality against peaceful protesters

There were many instances of brutality and thuggish behavior by the hordes of police brought in by Trudeau to deal with the truckers who dared to tell him to end the mandates that have caused enormous suffering and harm to the nation over the past two years.

We will never know the full extent of police violence in Ottawa. That is because of the obviously well-rehearsed maneuvers the large occupying forces used to deliberately cover up their abuses. Time and again, someone was hurt or roughly arrested and the “police” phalanxes immediately pushed ahead and around the victims to prevent media photography or stop any persons wanting to give aid to the injured or communicate with them.

Police-caused violence was repeatedly denied. It soon became obvious that these efficient reactions had been carefully rehearsed in anticipation of injuries caused by the massive “police” occupation with armored military vehicles and guns. What they may not have anticipated was the complete absence of possibly hoped-for physical retaliation against the aggressions. They nevertheless followed “the plans.”

As well, only government-supportive media were allowed into frequently created, new prohibited zones. All alternative media were excluded. No diversity of reporting was permitted. This was a war operation – a war against the people.
Trudeau, many other Canadian political leaders, and most media labeled the protests as an “occupation”.

The Wikipedia section on a true occupation indicates that the protesters did not at all qualify to be called a true occupation:

Military or belligerent occupation, often simply occupation, is provisional control by a ruling power over a territory, without a claim of formal sovereignty.[1][2][3] The territory is then known as the occupied territory and the ruling power the occupant.[4] Occupation is distinguished from annexation and colonialism by its intended temporary duration.[3][5] While an occupant may set up a formal military government in the occupied territory to facilitate its administration, it is not a necessary precondition for occupation.[6]

The massive, weaponized, and trained military “police” force was the first true occupation that occurred during the time of the protests:

Evidence of brutality and military-style threats and intimidations

Rebel News, one of the few other news services not beholden to Trudeau’s massive taxpayer money bribes to media, is suing Ottawa police after one of their female reporters was brutally beaten with “police” clubs and shot with a tear gas canister. Read the article and watch the videos on this shocking crime.

Watch the surreal video (this link is the short version) of a roving mob of these thugs dressed as police arresting innocent, ordinary people who were just walking along this commercial street in Ottawa that they may not have known was in a declared “red zone.”A longer, full version video is below.

You will also see them threatening to smash the large window of a coffee shop in Ottawa where the staff was serving the few customers and very little business they had. The police did not carry through with their criminal threat because of people filming them.

Those police actions were somewhat more like those of Black Lives Matter rioters who also smashed shop windows and assaulted citizens in the streets. It is strange that in Ottawa these past few days, citizens needed more protection from the “police” than they did from the protesters who did not threaten or harass anyone and instead tended to offer hugs and high-fives and clean the sidewalks of snow.

I am sure most Canadian police officers are ashamed of this because of what those “police officers” have done to the many years’ hard-won good reputation of most Canadian police officers.

Here is some horrific footage showing the beating by police of the operator of the crane that held high the Canadian flag in front of Parliament during the weeks of the protests. Notice him in the orange outfit and that he is offering no resistance as they continue to club him as he is leaving.

And here is the police beating of the friendly, very popular Romanian trucker Csaba Vizi, a Romanian immigrant who came to Canada after fleeing Romania’s violent Communist government. He has explained in many video interviews that he decided to join Convoy 2022 because he saw the exact same things that began Communism in Romania now happening in Canada. He knew he had to try to stop Canada from going down that same road to murderous tyranny.

I did not previously realize it was him in that video until I saw this article this morning that revealed it was that wonderful man who gave so many emotional interviews about his experiences while he was sitting in his truck in one of the most prominent positions in front of parliament and swore not to leave until the mandates were removed.

One Canadian police officer explains her many co-workers don’t resist illegal and unjust COVID measures for fear of “being reprimanded.” That video appears to have conveniently disappeared.

In addition to beating some with rifle butts, mounted police trampled some of the protesters and were caught on video doing so. They falsely claimed a bicycle was thrown at the leg of one of their horses seemingly to take the heat off of the serious injuries caused by their reckless, unnecessary use of the horses.

Clear video evidence of the horse-caused injuries does not show any presence of a bicycle but the walker belonging to the woman injured by the horses does appear on the ground and could have been mistaken for a bicycle by Canada’s most elite national police.

Here is a video of a  young man who was beaten far more than most. Druthers interviewed him explaining what really happened. After reviewing many hours of protest footage, I have not seen any protesters actually attacking or being hostile to any police.

It is remarkable how passive all the protesters were in simply attempting to hold their line and trying to not allow the police to illegally force them far out of the large public areas near parliament where they congregated. They were the polar opposite of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and yet police were more hostile to this MLK type of passive resistance than they have often been with those violent political groups.

Watch this moving, powerful testimony of a kindly, innocent Ottawa Gelato owner who received a flood of cruel, vicious threats from persons who stupidly fell for Trudeau’s false demonization and characterization of donors to the truckers’ movement.

Hateful political opposition to the truckers from NDP and Liberal leaders

Watch this video stream of hate and ridiculous lies about the truckers and their supporters by Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leader and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. There appears to be good reason to charge Singh with a hate crime over this diatribe. His NDP caucus members should be ashamed of being associated with the extreme and divisive false charges that he is using to justify his support for Trudeau’s illegal invoking of the Emergency Measures Act.

The NDP members of parliament are obliged by conscience and love of the country to ignore his direction to vote to uphold the EMA. They are being used to destroy the nation in the name of hate.

Liberty Coalition Canada has published an open letter to Justin Trudeau, condemning him for his ‘tyrannical’ response to the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa and invoking the Emergencies Act.

The U.S. People’s Convoy, drawing inspiration from Canada’s Freedom Convoy, sets off from California on February 23, demanding an end to COVID restrictions in the US. Pray for the success of this patriotic venture.

The Convoy 2022 movement is far from dead.

Another inspiring video, Time to Rise, on Convoy 2022, focuses on former and current military and police officers expressing serious concerns about the impact of the mandates on the nation they have sworn to serve. There are undoubtedly numerous Canadian law enforcement and military officers who are worried about what is being done to the nation that they love by Trudeau and other Canadian politicians who are betraying those who elected them and the oaths that they took.

Copy and paste this list of items to as many people as you can think of. Canada is in grave danger right now from dictatorship. This is not an exaggeration. What is happening now has obviously been planned for some time, but the truckers inadvertently forced Trudeau and his globalist tyrants to act sooner that they planned. That gives us a chance to defeat them.

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The freedom protesters have been forced out of the downtown of Canada’s capital city, but the movement is alive and growing in many other locations across the nation. It cannot be allowed to die, or else freedom will die in Canada and then this cancer will spread into the US and other nations.

In the video below, the narrator explains that the harsh government reactions against Convoy 2022 have only increased the resolve of Canadians who now have nothing more to lose. They have experienced devastating personal losses from the mandates and other harmful government Covid policies. There is a series of video clips indicating international support from different nations for the protesters and strong criticisms of Canadian government actions.

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This is a fight for the life or death of Canadian democracy. Above all, there needs to be a wave of public prayer for Canada. That prayer can release powers that those who would enslave us cannot defeat.

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