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The sign of a blessed private members motion

Jack Fonseca

You know how sometimes you see a funny coincidence and you wonder if it’s a sign from heaven? Well, today is the first day of the 40 Days For Life campaign.  I got up early, went down to our local abortion facility and started to put in my daily hour of prayer for an end to abortion.

While praying, it dawned on me that today is also the day of the vote on Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312.  The motion seeks to study scientific evidence on whether the child in the womb is a human being. The Criminal Code of Canada defines the child as a non-human entity until the moment of complete birth.

40 Days For Life has a slogan that says “This is the beginning of the end of abortion”.  Is it a sign from heaven that Motion 312’s vote got scheduled on the same day as the opening of this campaign of prayer and fasting to end abortion?

For me personally, I’ll choose to believe that it is! Here’s why…  although the motion is destined to defeat owing to the minority number of pro-life MPs in the House of Commons, M-312 has already succeeded in another sense. It has allowed millions of Canadians, to hear the humanity of the unborn child discussed in the context of abortion.  For many Canadians, this is the first time they’ve ever heard a context to abortion other than the euphemism of “choice”. 

Although the debate on abortion was never closed, it has been thrust open all the wider as a result of Motion 312… and even heaven agrees!

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