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Loretta Lynch takes 5th, Ami Horowitz asks Harlem residents if they have ID, know poor blacks who don't have get ID, Florida voter fraud, Julian Assange election warning


“Trump won’t be permitted to win,” warns Assange; Election voter fraud hotlines for key U.S. states.

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Need any more be said?

Update: The American Center for Law and Justice has compiled a list of election voter fraud hotline numbers for key states. See the list here

Here are some outrageous election-related items: 

First is the meme below about U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch who, among many other things, secretly met with Bill Clinton on June 27 on the tarmac of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport, Arizona, presumably about imminent pending criminal charges against his wife who happens to be running for president. 

Secondly, the issue of voter fraud and the intense opposition of the Obama adminstration, the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party to voter ID laws. The reason given is always that such laws violate the rights of poor black people and others who find it too difficult to obtain a required ID document.

Watch the following hilarious video by Ami Horowitz exposing the truth about blacks and their ability to obtain voter ID. It gets really interesting about half-way through. By the end, you may have to restrain your temper. 

The introduction to the video states, "We asked liberal elites about voter ID laws and black people. Then we asked Harlem residents their thoughts on what they just heard. Crazy!"

So, what the heck is being done to the minds of these white, "educated" people that has made them so incredibly gullible and "ignorant" and show such "stupidity" and who are in practice "racist". Those are not my words, but the reactions of the black Americans who were asked for their responses

Adding to my now lengthy list of 2016 election voter fraud reports here, comes this latest report from Fox Insider news of November 2nd, of seeming major election fraud that was discovered and reported in Florida.

But of course there is no voter fraud in America. It is way over-exaggerated. Who would do such a thing? I mean really, such paranoia  - NOT.

Lastly, related to all the voter fraud reports, is an ominous statement broadcast yesterday in which Wikileaks' Julian Assange stated, “Trump won’t be permitted to win.” That is, Assange has information indicating this will not at all be a fair election. The outcome was decided some time ago by the world elites. If he somehow wins, will some action then be taken to remove him? We shall hope and pray and see what happens. 

PLEASE vote on November 8. As many people we have quoted in our election-related articles have repeatedly indicated - this IS the most important federal election in U.S. history - really, this time. 

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