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(LifeSiteNews) — The COVID fear narrative is crumbling big time. The vax mandates and continual lockdowns have pushed people beyond the brink. The truckers’ convoy rolling across Canada forming a world-record with the longest line of trucks in history — supported by over 600 U.S. truckers, too — is awesome.

Why has England led the way with the dropping of mandates for vaccines and masking and more? Is Boris Johnson a savior, a model to follow? Has he converted from his globalist past and pedigree? Are other leaders going to follow suit? Let’s look at what this means.

People are really fed up. They’ve had it. The science no longer backs the narrative — not that it ever did — but even the mainstream is being forced to admit things are nuts. The jabbed and double-masked are getting COVID at higher rates than the unjabbed, for crying out loud. People are ready to say NO. People are ready to say, “If you’re scared, you mask! If you think I need to as well, then wear two masks one for you and one for me, that way there are still two masks separating us.”

But, let’s get back to England, who seems to be leading the way out of the mess. Back in October 2021, I announced on this show that I would be joining the second 54-Day Rosary Crusade for the end of the various forms of medical tyranny. The first was set up by some friends of LifeSiteNews over in the United Kingdom. Since then, across the world, we’ve seen groups start doing similar things — in Austria, France, Canada, Ireland, and elsewhere, groups of Catholics are meeting in public places to pray the Rosary for the same sorts of intentions. They are doing it once a week, usually on Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

And if you’re in Canada, get out to where the Convoy for Freedom is rolling through your city. Get out there and pray the Rosary for them and for freedom in our nation and our world! The official Canada Prays campaign starts today, too, by the way, so sign up.

But it is certainly interesting that one of the first places was England. So, it’s with interest that we see the latest developments in the U.K.

On Wednesday, January 19, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that all of his “Plan B” measures were going to be dropped on Thursday, January 27. That means no more advice to work from home, no more vaccine passports anywhere, no more mandatory face masks, not even in schools.

He added that travel restrictions, self-isolation, and so on were likely to change, too. We think it will go from being a requirement to being advice.

He said that infections had “now peaked nationally,” that COVID had become endemic, and that his overall plan was to “replace legal requirements with advice and guidance urging people with the virus to be careful and considerate of others.”

Doesn’t this sound great? This will make the U.K. one of the most open countries in the whole world, one of the freest.

Not only this, but other countries are delaying or rolling back measures, too. We see it in Ireland and the Czech Republic. We can see it in many places, and it’s wonderful: but the U.K. is the clearest of all.

My friends, can we see the hand of God, and of our Blessed Mother, at work here — perhaps rewarding the founders of the Crusade and driving back this tyranny in answer to these thousands of Hail Marys which have been storming heaven?

Let’s slow down.

Yes, of course we can see the hand of God here. This is, in itself, great news for all our British friends, and surely a result of these prayers. And it’s happening elsewhere too. We should be very happy at a victory, and thank God for it.

But let’s slow down.

The U.K. government is still intending to bring in mandatory jabs for all health workers. They need to have received all their jabs by April 1, otherwise they will be fired. This will affect around 70,000 NHS employees. There has been talk of rolling that back, too, but we’ve not seen it yet.

Isn’t it funny that in 2020, so many British citizens were on their doorsteps every Thursday, clapping and banging pots for their brave NHS heroes who had to work in the middle of the pandemic — and now these health workers are getting tossed aside?

It’s even stranger, given that it’s taking place when the “pandemic” has supposedly ended — and the story all along has been, that we need to make these sacrifices in order to protect the health services. Do we think that firing thousands of health workers is going to protect the health service?

Prime Minister Johnson himself has been embroiled in scandal over the last few weeks because of the details about illicit government lockdown parties dripping out. While the people were all locked away, Johnson and his pals were partying and having drinks.

If nothing else, those parties show that the people who knew the most about the risks, the people who were imposing tyrannical restrictions on us to protect us from a virus, they were themselves not afraid of catching the virus. In some ways, that tells us all we need to know about this whole COVID affair.

Now some may be tempted to see this end of restrictions as a result of those party scandals — or at least, as an attempt to draw our attention away from them. Some even say that Johnson is using those things as an excuse to end restrictions because he really loves freedom and doesn’t want to go along with the narrative.

But this is missing the point.

Johnson — along with all the various leaders of the world — have imposed tyrannical measures on us all that were literally invented in Communist China, and would never have been possible before.

They have brought in dangerous, experimental and abortion-tainted vaccines, and they launched a non-stop propaganda campaign to get the population all to take them while restricting real treatments known to work. How many deaths have resulted from this?

But far from withdrawing these things, even in the U.K., they’re continuing the campaign and firing healthcare workers who won’t comply. But even if they stop that, they have built an infrastructure for vaccine passports, a prototype of a social credit score system.

And even while they’re winding back the vaccine passports, they are keeping that infrastructure in place. The setup for the social credit system in China is here. The whole rationale for a veritable mark of the beast without which someone can neither buy nor sell is all set up and ready to go. No one needs to imagine any more how that might be possible. It is here.

They’ve normalized the idea that the government can shut everything down — even the Holy Church of God. Are we hearing any backtracking of this idea from those in power? Absolutely not.

Who is “Boris” Johnson, anyway?

“Boris” isn’t even his real name. It’s a middle name, and his real name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Those close to him actually call him Al — so essentially, “Boris” is a stage name, for a stage character.

So who is he? An English Trump, just because he has the same hair? A lovable buffoon?

No, he’s the son of Stanley Johnson: another globalist politician, part of the same globalist elite, formerly with globalist institutions like the European Commission, and a big believer in population control. Here are the titles of some of his books:

World Population, Turning the Tide: Three Decades of Progress

Life Without Birth

Do we see these links with Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, vaccine mandates, and so on?

Now we don’t want to say that Johnson is guilty for the sins of his father. But look at the facts. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is the son of a member of the globalist, population control elite, and is now a member of that same elite himself.

And isn’t it funny that we are governed by these dynasties? It makes me think of the Trudeaus. And weren’t we all saying, not too long ago, that all these people were basically creatures of a globalist cabal? And now we’re supposed to believe that Johnson is leading us to freedom.

You want to see how deep this goes? In a 2017 talk, Klaus Schwab boasted that Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, French President Macron, the Argentine president, even Germany’s Merkel and Russia’s Putin were all part of his young leaders of the World Economic Forum.

Can we seriously believe they are going to be real champions for liberty?

Nothing is impossible to God. He could change all of these leaders’ hearts in an instant and make them true warriors for Christ. But one of the great failures of “the conservative movement” is credulity and naivete. Conservatives seem to want to settle for victories too early. Too often it almost seems like their idea of victory is simply “losing slowly,” at least more slowly than what the left wants.

The reality is that the institutions of the media and government remain, as far as we can see, firmly in the hands of those who hate God and Man, and want to implement a tyrannical hellscape.

I do not believe that they have had a change of heart. At least, I don’t believe it yet. For now, isn’t it more likely that this is a result of the mounting deaths from the vaccines, the mounting number of COVID cases among the vaccinated, the mounting pressure from the worldwide anti-mandate movements, and the mounting fatigue with pointless restrictions?

If they do not roll back the COVID narrative, they risk losing all credibility and thus necessitate finding new leaders willing to obey.

So they roll it back in a controlled way so that the same people stay in power with the same digital ID infrastructure in place, ready and waiting. In this sense, the media narrative isn’t collapsing. People’s belief in it may be collapsing, but the elites remain in control of the media and institutions, and they’re using this control to shift the narrative in the way they need.

Rather than vaccines being dangerous and immoral, they’re “unnecessary” now. Rather than lockdowns being tyrannical, they’re no longer needed. And so on.

Don’t get me wrong: These things have surely been used by God to achieve a good end. And again: Let’s thank God that across the world these restrictions seem to be receding. Let’s enjoy the freedom, where it returns, for as long as it returns.

But let’s not get complacent. Let’s keep praying, especially the Rosary. Surely there will be another novena, and the various public rosaries are gathering steam. Let’s not forget our brothers and sisters in Australia and elsewhere.

Let’s keep pushing for what we want, which is a total end of the vaccines, total end of all mandates, total end of all restrictions, total dismantling of all social credit/vax pass infrastructure — and ultimately, the total reign of Christ the King.

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