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Help airline workers defend religious liberty: LifeFunder

(LifeSiteNews) — Two pilots affected by United Airlines’ 2021 COVID jab mandate are taking part in a 30-person lawsuit against the airline, claiming the mandate violated their religious freedom and, further, that the United States government effectively came to control the company amid the pandemic.

Jim Zietlow and Tom Floyd joined me on today’s episode of The John-Henry Westen Show to discuss the heavy-handed mandate, the role of faith in their opposition to forced vaccination, how their lawsuit against United Airlines is currently shaping up, and how you can help them out.

The 30 people taking part in this lawsuit belong to the group “Wings for Liberty and Justice.” Because Zietlow and Floyd refused to take the experimental, abortion-tainted COVID jab even after their religious exemptions were denied, they were placed on an unpaid leave of absence in September 2021.

Although the unvaccinated were allowed to come back to work last March, many have not, either because they have retired (like Floyd) or taken other jobs elsewhere.

“It was shown early on that [scientists] were using aborted fetal human fetal tissue to create, build, develop these vaccines. And I took exception to that, because I believe that if we continue to turn our head on things like that, that we are essentially supporting the abortion industry,” said Floyd. “And so we believe that religious convictions are a reasonable stance for not taking these shots.”

“This thing was not even legal for pilots to take. We are restricted by the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] from taking experimental drugs. And that’s exactly what this is,” he added.

Wings For Liberty and Justice
We are 30 people fighting United Airlines because of their disregard for our religious convictions, and their heavy handed mandate of an untested drug. While they may have plenty to spend, we need help from everyone who believes that regardless of your situation, no employer should be able to force you to take a drug or else get fired. We are pilots, flight attendants, maintenance specialists, technicians, ramp service and customer service specialists, and we are asking for help. Look, Think, Pray and Act! Thank you and Bless You!

Not only does their lawsuit accuse United Airlines of violating their religious liberty, it also alleges that United Airlines was, as Floyd put it, “functioning as a state actor.”

Floyd cited the U.S. government’s $5 billion grant, a $1.5 billion loan, and purchase of $4.6 million common stock shares in United Airlines right at the beginning of the pandemic around March 2020.

“We believe that at that time, United Airlines as a private company ceased to exist. At that point, it was being controlled by the U.S. government,” he said. “Scott Kirby came in [as CEO], and he stepped right in line with the Biden administration … totally shoving his head in the sand about the different scientific reviews out there showing that the vaccines were not working[.]”

“United was granted contracts from the government that other airlines were not given,” he added. “[Kirby] was given an appointment in the Biden administration. United Airlines continued to get lucrative contracts from the government, including baby formula, flying the vaccines to and from points of origin to their markets … Even Joe Biden took a special interest in what United was doing. In October of 2021, he was quoting the ‘wild successes’ of the United Airlines mandate on its employees.”

Zietlow added that at the beginning of the pandemic United was “parking hundreds and hundreds of airplanes” and “working already to reach out to the U.S. government to see if there could be some help there” — help that came in the form of those grants and loans.

To support Zietlow and Floyd in their fight against United in defense of their religious liberty, click here.

Help airline workers defend religious liberty: LifeFunder

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