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(LifeSiteNews) — Canada’s most famous high school shop teacher is back in class – but this time, the man going by Kayla Lemieux has ditched the enormous prosthetic breasts that made him famous around the world and revealed his country’s transgender laws an international laughingstock. Lemieux, who previously stated that he is intersex and began hormone therapy to “transition” in 2021, was also wearing male clothes. 

This may not seem like a real news story, but Lemieux’s insistence on wearing a wig and fake breasts – which he initially insisted were real and the result of a condition called “gigantomastia” or “breast hypertrophy” – was in the headlines for months. Lemieux was the shop teacher at Oakville-Trafalgar High School, which despite pushback from both parents and students (who had no idea where to look) insisted that Lemieux’s gender expression was protected under Ontario’s human rights law. 

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The school ended up the subject of countless media stories, with some teachers apparently taking stress leave. The staff were no doubt tremendously relived to discover that Lemieux secured a new job – and his new principal, Tom Fisher, had already sent a memo to parents in anticipation of Lemieux showing up in all his glory. Fisher stated that the school board (who for some bizarre reason thought Lemieux was a good hire) has “an obligation to uphold individual rights and treat everyone with dignity and respect,” which in this context meant that the dignity of students would be upheld by permitting Lemieux’s hentai porn getup. 

The memo continued: “Should the school be subject to any disruptions or protests, we are committed to communicating with you as openly and as frequently as possible to ensure student safety – and to share any operational plans.” Fisher also warned parents that the school might be the subject of ongoing media coverage. But journalists looking forward to exposing the ridiculousness of “gender expression” were deflated by Lemieux’s decision to leave his enormous Z-cup appendages at home (or, depending on which version of his story you’d like to believe, his “gigantomastia” magically cleared up over the summer). 

Lemieux may have taken his leave, but there will be another delusional gender grifter on the scene soon enough. Before Lemieux, you may recall, there was Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv, the chubby fellow who traipsed about British Columbia demanding that immigrant women at various salons wax his genitals and then, when he was refused, launching over a dozen human rights complaints due to his right to be considered a woman (as per Canadian law) and to have his member thus treated as a girl penis and waxed by girls. He carried on like this for several years, having his complaints eventually tossed out on the grounds that they were extortion—but being obediently referred to as a woman by both the courts and the media the entire time.  

His lawsuit against Rebel News for defamation was dismissed last year, and he has now changed his name to Jessica Simpson, which those covering the story respectfully acknowledged. 

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Yaniv, of course, is not a woman. Neither is Lemieux, and if you believe his “breast hypertrophy” story I’ve got a bridge to sell you. But both men are the logical conclusion of transgender ideology, which is why apparently intelligent people in full possession of their faculties call Yaniv a female and insist that Lemieux’s right to sport cartoonishly large breasts trumps the right of students to a safe and non-stressful school environment. 

With the transgender movement in the driver’s seat, the rights of mentally ill cross-dressing men trump the rights of pretty much everybody else. 

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