President Barack Obama’s decision to endorse the derisively named “Respect for Marriage Act” demonstrates a rather concerning contempt by the President for pro-family Americans.  Even when given to one side of an argument a President doesn’t normally taunt Americans on the other side.

The Act in question is an anti-marriage proposal in that it seeks to eliminate the Defense of Marriage Act – which in official White House web pages is pointedly referred to as “the so-called Defense of Marriage Act”.

But let’s face reality.  The want for gay ‘marriage’ has very little to do with actual marriage – even – for the sake of argument – defined outside of gender as two people loving each other exclusively ‘till death to us part’.  That truth spawned many a raucous debate within the gay activist community over the drive for gay ‘marriage’ since the lifestyle is seldom given to exclusive partnership for life.

The real motive behind the push for same-sex ‘marriage’ is all about getting a societal stamp of approval on gay sex.  So what we’re really talking is not ‘The Respect for Marriage Act” but in fact the “Respect for Homosexual Sex Act.”