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The proposed satanic statue for Oklahoma's Senate.

If a pro-life website had said that the most vocal supporters of abortion-on-demand also have a soft spot for Satan, it would have become one of Right-Wing Watch's top tweets. But a left-wing website has posted an entry praising the devil's disciples for doing their part to thwart pro-life laws.

In an article for the pro-abortion website entitled “Four Ways Satanists are Improving the U.S. Government,” blogger Kevin Mathews wrote, “If there’s one religious group I’m really impressed with at this point, it’s the Satanists.”

One of The Satanic Temple's four acts of faith that garnered Mathews' approval is “Supporting Reproductive Rights.”

“If – as the Supreme Court has decided — companies can choose to forego birth control and abortion coverage for their employees, shouldn’t individuals also have the right to forego religious-based presentations when they visit an abortion clinic?” he asks.

“Some states have highly politicized information handed to women in order to scare them out of having abortions, even though it lacks a scientific basis. To address this issue, the Satanic Temple has offered up 'religious exemption form letters' to women who want to receive an abortion and skip the lectures imposed by right-wing politicians.”

It goes without saying that one need not be religious to hold the scientific verity that life begins at conception. And The Satanic Temple initially offered its religious exemption so women could avoid having mandatory ultrasounds before an abortion – a procedure that has no known religious provenance and that is standard care before abortionists perform an abortion. A spokesman for The Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves (who was born Doug Mesner), told Detroit's Metro Times of his plans in May. This reporter brought the story to national attention, and the mainstream media did not pick it up for another six weeks.

The Satanic Temple also lacks much religious background. Greaves and his co-religionists are trolls who say they do not believe in the existence of a ghostly force who is the cause of the world's evil. They are simply trying to counteract Christian parents and citizens by driving them from the public square.

This makes Mathews praise the prince of darkness all the more, writing, “One thing’s clear: these Satanists are a bunch of rabble-rousers! Good on them for standing up for what they really believe in – ensuring the division between church and state.”

This is not the first time radical anti-life activists have praised the devil. Last July at the Texas statehouse, a group of abortion supporters chanted “Hail Satan!” while pro-life Christians sang “Amazing Grace” before the passage of that state's ban on abortions after 20 weeks. And it's hardly surprising that Satan would oppose laws that uphold life. After all, the Devil has a history of depriving women of accurate information before critical decisions.

Thus, the abortion movement has become the first group since Saul Alinsky to openly laud the Prince of Darkness. No wonder they work so well with Mr. Alinsky's most successful acolyte.  

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