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Trans activists demand everyone be pro-LGBT – at the expense of reality

It's apparently 'triggering' for a blood bank to ask donors to answer questions based on their real, not imaginary, sex.
Tue Oct 9, 2018 - 12:10 pm EST
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October 9, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – There are many things to say about the transgender movement as of late. They are increasingly totalitarian in their demands. They have declared war on all those who disagree with them. They pose a very real danger to children, who are declaring themselves to be “trans” in record numbers. And they are also extraordinarily self-centred.

There are multiple examples of this. The now infamous “bathroom wars” are one example, with biological males and biological females demanding access to the bathrooms reserved for the opposite sex – regardless of whether or not they have physically transitioned. Other exclusively female facilities – battered women’s shelters, for example – are also not safe from biological men claiming to be women and demanding access. The feelings of those who rely on these facilities are never considered.

But things get even worse when trans activists begin to demand that medical institutions bend to their will. One transgender person even had the gall to complain on Twitter that breast cancer patients were getting life-saving mastectomies before self-identified transgender people could get their healthy breasts amputated due to gender dysphoria – despite the fact that for breast cancer patients, mastectomies can often be a matter of life or death.

And in Canada, a biological woman identifying as a transgender man is now declaring war on the Canadian Blood Services, demanding that they change their screening policy. And why? Because when “Jack” Biamonte, who donates blood quite regularly, revealed a recent hysterectomy surgery to the staff, she was forced to endure an “embarrassing experience,” according to the CBC.

The staff apparently told Biamonte that in answering the questions, it was important to answer with the “sex assigned at birth,” which is the way the media now refers to the sex you were born into (as if the doctor just took a guess or something.) This was apparently quite traumatic. “It was just reinforced, ‘You were born female; we have to consider you female,’” Biamonte said. Which, from a medical perspective, is absolutely true.

Two specific questions really piqued Biamonte’s ire: “Have you had a pregnancy over the past six months?” and “Have you slept with a male who has slept with a male?” According to Biamonte, for “A lot of people, that’s really going to upset them. That’s really going to trigger them.” Biamonte didn’t explain why these questions would prove triggering to those who are transitioning or considering doing so, especially considering the fact that the Canadian Blood Services actually permits trans individuals to mark down the gender they’ve transitioned into one year after genital-mutilation surgery.

Responding to media queries concerning the complaints of a single transgender person – Canada’s state broadcaster has been doing tremendous work carrying water for the transgender movement – the Canadian Blood Services pointed out that the donor criteria are “based on the best available scientific evidence,” as approved by the regulator, Health Canada. As the CBC noted:

That means trans men born female are screened as women and questioned about pregnancies, as donors who have had a pregnancy are more likely to have antibodies in their blood that may cause a rare but potentially fatal complication in a recipient. 

In short, this means that the policy of the Canadian Blood Services, which is based on scientific evidence and is in place to protect people’s lives from potentially fatal danger, must stay in place for public safety purposes. Biamonte, however, clearly feels that this is kind of transphobic, stating that “he disagrees that the policy is based on science.” To prove this supremely arrogant assertion, she offered precisely no counter-evidence in response.

“The screening process needs to change,” she told the CBC. “There needs to be more medically pertinent questions that are based on actual fact and not just general bias.” She then promised to continue badgering the Canadian Blood Services, apparently mistaking them for an organization dedicated to soothing the triggered feelings of radical activists rather than an organization founded to provide life-saving services.

Many people have decided to ignore the transgender movement because they have assumed that it will not impact their lives in any way. As I’ve noted before, the transgender movement is genuinely dangerous, and if they have their way, they will transform the way our society – and every institution within our society, medical facilities included – sees gender. And they have already proven that they are perfectly willing to do this even if others must pay the cost.

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