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Let’s be better men. The Crisis in the Church is connected to a Crisis of Manhood

Exodus 90 is a spiritual exercise program that seeks to liberate men from distractions and sin
Tue Jan 7, 2020 - 2:56 pm EST
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Sign up for the January 13th Exodus 90 program that runs until Easter! Click here.

January 7, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Are you a Catholic man who wants to grow in humility and steel yourself to become a soldier in the war for the soul of the Church raging right now? If you are, Exodus 90 is a new spiritual program you should to look into.

James Baxter is a former seminarian who helped bring Exodus 90 to reality. He spoke with me about his inspiring work on this week’s John-Henry Westen Show.

Exodus 90 is a 90-day spiritual exercise that originated as a seminary program at Mount St. Mary’s in Maryland. It’s goal is to strip away distractions so men can better fulfill their vocation in life. Since it’s inception, more than 20,000 men have gone through its exercises.

“It’s all about freedom for us,” James told me. “Most men are enslaved to different things….Exodus humbles you [and] humility places us back in touch with reality.” 

Some of the things men who sign up for Exodus 90 have to live by can be quite challenging. Taking cold showers, not drinking alcohol, fasting, limited technology use, exercising regularly, and committing to a daily holy hour are just a few of its requirements. 

James said it’s not always easy to accomplish this. However, local face-to-face meet ups (where possible) with other Exodus 90 participants hold everyone accountable. “Dependencies are halved in the 90 days,” he informed me. Moreover, many wives of the men who do Exodus 90 express gratitude about the changes they have seen in their husbands, he said.

Men who sign up for Exodus 90 typically approach other men in their diocese or parish to get them to participate. “Most men are very isolated, very alone,” James said. “Fraternity doesn’t exist in the contemporary church.” Whats unique about Exodus 90 is that it’s highly popular among ecclesial groups and younger Catholics. Over 50% of men who sign up for it are under the age of 34. 

Exodus membership is $10 each month, which includes unlimited access to Exodus 90 and over 3 years of "Day 91" spiritual exercises, which walk men through all 14 narrative books of the Bible to help them to preserve their freedom and build upon their formation. 

This year, the Lenten Exodus 90 program begins on January 13 and ends on Easter. So don’t miss out.

I'll be giving it a shot myself with a group and I hope you will too.

Visit the Exodus 90 website by clicking here.

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