When abortion supporters encounter graphic images of the procedure they defend, their reactions vary. Some get angry, some simply turn away, while yet others face the truth and adopt the pro-life position.

Time Magazine writer Joel Stein has another method of dealing with the images: making crass jokes about dead fetuses.

InfoWars reports that when asked this morning on the Dudley and Bob Morning Show at which political convention – Democrat or Republican – he had seen the “freakiest, craziest stuff,” Stein responded: “The conservative protesters, all they do is read the Bible…all they do is read scripture and have giant, giant pictures of dead fetuses.”


“I’ve seen so many bloody fetuses that I can literally tell good looking fetuses from ugly fetuses,” he continued, before tossing out his coup de theatre: “I wanted to walk around and pick a ‘Miss Fetus.’”

One of the hosts on the show quipped, “You’re going to get us into trouble.”


However, I’m not really mad at Joel. What he said was disgusting. But the fact is, if you endorse abortion, being faced with what an abortion actually looks like is an extremely challenging and disturbing event.

As much as we wish that everyone had the intellectual honesty to see the pictures and change their position, conversion is a complex phenomenon. It isn’t enough to be presented with the truth: you have to be open to the truth.

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Many of those who are faced with the graphic images simply are not prepared to admit that the position they have held for so long is wrong. They may never admit it. The walls around their mind may simply be too thick. The more they have invested in their pro-abortion position, the harder it will be for them to let it go and admit they are wrong.

And yet, when presented with such stark evidence of the horror of abortion, they must do something with the information.

Joel Stein has chosen the route of humor, making a joke out of that which is not funny. If dead fetuses are just a joke like anything else, then you don’t have to take them seriously, don’t have to actually think about what you’ve seen.

This is a defense mechanism.

But while this strategy may protect him from the truth about abortion for now, will it always? We must pray that it does not, and that Joel’s abominable attempt at humor is simply a sign he has been challenged in ways that may eventually push him to examining his pro-abortion views in the light of the truth.