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Please read this note from Doug Mainwaring: During my video presentation (beginning at about the 26:30 mark), when I said that conservative Catholic luminaries Mary Eberstadt, Michael Knowles, Rusty Reno, Robert Royal, and Austin Ruse “shared the stage” with homosexuals — billionaire PayPal founder Peter Thiel, talk show host Dave Rubin, and author Douglas Murray — at NatCon 2, my intention was to indicate simply that they were present during the three day conference.  In retrospect, it would have far been better had I made it clear that these esteemed Catholics served on other panels and at other times at the venue.     

I apologize for any misunderstandings or negative impressions about these speakers my infelicitous wording may have caused. 

Below is a transcript of a speech delivered at the 2022 Henkel Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

NASHVILLE (LifeSiteNews) – I’ve got to start off with some great news: Last week I was in Florida and I met Jesus in the flesh. It was my organization’s 25th anniversary celebration, and Jim Caviezel, the star of The Passion of the Christ, was there. [Laughter]

I want to follow up a little bit on what Ryan Anderson shared. In 2017, I was invited to speak at the University of Hong Kong alongside a man named Walt Heyer. Some of you may have heard of him before. He is a man who underwent sex change” surgery a few decades ago. Eventually he lived to regret it, and for the last couple decades he’s been ministering to people who regret their decision to have undergone medical or surgical transitioning. 

So, while we were in Hong Kong – for ten days – every time he would pull his phone out of his pocket, there would be messages from people all over the world seeking help on how to detransition. And this is a big story. Everybody’s promoting gender affirmation surgery. My own HMO presents it like crazy, but there’s very little out there for those who – sometimes quickly – regret having undergone the surgical or medical interventions.  

That was eye-opening for me to see just how big of a tragedy this transitioning is and how awful it’s been for our young people and continues to be.    

So let me get started. I’m going to see if I can’t depress you more than Ryan Anderson. [Laugher]

Today what I hope to convey to you is not only how LGBT ideology has found a warm, welcome home within conservative Christian and political circles, but more importantly, WHY each of us needs to be concerned.   

I hope you’ll be able to see just how insidious and how invasive this has been, and how dangerous.  

My background

Let me begin by telling you just a little about myself.

Twenty-four years ago, married with two young sons, I divorced my wife to live as a gay man; 10 years later, while still in a homosexual relationship – with the male cousin of the then-Republican U.S. House Majority leader – I became politically engaged for the first time in my life. I co-founded National Capital Tea Party Patriots, left the world of high-priced residential real estate, and trained myself to become a writer in order to better win hearts and minds in the public square.   

In those days, I was a 100% pro-same-sex marriage. I called myself a libertarian and in fact the first commentary I had published was for The Washington Post in 2009, arguing in favor of same-sex “marriage.”  

But soon afterwards, as I began to look more deeply at the issue, something truly extraordinary happened: I was drawn by undeniable truths which clearly outweighed my sexual predilections. I realized I was on the wrong side of history, of science, of biology, of nature, and in the end, I had no choice: I had to reform my life. I resolved to restore my marriage and to make our family whole again. I knew that I had hurt my wife and inflicted terrible pain on our kids by destroying their stable, happy home life. That restoration began back in 2011.It wasn’t overnight. It was a process.  

In 2013 I was compelled to return to full communion with the Catholic Church, after having been away since shortly before our divorce, and I became a marriage, family, and children’s rights activist.   

Although I had always been a quiet guy who had avoided confrontation my entire life, I found myself on the front lines of the marriage battle. As progressive and LGBT activists fought to change state laws across the country to legalize same-sex marriage,I fought back. It was impossible for me to sit at home and allow same-sex marriage to happen because I knew not only that it was wrong, I could see it would be weaponized and would quickly lead to tyranny, pitting homosexual rights against religious freedom for Christians. More importantly, LGBT perceived “rights” would be pitted against the very best interests of children.   

I soon found myself being invited to testify before state legislatures around the country to defend the immutable definition of marriage, and to speak on radio and TV. The late, great Rush Limbaugh even quoted me on his show.  

I also originated and co-authored two amicus briefs for the United States Supreme Court in defense of marriage. One of those briefs was called “Same-Sex Attracted Men and Their Wives,” and was submitted in the Obergefell v. Hodges case in support of allowing states to maintain the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. It took me months working around the clock – and a lot of my own money – to pull it off.  

Less than two years after returning to the Catholic Church, I found myself working with others to organize the 2014 Ecumenical Colloquium on “The Complementarity of Male and Female” at the Vatican where religious leaders of many faiths gathered to proclaim the immutable definition of marriage as embraced by every religion and tradition around the world for millennia.     

Today, I’m still an activist doing battle against what I see as dark forces arrayed against marriage, family, and Christianity. But nowadays the battleground isn’t only in the courts and legislatures; it’s in our own families, schools, public libraries, and churches.   

When I examine my own life, I often think about the Old Testament story of Joseph, whose brothers sold him into slavery. He told them, “You meant it for evil, but God has used it for good.” I’m a man with same-sex attraction – it’s never left me – and Satan delighted in using it for my harm as I often felt separate and apart from others when I was young.And he meant it for evil when I chose the wisdom of the world and called myself “gay” and participated in homosexual acts and romance.   

But miraculously, God has clearly used it for my own good and to help others.   

In 2012, after a dozen years of separation and divorce, my wife, Valerie, and I began the job of repairing our marriage. Valerie is an unimaginable source of joy, strength, and contentment for me.   

And let me tell you, back around that time – 2012/2013 – an old friend called me and said, “Hey, somebody I know has seen you around on TV or whatever and is interested in dating you.” This was a guy, not a girl.   

I said, “I’m not interested.”  

He said, “Why not?”   

“Because I love my wife. You’ve got to get it in your head that I’ve kissed the gay world goodbye, and I’m forever dedicated to the vows I made to my wife during our wedding ceremony.” 

And let me tell you the miraculous way we came back together:   

While in my final homosexual relationship, I knew that there was only one clear course of action for me: I had to restore my marriage, but I had no clue how to do so: We both had been in long-term relationships with others and a lot of damage had been done.   

So, on a Sunday afternoon in the fall of 2011, I was at a matinee performance of Les Misérables, where our oldest son, Michael, then still in high school, played the role of Jean Valjean. I was moved to tears during the scene where he knelt by the side of Fantine as she lay dying, and he promised to care of her young daughter, Cosette.   

That’s when I knew God was moving me to act. And so later that day I called Valerie. I had no idea what I was going to say. I just knew I had to do it. As it turned out, I really didn’t have to do anything: She told me that she was going to undergo major back surgery in a few months, and that following long stays in the hospital and at a rehab facility, she was still going to require daily help. So, she asked if she could come and spend a few weeks with me and our boys, who at that stage were living with me full-time. 

I knew beyond any doubt that this was God opening the door. I was totally unprepared for him to answer my prayer so quickly. It had only been a few hours! So, I took a deep breath and said, “How about we just come over and pack up your apartment and you move in with us?”  

I was prepared for her to say anything, but she said, Ok.” And the deal was done. 

And what I thought was going to be cohabitation for the sake of raising our sons together transformed over time to “Til death do us part.”  

Washington Times, Dick Cheney, Dan Bongino: Conservatives cave on LGBT ideology

Let me move on to the topic for today. 

Soon after becoming an activist, the warning signs about the surrender to LGBT influence within conservative circles started popping up everywhere.   

I had become a writer for the Washington Times, writing about the Tea Party movement. As I wrote, and as my thinking grew, I realized we weren’t just dealing with fiscal issues, or the size of government. What was underlying all the issues that the Tea Party was trying to battle against were social issues. It had to do with the family, it had to do with how society was becoming unraveled.

So, I wrote a piece called “The Myth of the Same-Sex Marriage Mandate.” Prior to that, my pieces would be published within one day, but they sat on this piece for three weeks. I finally called the editorial director. He said, “You know what, Doug?We have to pass on this one. It’s a great piece but we just can’t use it.”   

A few weeks later I learned that the Washington Times had brought on board the president of the D.C. chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans as a blogger, who was for same-sex “marriage.”

Later on, I found out through something he had written that the editorial director I had spoken to was also for same-sex “marriage.” And this was for one of the premiere conservative papers in the nation. 

Another thing that happened: Marriage was on the docket for the Maryland legislature for a number of years. With each passing year, the margins of those opposing it kept getting smaller and smaller. So, I would go each year during the legislative session [to Annapolis] to speak to Republicans to make sure that they were going to maintain their spine and vote against same-sex “marriage.”    

One day I was in a waiting room waiting to speak to one of the Republican delegates and I was told I would have to wait because he was on an important phone call. I waited and I waited and I waited and finally I just left. 

It wasn’t too long before I heard that the person he was on the phone with was former Vice President Dick Cheney. And Cheney had convinced him to vote for same-sex “marriage” in our state, and that was the year that same-sex “marriage” passed in Maryland with the help of two Republican votes, thanks to Dick Cheney.  

Another sign: I used to attend a meeting of Maryland conservatives. It was a small group. One of the other guys was Dan Bongino. You’ve heard of him? Well, he was about to run for U.S. Congress, and so I grabbed him and said, “Dan, I just want to make sure that once you get to Congress, that you’re going to fight against same-sex ‘marriage.’”  

His response to me was, “It’s a loser deal. We’ve crossed that bridge and we’re never going back. And so, no. I’m not going to fight against it.” 

There were lots of other examples. One of the most demoralizing things that happened: I had gone to Indiana to testify before their legislature in defense of marriage. Indiana enjoyed a Republican supermajority. The governor was Republican, the Senate and House of Delegates were overwhelmingly populated by Republicans.  

But during the testimonies, the other side used a new tactic.  They brought in spokespeople for the major corporations headquartered in Indiana. And those people said, “Look, if you don’t pass same-sex ‘marriage,’ we’re pulling out of your state.” 

You could see the blood drain from the faces of the senators.  And you know what? They capitulated. It wasn’t much later that the Supreme Court decided Obergefell.  

Fast forward to today: Last month, 47 Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives joined all Democrats in voting to pass a radical bill, known as the “Respect for Marriage Act,” to make the redefinition of marriage virtually IMPOSSIBLE to untangle.  

And what’s more, House Republican leaders Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise gave their members permission to support it.  

Trump and the ‘GayCons’

So how did we get here?  

I’m going to speak about Donald Trump and the rise of the GayCons, and “GayCons” is simply my shorthand for gays who identify as conservative. 

During the 2020 Presidential campaign, it became apparent that Donald Trump had won over many self-identifying homosexuals. One poll in the final months of the campaign showed that over 40% of them planned to vote for Trump.   

In the weeks leading up to election day, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell — who was the first “out” gay man appointed by Trump to a cabinet level position as Director of National Intelligence — took to Twitter in video produced by Outspoken — an arm ofLog Cabin Republicans — in which he describedDonald Trump as the “most pro-gay president in American history.” Grenell also noted that Trump was “the first president to enter the White House supporting gay marriage.”That was true. The video went viral, and within a few days it had been viewed over 5 million times. 

And in the final week before Election Day 2020, First Lady Melania Trump appeared in a video where she said she “unapologetically” supports gay Republicans. 

Now, I’m thrilled that the stranglehold that the Democratic Party has held on gays and lesbians for the last few decades has been broken. By all rights, EVERYONE and ANYONE with a heart and a brain should vote for conservatives and conservative causes.   

Let me tell you: When I was in my final homosexual relationship, I had a talk with a relative of the man I was dating. And she was shocked when she heard that I identified as a conservative. She said, “How can you be a conservative? You’re gay!”  

I looked at her and I said, “You’re an adult. You have children. How can you be a liberal?”  

I want to point out that GayCons — and I’ve followed dozens on Twitter since the 2020 presidential campaign — they’re fiercely patriotic. Many are military veterans. They reject “identity politics” in all its forms. They’re not fans of the rainbow flag. And they definitely are not leftists. They’re great allies for the most part. 

But here’s the thing: A lot of GayCons — especially high-profile ones — are bringing same-sex “marriage” into the Republican Party. They’ve also brought the normalization of homosexual acts into the Party — that’s the most tragic part — and they’re bringing obtaining children through surrogacy into the GOP. And that’s a disaster for kids.

I admit, a decade ago I gladly supported both the Log Cabin Republicans and an organization that’s now defunct called GOProud, but parted ways with them when it became clear that both supported same-sex “marriage.”

So, when the 47 house Republicans voted last month for the “Respect for Marriage Act,” Log Cabin quickly published a statement on Twitter praising them for voting “to codify marriage equality into federal law!” They wrote: 

We thank these forward-thinking members for voting to settle this issue once and for all and move the GOP in line not just with the country, but with its own voters.

I’m not sure if they were speaking for you guys in here.  

Just a few weeks before that, the famous Dr. Jordan Peterson published a video interview with Dave Rubin of the popular Rubin Report. Rubin is a homosexual man who is “married” to his partner, also named David.They have obtained two children through surrogacy, the first of which is expected to be born this week.   

During the course of their conversation, Peterson casually tossed out the definition of marriage into the dustbin of history, claiming that “Marriage is the union of two people.” He didn’t define marriage as “the union of a man and a woman,” he said it was “the union of two people.”So, he nonchalantly trashed civilization’s understanding of nature and biology and the understanding of every society and religion around the world for thousands of years.   

Rubin then uttered a statement that revealed the end game for conservatism. He said: 

We seem to be entering a new world right now. We’re watching an old world go away and we’re entering this new world … and I’m part of this new conservative world.

He said:  

What can be said to the conservatives that were worried that this is where we were going to end up? In some sense, I should be their hero … because ‘Oh, here’s someone who wanted to enter civilized society, wanted to affirm MOST of the long-fought, time-tested ideals, wanted to help defend that world.’

So, Rubin went from being a liberal homosexual comedian years ago to an apparently more principled man who saw how important timeless conservative principles are. And that’s terrific.   

But Rubin then admitted that he is willing to fight for MOST timeless principles, but not all.He conveniently EXEMPTS himself from those that directly confront his own life.   

A decade or so ago I was where Rubin is now. I was a Log Cabin enthusiast, and I was a member of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, until I was forced to part ways with Republican homosexual groups because of their support for the IMPOSSIBLE NOTION of same-sex “marriage.”   

Log Cabin’s embrace of same-sex “marriage,” and each individual gay conservative’s indulgence in this outrageous pretension in their own lives, is highly dangerous.   

Here’s what’s at stake:  

By going along with the pretense that two males or two females can be “married” and by not flatly rejecting the notion, conservatives are playing with fire, doing untold damage to marriage, to manhood, and to a rising generations of young people vulnerable to LGBT truth-science-and-nature-defying ideological influences. 

If there’s anything that desperately needs to be conserved by conservatives, it’s marriage, it’s the nuclear family, and our commitment to every child’s right to his or her mother and father.… It’s the only way that humanity can truly flourish. It’s the only way that the ideals of limited government and individual liberty can actually work. 

Obergefell was a horrible decision by the U.S. Supreme Court — as horrendous and unfounded as Roe v. Wade.Obergefell immediately threw open the door to transgenderism, a contagion far more dangerous to vulnerable young people than COVID-19 has ever been.It weakened the meanings of Marriage & Family. Husband & Wife. Father & Mother. Man & Woman. Son & Daughter. Boy & Girl.

Conservative elites, whether members of the political, academic, media, or corporate classes, need to once again relentlessly pursue intellectual honesty and integrity regarding creeping LGBT influence within their ranks. But they’re not.For the most part they’ve waved the white flag and moved on.  

Last fall was a MAJOR tipping point 

On the first Saturday in November last year, events held on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts served to highlight the enormous rise in the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism in institutions that were once regarded as bastions of conservatism. 

Donald Trump hosted a huge black tie gala for Log Cabin Republicans at his Florida Mar-a-Lago Atlantic resort home where former First Lady Melania Trump was honored with the organization’s “Spirit of Lincoln” Award. 

At the gala, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced: “The RNC is launching our first-ever RNC Pride Coalition.” 

The message was clear: Establishment Republicans had fully embraced homosexuality and genderless marriage. Conservative elites appeared to now greet their “married” homosexual colleagues with nothing more than a SHRUG OF THE SHOULDERS. 

I should note there was a book published in 1989, titled, After the Ball.It was basically a homosexual manifesto. It was about how to bring greater acceptance of homosexuals into society. And one of the things they said was, “We’re never going to convince people that homosexuality is a good idea. So, what we’re going to have to do is talk about it so much that it becomes thoroughly tiresome.”   

And they would do that through multiple TV characters be homosexual, have stories about homosexuals be in the news relentlessly, constantly. And sure enough, aren’t you thoroughly tired of hearing about homosexuals?It has worked.It has clearly worked.  

Earlier that same day, the same day as the gala at Mar-a-Lago, on the other side of the country in San Diego at a shipyard, the U.S. Navy launched its newest ship, named after a homosexual pederast, Harvey Milk.   

The Secretary of the Navy and assorted admirals watched as a middle-aged transgender Navy veteran — a man who presents himself as a woman — christened the vessel.And just two weeks before that, another gender-confused male, Richard Levine —otherwise known as “Rachel” Levine — the United States Assistant Secretary for Health at HHS— was made a 4-star admiral. 

That same weekend also capped a month of important national conservative gatherings where men who are “married” to or “engaged” to or otherwise sexually and romantically partnered with other men were featured speakers. 

During the previous week, billionaire PayPal founder Peter Thiel, talk show host Dave Rubin, and author Douglas Murray shared the stage with conservative Catholic luminaries Sohrab Ahmari, Mary Eberstadt, Michael Knowles, Rusty Reno, Robert Royal, and Austin Ruse at the National Conservatism Conference in Orlando.These folks are conservative Catholic heroes and icons.  

Leading conservative Christian U.S. Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Josh Hawley (R-MO), and Marco Rubio (R-FL) also shared the stage. 

A panel discussion at the conference showcased the degree to which top conservative thinkers have capitulated through self-imposed silence to homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.” 

The conference basically seeks to establish itself as a more authentically conservative coalition than CPAC. However, it’s only been in existence for three years, but gays seem to have conquered the young movement without a battle, at least not a public one.  

In what was meant to be a highlight of the three-day gathering in Orlando, Yoram Hazony, chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation and the man responsible for organizing the movement and American Conservative and a visiting fellow of the Veritas Center for Ethics in Public Life at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, were joined on stage by homosexuals Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report, and Douglas Murray, the man who authored The Madness of Crowds. A very popular book.  

As the panelists sought to answer the question, “Is liberalism by itself — the idea of ‘life, liberty, and property’ — sustainable?” they had NO TROUBLE CRITICIZING TRANSGENDERISM, but homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” were clearly off the table.  

Ahmari said that “Freedom without limits, without an account of what it means to be happy and what freedom is really for actually leads to unfreedom.” 

He illustrated his point by zeroing in on transgenderism and how the personal autonomy asserted by transgenders — freeing them to choose their preferred genders — requires everyone around them to play along. 

“So, now we’re all forced to mouth absurdities that aren’t true,” said Ahmari, who by choosing to remain silent about the homosexual “marriage” of his fellow panelist Dave Rubin, lent his tacit approval to an EQUALLY ABSURD ACT. 

And that silence from Ahmari is no different from the forced vocal acknowledgement of a male as female or a female as male.   


Ahmari showed himself to be a victim of the “unfreedom” he was trying to warn against. 

To his credit, Rubin later brought up what neither the devout Catholic nor the Orthodox Jew on the panel were brave enough to.  He said:  

There’s an elephant in the room which is that two of the panelists here are gay.

I hesitate to bring it up because I don’t want to make it personal, but this is sort of floating here now, so let’s do this. If the norms we are discussing are purely biblical norms then there’s going to be some infringement on my ability to live a functioning life. I’ve been “married” for eleven years, I’m in a faithful relationship, we’re working on having kids … but depending on where you guys want to draw those lines, we might have an issue.

But no discussion on limiting homosexuality or restoring the immutable definition of marriage ensued. 

Rubin’s statement wasn’t challenged – it just passed quietly into the air – but should’ve evoked gasps of horror from the entire room. 

During the Q&A session that followed the panel discussion, Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer aimed a profound question at Hazony and Ahmari.He said: 

The question is, where do you draw the line? Meaning, it’s okay to redefine marriage but it’s not okay to redefine sex and gender?

We’re speaking about the soul of America, the soul of humanity, of what it means to be a citizen of the United States.

But stunningly, both Hazony and Ahmari passed on responding to Rabbi Peffer’s question, making it clear that neither is willing to draw a line against homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.” 

Here’s the thing. The National Conservatism Movement aims to save civilization, but conservative elites will fail in their quest to enliven conservatism if they fail to conserve marriage, the nuclear family, and our commitment to every child’s right to his or her mother and father. 

Eventually, Hazony responded to some questions I had emailed him previously.He explained:   

We discussed [before the conference] a possible framework for working together, which would: (1) Allow religion to determine public life in places where there is a Christian majority, but (2), with ‘carve-outs’ for dissenting minorities.

Yet here’s the thing and it’s a very BIG DEAL: Such “CARVE-OUTS” risk HOLLOWING OUT marriage and the nuclear family from conservatism and Western Civilization forever.   


On the Monday after the Mar-A-Lago Log Cabin gala and the christening of the Navy’s Harvey Milk, the founding of a new institution of higher learning, the University of Austin, whose core purpose is stated as “the intrepid pursuit of truth” aimed at “human flourishing,” was publicized to much fanfare.  

And while the school would boast a stellar conservative and Christian faculty, it also said it would count two famous homosexual commentators — high-profile males “married” to males — among its ranks: Andrew Sullivan and Jonathan Rauch. Both played huge roles in the promotion of same-sex “marriage” in the years leading up to the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision. 

This raised, at least for me, the question: “How will the University of Austin teachers inspire ‘the intrepid pursuit of truth’ when the very public personal lives of its charter staff display a defiant, outright rejection ofthe most basic of observable, immutable truths: Complementarity?” 

And how will “human flourishing” be promoted when homosexual influence has only served to disassemble the nuclear family, robbing children of life with both a loving mother and father? 

Homosexual ‘conservatives’ are coming for Christianity

In January of this year, one of the [NatCon2] panelists, Douglas Murray, penned a commentary explaining why he thinks the political right is unattractive to disenchanted leftists who now share more in common with conservatives than with their former comrades. He wrote: 

Bill Maher, Bari Weiss and a slew of other liberals who have fallen out with their own tribe have chosen not to identify as conservative. Why won’t thoughtful ex-liberals consider joining the Right? Well, perhaps it has something to do with the type of conservative they’d be associated with.

What liberal or former liberal would want to find themselves in an ideological movement in which opposition to the right to abortion, to no-fault divorce, and a nostalgia for the era before the invention of the pill are commonplace?

The National Conservatism conference was filled with a disproportionate amount of Catholic social doctrine, and it is not the first time I have observed this ENCROACHMENT …

I was once at a meeting of conservatives in Europe where, on several occasions, an American participant gleefully referred to gay couples as being in “sodomitical relationships.” SHOULD WE BE SURPRISED THAT SO MANY LIBERALS INSTINCTIVELY REVILE CONSERVATISM?

And there you have it. The GayCon, Douglas Murray, sees orthodox Christianity as a stumbling block. 

And that’s no surprise. While I was still living as a homosexual man a decade or so ago, I too kept stubbing my toe on that stumbling block, until I realized that Christ crucified held the answer to everything I had been searching for in vain (1 Corinthians 1:23). 

And let me tell you: People say that they fear that the Gospel is too harsh. That judgements against homosexuality, same-sex “marriage,” and trangenderism are too harsh, and they’re going to drive people away from our churches.  

But here’s the thing: The truth is always a beacon of light. It’s what drew me back to my faith. It’s what has drawn so many former homosexuals and transgenders that I know back to their faith, and their lives have been transformed, and their [witnesses are in turn] transforming others. We cannot be afraid of upholding the truth; it will save lives, not hinder them.  

Most of the most outstanding investigative journalists today are gay or lesbian.  

A lot of folks at Fox News, the editor-in-chief of Gateway Pundit, the publisher of National Review; everybody here already knows that Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report is homosexual, there are so many, and we’re getting our news filtered through them, so assume that the news you’re receiving is colored.   

Christians need to fight back against homosexuality

So, here are some thoughts I’ll leave you with: 

The left — mostly huddled under the umbrella of the Democrat Party here in the U.S. — has the worst beliefs, the worst creed, on Earth. But what we have to appreciate is that they shout their beliefs from the housetop by every means available. They fight to change society. They never give up and they never back down, while we Christians speak in mostly subdued tones with hushed, apologetic voices.     

THE “WOKE” ARE NOT ASHAMED. They’re BRAZEN CARNIVAL BARKERS PEDDLING THE WORST IDEAS AND PRACTICES KNOWN TO MAN: Communism, abortion, transgenderism, homosexuality, and racism — which is now neatly wrapped up in identity politics and Critical Race Theory.    

And while they unashamedly broadcast their inhuman, Luciferian messages night and day, Christians speak mostly to each other, not to the world, and we do so softly, delicately, always ever-so-vigilant not to offend or to sound too zealous.   

Here’s the thing: If anyone is going to change the world for the better, it’s Christians, not leftists. Not the “Woke.” Not the social justice warriors. As Matt Walsh said a few weeks ago, “THEY ARE LUNATICS AND MONSTERS.” They defend infanticide, the genital mutilation of children, and the sexualization of young children by cross-dressing men prone to suicide. They promote the very things in which the demon world delights.  

You’ve got to know this: Religion-hating leftists exert an influence totally out of proportion to their real numbers, yet they seem to control all the levers of modern society.  

One enormous difference between leftists and Christians? Leftist movements make big demands on their people and ask for the maximum. Christians have low expectations of their people and ask for the minimum. Leftists get big results, and we get meager results.    

If churches were to start making big demands — BIG ASKS — of their members, we would likely get an heroic response, heroic involvement, and heroic dedication.  

Douglas Hyde, a post-World War II convert from communism to Christianity, the guy who I’m paraphrasing here, outlined all of this in his excellent book, Dedication and Leadership. He wrote:

When you have succeeded in making men believe that change is necessary and possible and that they are the ones who can achieve it; when you have convinced them that they and the small minority of whom they are a part can transform the world in their lifetime, THEY WILL ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE.

In his book Rules for Radicals, communist Saul Alinsky said people have to see that they are fighting on the side of the angels while the other side is aligned with the devil. In saying that, the atheist author who obliquely dedicated his book to Lucifer let us know exactly what we need to know.   

We are on a crusade from here on out, a crusade which requires the leadership, courage, strength, and energy of men — MEN — fighting on behalf of Christ, for the sake of the Church, their families, and the world.  

Much of Conservatism is headed in the wrong direction, working against making that happen. 

The coalition that the Republican National Committee should not be focusing on building with homosexual supporters of same-sex “marriage,” but with former — now chaste — gay, lesbian, and transgender voters, most of whom have become devout pro-life, pro-marriage & family Christians after walking away from their LGBT lives.  

Each has heroically pursued truth, often at a very steep price. Many have gone on to become pastors and preachers.   

There are tons of us, but we’re ignored and overlooked. 

Let me share one last story:  

In November 2019, an extraordinary event that you probably never heard about took place beneath the magnificent rotunda of the United States Capitol: Former gay, lesbian, and transgender men and women repented and interceded on behalf of the nation for the sins of homosexuality and transgenderism.  

They were part of a group which came to Washington to urge members of Congress to oppose the so-called “Equality Act” that would prevent others from seeking help to escape LGBT lives.  

I was privileged to be there. Here’s what some of them prayed: 

“We repent on behalf of our country for the sins of arrogance, for the sins of sexual deviancy, for the sins that have led us to the place where we are today.” 

Another said, “We repent for the sin of homosexuality. We repent for our part in it. We ask that you would forgive our nation for this. We ask you to hold back any judgment, and that you would hear our prayers and have mercy on us.”  

And another prayed, “I repent for the lies that we have believed as far as who we are.” This was from a woman who had lived as a man for many years but is now restored to her true identity. She said, “Lord, we bought into the lie that you didn’t create us good enough. That we should have been something else.” 

It was really the most magnificent example of a Second Chronicles 7:14 moment I’ve ever seen.  

So, where are the men who will go into battle for Christ?  For morality? For vulnerable children? For the victor’s crown that lasts forever?     

There is not an insignificant number of former LGBT folks who are concluding that the awakening is going to have to occur through them, because others are too afraid to speak out.  

None of this is going to be directed from the top down, from Washington, D.C., or from any denomination headquarters.   

It’s not going to trickle down from the top into our homes, families, and communities. THE AWAKENING IS GOING TO START FROM THE BOTTOM AND SHOOT UP. It’s going to start with us. 

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Are there any questions?

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Doug Mainwaring is a journalist for LifeSiteNews, an author, and a marriage, family and children's rights activist.  He has testified before the United States Congress and state legislative bodies, originated and co-authored amicus briefs for the United States Supreme Court, and has been a guest on numerous TV and radio programs.  Doug and his family live in the Washington, DC suburbs.