The abortion debate is about whether you “should or should not dispose of things in your uterus.” So said MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry during a debate on Easter Sunday about morality.

This comes only a week after another appearance on MSNBC in which Harris-Perry spoke of the unborn child as a “thing” that “might turn into a human.” (As if it has ever turned into anything else!)

Even more ambiguously she repeatedly referred to the unborn child as simply “this,” saying: “But the very idea that this would constitute a person, right?” Later she added, “But the reality is that if this turns into a person, right, there are economic consequences, right?” 


The dictionary on my computer gives an interesting definition of “thing”: “an object that one need not, cannot or does not wish to give a specific name to.” 

It seems clear that the kind of “thing” found in the uterus is the kind of thing that Harris-Perry “does not wish to give a specific name to.” But, unfortunately for her, just because she doesn’t wish to name it, doesn’t make it any less what it is. 

“Fetus,” “blob of tissue,” “contents of the uterus,” and now, “thing.” These words are often spoken by abortion advocates as if they were a form of magical incantation. But words alone do not change reality. At best they can change our perception of it. 

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That “thing” in the uterus remains what it is, call it what you will. And what it is, is a member of the species homo sapiens, an unborn child, a living, growing human person. This isn't “Alien” or “Prometheus” where that “thing” just might turn out to be a parasitic, extraterrestrial monster (even if sometimes abortion activists do seem to get these movies mixed up with reality).

That “thing” is this:

And every day, thanks to technology, it is getting harder and harder to deny this truth. 


That Harris-Perry and others like her persist in plying their verbal voodoo is a sad testament to the depths to which the abortion movement has sunk in their desperate ploy to protect their right to kill their children, no matter what science might tell them.