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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.

(LifeSiteNews) — Too many fear being labelled as a “bigot,” a “hater,” “transphobic” or “homophobic” for stating what is obviously true. They are constantly told THEY are the problem, and THEY are haters. That is called gaslighting, an increasingly common, unethical tactic of accusing others of what you are doing in order to bewilder and confuse them. It is a very effective manipulation tactic.

When one gives even the slightest credibility to these false accusations a person trades their freedom, intellect and personal integrity for only temporary security from the LGBT mob who can never be satisfied until you, too, engage in sexual perversity and self-destruction.

That is their ultimate goal as it was in Sodom and Gomorrah. Giving in to irrationality only helps to advance its dominance over the culture and over you and all whom you love, and over the sacred beliefs that you and millions of others share and greatly value.

“Hate.” That ideologically useful, emotionally-loaded word is deliberately used as a frequent tactic to undermine anyone who resists the ongoing sexual revolution or who merely questions it.

We are told we are “haters,” and increasingly being treated as haters, by those who insist we must accept and promote the lies that homosexuality is normal, same-sex “marriage” is equality, a man can be in a woman’s body, or vice-versa, children should be exposed to porn and explore their bodies, there is no right or wrong, and on and on.

It has now gotten to where very good people are being heavily targeted, losing their jobs and careers and even criminally charged and jailed for stating what would have been totally normal and expected to state for the past few thousand years or more. It has always been what eyes see, minds understand and how the human body naturally and obviously functions.

Those stating the most common-sense things about today’s sexual madness are now even being violently assaulted as LifeSiteNews has been recently reporting. Increasing numbers have had their lives threatened, especially by disturbed “transgender” persons who viciously oppose anyone who criticizes their grooming of children.

There have even been mass shooting murders by “transgenders” on heavy medication because their sexual identity change was not being accepted by the few persons who actually cared for them.

Here are a few excerpts from a LifeSiteNews article yesterday:

According to recently released documents, Medicine Hat School Division staff attended a mandatory2SLGBTQ+ Inclusive Education’ workshop this May run by Fyrefly Institute for Gender and Sexual Diversity‘s Education Coordinator Alex Marshall, a biological male who claims to be a woman.

In July, the Osgoode Professional Development of York University announced they are hosting a session on combating ‘Hate Activity in School Boards’ for Ontario school trustees, directors, and senior school board leaders this Fall.

Additionally, a Saskatchewan principal called in police to question students who defied the narrative by making a public statement of being ‘straight and proud.’

“Mandatory inclusive education,” “Hate Activity,” “calling in police” – what will be next?

The bottom line of this blog is to emphasize that those who keep accusing us of hate are themselves full of hate.

It is all about feelings and a rejection of truth and facts. It is also about Great Reset social engineering to advance depopulation through sterile sexual lifestyles. That is why the media is so heavily into “hate” accusations.

While we exist and have freedom to speak and tell the truth, those who despise what we think, believe and know can never feel secure in their false beliefs. Our very existence challenges them. They know, through a sense of the natural law that every person has embedded in their souls, that we are right. They, addicted to their unnatural sexual desires which they don’t know how to escape from and don’t want to escape from, therefore deeply hate us for that.

They impose their self-hate onto those who intentionally or not shine a light on their self-destructive thoughts and behaviour.

That is what Marxists have always done and that is why they eventually become violent when they are not held to account for attacking those who simply have different views.

They can’t force acceptance and approval. Humans are born with a free will. Therefore, lacking any convincing arguments and results from their personal, messy lives, and unable to control the thoughts and minds of others, the only solution to them seems to have to destroy the reputations and lives of those who are in their way.

NEVER accept or give legitimacy to the labels of “bigot,” a “hater,” “transphobic” or “homophobic for anyone. Never be defensive and insist that you are not a “bigot,” a “hater,” “transphobic” or “homophobic.” That is what they want you to do.

It is they who are hating you and discriminating against your beliefs and existence and denying YOUR rights and freedoms. They owe YOU justice and explanations and something needs to be done about their abuses towards others for simply having different views.

You owe no one an apology for realizing and telling the truth that will set them free from destructive desires and actions. You love them by telling them the truth. You are acting as God would expect you to act to hopefully help prevent bad life decisions and inevitable sorrow.

We want sexually confused persons to be happy and not allow themselves to be manipulated and exploited for financial or political gain or ideological power or other agendas.

Most of these people end up on drugs of one kind or another and not thinking clearly. We need to reach them through love and compassion.

The political ideologues, though, are a tougher issue. They need to be actively opposed. They know what they are doing by making constant accusations of “hate” and they don’t at all care for the lives they destroy through their manipulations.

We don’t “hate” anyone. Everyone is redeemable. We hate sin because it harms. Anyone who calls you a hater or of promoting hate – THEY are the haters. It is they who truly hate and there is plenty of evidence for this.

The very worst are the ones who behave and act against good people who try to stop them from corrupting the innocent minds and lives of children.

That is a special form of diabolical hatred. It is a Satanic level of hate – a hate intended to enslave young lives and kill their souls – attempting to take the vulnerable, very innocent young with them down into Hell.

We are greatly obliged to oppose and hopefully convince these most vile perpetrators and hate accusers to comprehend what they are doing and bring them to repentance and conversion or to full justice.

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.

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