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(LifeSiteNews) — Listen to what Klaus Schwab says in this very brief video. Everyone in the world should be stopping and asking, why has he been saying this? What reasons did he have for making such a statement, or for any continued jab advocacy, especially after all that we have endured and learned these past three years about the COVID virus, the mandates, the jabs, and about him and all the people associated with him? What possible evidence could he possibly have had for justifying such a global demand?

LifeSiteNews has provided a mountain of articles on the COVID crisis. It has been an astounding, never-before-in-history journey with new revelations every day. It continues even now. At the beginning, we knew next to nothing about what this virus was, where it really came from, how dangerous it really is, and how to treat it.

What we did sense was that there was something very wrong about the rapid, highly coordinated government crushing of fundamental human rights and suspension of normal doctor/patient relations and proven, standard medical practices in many nations simultaneously after the virus spread.

Healthcare workers who did not comply were punished. Companies, government agencies, schools, and colleges cruelly fired or otherwise removed many thousands who refused to comply. Even worse was the churches caving into government pressures, closing their doors, and punishing clergy or laity who ignored the extreme, irrational directives. Most people turned into obedient drones, not questioning the insanity of it all. It was like we were all drugged.

Now we have most of the answers to the initial questions. COVID has proven to be no more dangerous for most than the common flu, but the flu has a long history of killing millions of the more vulnerable every year. COVID has indeed done the same, but we have learned that up to 85 percent of those deaths could have been prevented.

Huge numbers died, or shall we say were killed, from the mandated hospital protocols for treating Covid that prohibited using far less expensive and safer protocols that were effective. This was criminal, in fact, a crime against humanity.

We now know the COVID virus is a deliberately created bioweapon, as are the COVID jabs, which we should all refuse to call “vaccines” because they provided very little if any, benefit, and there was heavy military involvement in the creation and production of the virus and the jabs. We still don’t know the long-term effects of the virus and jabs. For the injections, that question is especially concerning.

Let’s repeat the main question of this article that everyone in the world should be asking, “Why are Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Anthony Fauci, the WHO, and many others of the leading and most corrupt depopulation and world government advocating leaders and organizations all still insisting that no one in the world will be safe unless everyone is jabbed against COVID?”

Why do they want to eliminate a control group of un-jabbed persons that would allow us to compare them with the health outcomes of the billions who have been jabbed with the experimental “vaccine”? Very strange and suspicious.

If you are not asking that question and not very concerned about it, you are probably dangerously asleep, uninformed, or too frightened of the answer. That is, it cannot possibly be for any good reason. Plain common sense should tell anyone to do the exact opposite of what these obscenely powerful persons and organizations recommend or insist on.

And yet, millions of poor souls are still wearing those useless and harmful masks and getting jabbed because their doctor or news-media-influenced family members are pressuring them, their workplace or college still strangely requires it, or for other reasons.

None of those reasons are worth the risk. Get another doctor, find another job, charitably ignore those family members, and find another college. These could admittedly be very difficult, but your life and long-term health demand it.

It is true that most people who have been jabbed seem to be fine and have not yet suffered any apparent serious reaction. But making a major health decision based on that simple observation is foolish. It is wishful thinking. I’m ok, you’re ok, is not scientific, medical, or authoritative.

Instead, we should all be considering:

1. Those most advocating for the jabs, including all the media they control, are among society’s most unethical, authoritarian, and untrustworthy elements. Their record shows this. They are well known to have the primary goal of seeking power and control over the world. They don’t value individual human life, freedom, or God.

2. More have suffered and even died from the experimental jabs than from any other “vaccine” in history – by far. That is a fact. There is plenty of solid evidence for this. Ignore the fake stats and studies. Never mind that it has not harmed you or your friends or family – that you know of – so far. There are still a lot of disturbing things happening to jab recipients, especially those who had and keep getting the so-called “boosters.”

mRNA inventor and medical freedom advocate Dr. Robert Malone frankly stated about the jabs in a recent article 

[T]hese products… do not provide protection against infection, they do not prevent infection, they do not prevent disease, they do not prevent spread, they do not prevent hospitalization, they do not prevent death. And the latest data is for these hyper-immunized, hyper-inoculated individuals, they actually exacerbate the risks of individuals developing disease or death because they damage the immune system.

Then why would ANYONE risk taking them or advocate for or mandate them? It makes no sense!

It is impossible to produce a vaccine for coronaviruses because they constantly mutate. Numerous scientists have been warning it is highly dangerous to “vaccinate” people with an experimental vaccine against a new virus during a pandemic because it creates more dangerous variants that could have catastrophic long-term consequences.

We also know that the mRNA jabs have a human genetic-altering potential because of their design. That is why they are more accurately called gene therapies. That potential might be the most dangerous and frightening of all.

Most regular LifeSiteNews readers know a lot of this. We have presented a great deal of irrefutable evidence from world-leading physicians, scientists and other medical-related professionals – all trustworthy ones – who have gained no financial or other benefit from telling the medical and scientific truth on all things COVID-related. They have instead usually endured tremendous persecution, threats, loss of jobs, positions, careers, and most of their income for honoring their Hippocratic Oath or for being honest and ethical in their research and pronouncements on COVID and the jabs.

Why would anyone not trust them above all those who DO benefit greatly in one way or another from advocating or mandating the jabs? Common sense says that the professionals who do not benefit and are enduring serious persecution for their warnings about these biological weapons and yet persevere are far more likely to be telling the truth.

So, why is Klaus Schwab saying that everyone in the world must be jabbed? It cannot possibly be for our health, no matter what they say, because the evidence for that claim is not there. The opposite is true. Then the jabs MUST have another purpose. What purpose? It must be something big. Many billions are being spent on this, and fundamental human rights and freedoms have and are being crushed everywhere to advance this program.

We therefore must ask, WHAT IS THE REAL PURPOSE OF THE COVID INJECTIONS THAT WE ARE NOT BEING TOLD ABOUT? There is a consensus building among honest medical professionals that one primary purpose of the jabs is world depopulation. Many signs are pointing to this – statistical, medical, scientific, and circumstantial. One circumstantial item is that the primary promoters of the jabs are all known depopulationists.

Here is another quote from Dr. Robert Malone:

What they’re doing is they’re forcing vaccination on people, and I believe they’re killing people with this vaccination. It’s murder. They are basically murdering people in hospitals [with the approved remdesivir-ventilation protocols]. The all-cause mortality we know is now higher in the vaccinated group than the unvaccinated group.

There are many more similar quotes from other notable medical professionals who now see and are bravely willing to admit this. I say “brave” because it takes courage to openly state such a thing because of the inevitable hateful backlash that is always orchestrated against anyone who exposes negative aspects of the COVID jab agenda.

However, there must also be other reasons. There are plenty of indications that substances in the jabs might be used to control humans and advance a transhumanist agenda. Why do I say that? The main advocates of the jabs are globalist New World Order types who have been openly discussing, financing, and working on ways to use technology to control humans and to meld man with technology – transhumanism. They have been talking and writing for many years about a globalist digital slavery of all humans.

This is no longer secret. It has been in the open for some time. LifeSiteNews has published many articles on these developments that are far advanced.

Not just a few, but all of us should be asking these questions, doing our best to find the answers, telling others to do the same, and then determining together with others what we can do about it. Keep reading, keep researching, find like-minded people. Take SOME action. Talk to your elected officials. Run for office – any office.

If you believe and trust in God, you will find a way. If not, it is going to be much more difficult for you, and you are likely to succumb to despair or succumb to pressures to conform to the globalist demands.

We are in a war now. It is a real, but very different war. It is time to do battle. Find your place in the battle. Do not try to hide from it. You won’t be able to.


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