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This summer and global warming. I’m still skeptical. Here’s why

Wed Aug 8, 2012 - 8:51 pm EST

It certainly has been a brutally hot and dry summer for many (not all) parts of the United States and Canada. Are the global warming alarmists finally being proven right? I don’t think so and an article in PJ Media, Climate Catastrophe or Media Hype?, seems to back up my hunches on that.

At LifeSiteNews we have been very skeptical about the hysteria about man-made “global warming” which is changed to “climate change” in the winter. The reason for the skepticism has been our observation very early on that the individuals and organizations most prominent in fanning the climate fears have strongly tended to be population control, environmental extremist, one world government, people controlling types. That rang alarm bells, as it still does today.

Also, in most cases, these climate alarmists have been gaining huge financial benefits from book sales, appearances, grants, salaries and other money sources while engaging in their climate catastrophe missions. Common sense tells me that is something to pay close attention to - follow the money. The same goes for Planned Parenthood and abortionists.

Government grants and tax concessions to alternative energy companies and research have totaled many billions of dollars. The discovery of good, affordable alternative energy sources would be a wonderful thing. However, much lower than projected demand for recently developed products and services that have not been cost effective or practical energy replacements, has led to shocking bankruptcies, drastically scaled down operations and giant debt holes for governments. And you know where governments got all those billions that they have thrown into these unproductive money pits.

PJ Media reports “A quick check of the record books shows that the hottest period of the 20th century was during the “dirty thirties.” The 1930s Dust Bowl years were miserable for farmers on the American and Canadian prairies, far worse than anything we are seeing today.”


It goes on that “Well-known American climatologist Stanley Changnon has documented how the 1920s and 1930s also witnessed significantly higher numbers of thunderstorms and associated violent weather than today.”

And then, regarding the drought that we are seeing in parts of the US today, PJ notes, “The 1920s and 1930s also had more frequent, more severe, and longer lasting droughts in the American Midwest than in recent times. Many years in those decades had almost no rain at all for the entire year.”

And here is the kicker from PJ Media about all these and other past climate hardships that occurred - “no one blamed global warming or climate change for such events.” But we sure do now. It’s people that are the cause, they say. Way too many people. But they did not even think of such a handy thing to blame because of the lesser population densities in the dirty 30s.

It has to make you wonder. Or maybe I should say, you really should wonder. Be rightly skeptical. At least that is my view.

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