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WASHINGTON, March 4, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — There’s a battle going on for the soul of the newly emerging conservative political coalition, involving issues of enormous consequence for the future of our nation, but which remain off the radar of many engaged observers.

Here’s what’s at stake: Will conservatives assert the immutable nature of human beings as male and female, or will that which is known by science and clearly visible in nature be tossed into the dumpster of history in favor of misguided political opportunism? Will the GOP continue to recognize the supreme importance of complementarity?

Put another way: As gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals rightly stream away from the Democrat Party and find a new home under the Republican tent, the GOP must assert more clearly and boldly than ever that marriage is between one man and one woman; that there are precisely two sexes; and that nobody is “born in the wrong body” or “born that way.”

These are non-negotiable for conservatives, for Christians, and for all thinking, reasoning people.

The voices of the growing number of outspoken ex-LGBT, no matter what their political affiliation, need to be heeded more attentatively than the voices of those whose lives are on a good trajectory toward truth, but, because they continue to identify as homosexaul or transgender, have not yet found their way to the truest forms of personal freedom and fulfillment that is theirs by right of their humanity.

Trump: “The most pro-gay president in American history”

Last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) demonstrated that former President Donald Trump continues as the de facto head of the Republican Party.

Throughout 2020, the Trump campaign aggressively courted LGBT voters.

In August, Log Cabin Republicans published a video featuring Richard Grenell, Trump’s former acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and Ambassador to Germany who identifies as a homosexual, in which he asserted that “President Trump is the most pro-gay president in American history.”

Grenell then proceded to list the ways that Trump is the “strongest ally that gay Americans have ever had in the White House,” substantiating, in effect, that Trump policy when it comes to marriage and sexuality differs from that of Christianity. The video went viral, garnering over 6 million views.

“My great honor!!!” exclaimed the President, reweeting Grenell’s video declaration that “President Trump is the most pro-gay president in American history.”

Grenell was a featured speaker at CPAC 2021, as was another gay man, voter activist Scott Presler, a.k.a., “The Persistence.”

Troubling mixed messages

Bolstered by the viral success of the Grenell video, Log Cabin’s political outreach went full steam ahead with its newly launched online media site, OUTspoken, with Chadwick Moore — a gay man who is a favorite guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight— serving as editor-in-chief.

Why same-sex marriage will never be overturned, despite media fear-mongering,” blared one of the site’s earliest headlines, delivering a wrong message in order to pander to LGBT readers.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, LGBT Republicans — most of them newly minted as conservatives thanks to the leadership of Donald J. Trump — proved to be some of his most ardent supporters.

The Walk-Away Campaign, which ushered hundreds of thousands voters out of the Democrat Party to become Trump supporters, was launched by a gay man, Brandon Straka, who worked tirelessly to re-elect President Trump.

LGBT conservatives debated LGBT liberals in public forums, running circles around their progressive counterparts who recited tired tropes.

“The leftist liberal media in this country is truly the ‘Enemy of the people.’ Donald Trump couldn’t have had that more right when he said that,” said Straka during a Florida debate.

“You want to talk about conspiracy theories? You’re concerned about Q anon?” asked Straka. “I’m concerned about CNN. I’m concerned about MSNBC. I’m concerned about the New York Times.”

Straka said that the news provided by those sources “is specifically designed to make us think that we are victimized, that we are oppressed, that we live in a system that we cannot overcome and it is nothing but complete lies and propaganda.”

However, Straka also said, “I think that marriage equality should be the law of the land, and I’m glad that the Supreme Court decided it.”

“I think just the label transexual or transgender is good enough,” asserted transexual Trump supporter Blaire White during the same debate.

“I think when you start adding in 97 genders, if you start adding in a bunch of different identities … that’s when you start getting into the territory of making trans people look absolute jokes,” continued White. “And I don’t like that, obviously, as a trans person.”

And therein lies the problem facing Republicans: LGBT ideology does not trump natural law, no matter what homosexual and transgender persons say, nor what a few Supreme Court justices may have ruled in their 2015 Obergefell decision or their June 2020 ruling that longstanding anti-discrimination law should be reinterpreted to cover homosexuality and gender confusion, forever changing the meaning of “sex.”

Republicans are beginning to cancel conservative and Christian persons and principles, following the lead of the Democrat Party

Brian Clowdus, a gay man who proved to be a social media wizard over the last year, put out some of the best pro-Trump videos and tweets during the 2020 campaign. His support for the incumbent president — along with his energy and entertaining presentations — was contagious, as seen in this tweet from a Trump rally just days before the election:

But a more recent tweet, issued on Monday, March 1, 2021, bore an ominous tone:

“I joined the MAGA movement [because] it was built underneath the tent of inclusion making the GOP the most diverse it has ever been. If you believe otherwise, you are not part of this movement & you do not represent the forward motion we are creating,” he warned.

“We lead from love & acceptance,” added Clowdus.

But “loving” and “accepting” LGBT persons does not require accepting LGBT and other “woke” ideologies they may bring with them.

On Tuesday, Newsmax interviewed gay conservative drag queen, “Lady MAGA,” after he was fired — canceled — by Delta Airlines, presumably because of his conservative activism displayed on his social media accounts.

While Newsmax has interviewed “Lady MAGA,” the conservative-friendly news organization did not pick up on last month’s story of former transexual drag queen, Kevin Whitt, who was similarly fired by his employer, the Texas GOP, after Jan. 6.

Whitt was unceremoniously fired from his job as a field organizer for the Texas GOP after he posted a video on Instagram which showed that he had been present outside the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Whitt did not enter the Capitol, he simply captured on video what was going on outside the building.

Whitt, who has risen to be one of the nation’s most outspoken critics against Drag Queen Story Times in public libraries, against pediatric gender transitioning, and the so-called Equality Act, explained to LifesiteNews that the Republican Party is “canceling” conservatives like him in order to virtue signal to gays and to the political Left.

“Do I think I would be more accepted as an openly gay male in the Republican Party than as a former homosexual transsexual in the Republican Party?” Whitt asked. “Absolutely I do.”

The present danger

While the recent surge of gay, lesbian, and trangender-identifying individuals might seem negligible if not harmless, it is not. In fact, it is fraught with danger.

The presence of LGBT political heft within the Republican Party may lead to a weakening of religious liberty while further normalizing homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and transgenderism — which would amount to a direct condemnation of Christianity and other religions.

The progressive LGBT political machine, which previously has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party, has, along with the abortion industry, proven to be the greatest threat to religious liberty this nation has known in recent decades.

Wedding cake bakers, photographers, florists, and many others can attest to that.

Log Cabin Republicans has stated explicitly that its purpose is to “to make the Republican Party more inclusive, particularly on LGBT issues,” which can be taken to mean diluting and eventually eliminating the GOP’s traditional conservative stances on marriage, homosexuality, and transgender ideology.

As such, the group is more aptly described as “libertarian” rather than “conservative.”

Libertarians are the weakest links in the conservative coalition. They’re happy to allow legitimate issues concerning the protection of human dignity to be conflated with spurious issues which erode life and dignity.

Woke universities are turning out medical and pharmaceutical professionals happy to earn their millions from carving up and disfiguring gender-confused children and young people, legal experts who sue and punish woke dogma transgressors, corporate executives who peddle the absurdities of critical race theory, and politicians and journalists who are happy to be showered with accolades for repeating mindless woke memes.

Conservatives should not be changed by the presence of LGBT individuals. Instead, LGBT individuals should be drawn to amend their lives by the witness of conservatives.

If conservatives fail to stand as a bulwark against faddish ‘woke,’ politically correct notions, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will be diminished, then lost, for all.


At CPAC’s gathering in Orlando last weekend, pro-life activist Abby Johnson bravely addressed the issue that most choose to remain silent about: CPAC has been hijacked by LGBT activists.

“They haven’t had one keynote speaker stand up there and talk about the attack on traditional marriage,” declared Johnson. “And they can’t. Because some of their sponsors are gay conservatives.”

“Transgenderism is running rampant through CPAC, and we’re not talking about traditional families, we’re not talking about traditional marriage … because we have compromised to this false sense of diversity,” she continued.

Unless the Conservative Political Action Conference changes course, it should be intellectually honest: Drop the word “conservative” and rename the event the “Libertarian Political Action Conference.”



Doug Mainwaring is a journalist for LifeSiteNews, an author, and a marriage, family and children's rights activist.  He has testified before the United States Congress and state legislative bodies, originated and co-authored amicus briefs for the United States Supreme Court, and has been a guest on numerous TV and radio programs.  Doug and his family live in the Washington, DC suburbs.