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(LifeSiteNews) — An Australian lawyer and filmmaker says Our Lord Jesus Christ, through a Bolivian woman, wants to make known to the world what He suffered in His Passion.

Ron Tesoriero joined me for the first of three appearances on The John-Henry Westen Show this week. He shared the amazing stories of and behind his 1999 documentary Signs From God, which aired on national television in the United States and was viewed by 28 million people.

Signs From God was produced by the late Australian television journalist Mike Willesee, who at first was skeptical of Tesoriero’s research into Katya Rivas, a Bolivian woman who allegedly bore the stigmata — a representation of the wounds of Jesus Christ — and claimed to have been receiving messages from Him. These messages, Tesoriero said, may also help explain why Rivas is able to write numerous works of “profound theology” without any theological training.

“[Willesee] said, ‘These things don’t happen … I’ve done stories like this, there’s always another explanation. These things just don’t happen,'” Tesoriero recounted. “I said to him, ‘You know, you’ve got a reputation for being able to present a story based upon your examination … Here, you don’t even want to look at the evidence, and you proffer an explanation. How many other stories in your journalistic career have you treated that way?’ And I said, ‘Why don’t you at least look at the facts, and then tell me what you think?’ And I said, ‘Better still, prove me wrong.’ Well, that struck a spark in him. He decided I’ve got to check this thing out.”

Tesoriero, who has also written about his experiences in his 2007 book Reason To Believe, explained that the documentary film crew captured little red dots starting to appear on Katya Rivas’ forehead, fingers, and hands — at the exact time predicted by Rivas (which Tesoriero said was a message from Jesus Himself).

Then in short order Rivas developed “deep” wounds in her hands that began to bleed (the stigmata) and were inexplicably healed the next morning. All of this is captured on film.

According to Tesoriero, Rivas received a message from Our Lord where He said, “I’ve committed this to happen so that you may show the world what I suffered in my Passion.”

“God uses the power of television, the most powerful media organization in America, to be able to present to the world what He wants known: that He’s alive, He suffered the Passion, resurrected, and is showing us what He went through and allowing us to be like Thomas,” Tesoriero said. “We’re all Doubting Thomases. Here we have the opportunity to be like him, to be able to say, ultimately, ‘My Lord and my God.'”

Click here to visit Tesoriero’s official website to learn more about his discoveries of this and other purported miracles.

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