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July 23, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – For some strange reason, over the past few years Canadians seem to achieve international attention primarily for kerfuffles surrounding the ever-evolving transgender phenomenon (with the notable exception of Justin Trudeau’s flamboyant fashion show across India). Jordan Peterson shot to global fame after announcing his refusal to submit to government coercion in regard to the use of transgender pronouns.

And now, a biological male formerly named Jonathan Yaniv and styling himself as “Jessica” is turning Canada into an international laughingstock by suing female-only beauty salons for refusing to wax his male genitals because he says he is a she. And as it turns out, Canadian law may be on his side.

The story actually defies belief. Yaniv, who is claiming to be a woman, has launched sixteen so-called human rights complaints against female cosmeticians in British Columbia, most of whom are immigrant women. For obvious reasons, these women do not want to employ their services on a biological male. Yaniv, however, is insisting that because Canadian law recognizes him as a her, this constitutes grievous discrimination against him that must be addressed by the Human Rights Commissions. Yaniv has handily boxed the LGBT crowd into a corner by taking the transgender ideology to its logical extremes. This is precisely the sort of thing that trans activists claimed would never happen, but yet here Yaniv is, demanding that the force of the state compel immigrant women to touch his genitals or be forced out of business.

In addition to all of that, there is the fact that Yaniv is an extraordinarily disturbed individual with a grotesque fascination with tween girls. He may in fact be the least sympathetic plaintiff in the history of Canada’s kangaroo courts, and that is really saying something. He has even managed to attract the condemnation of radical trans activist Morgane Oger, who laid out precisely why Yaniv should be considered a predator in a long-form article that gives stomach-churning details. Yaniv has gone so far as to try and organize a topless swimming event open to girls as young as twelve-years-old—and stated that parents would be banned from the event. American comedian Steven Crowder’s stunned tweet on this event has already received over 6,000 retweets and attracted the attention of British comedian and renowned atheist Ricky Gervais.

Gervais, for his part, has also been weighing in to his 13.4 million-strong following, trashing the trolls who have come swarming out of the nether regions of the Internet to accuse him of being a transphobe for defending the right of immigrant women not to handle the genitals of a delusional man claiming to be a woman. Unbelievably, there are plenty of people willing to defend Yaniv, insisting that if people don’t want to be involved in waxing certain body parts, then they should simply stay out of the beauty business entirely. To which Gervais acidly replied: “Exactly. And if you don’t want to butter my b**** and put them between two slices of bread, don’t work in a sandwich shop.” It almost takes a comedian to highlight the sheer absurdity of what is unfolding here. “It’s a woman’s right to say ‘I don’t wax testicles,’” Gervais stated bluntly. Ya think?

Here’s how Madaleine Kearns opened her essay on the Yaniv story in National Review:

Imagine this. It’s 1990. A feminist novelist is pitching her latest book to a publisher. Set in a dystopian future in which a tyrannical ideology has gripped Western politics, it features female estheticians who have been dragged before a national kangaroo court for refusing to wax a man’s genitals. The publisher worries that the story, about an outrageous affront on women’s rights, isn’t plausible. She suggests something more realistic — how about fascistic men who force women into reproductive slavery instead?

Well, it’s 2019. The Handmaid’s Tale is still fiction. While Wax My Balls, B**** is a real-life horror show.

And on and on it goes. “Jessica” Yaniv has become an overnight sensation, and the insanity of his demands—which are entirely consistent with what trans activists have been pushing for all along—are making headlines around the world. Ironically, this delusional male “lesbian” may have done those of us who constantly point out where enshrining the unscientific claims of the transgender movement inevitably lead a real favor by forcing everyone to confront the very real and very disgusting consequences of using the force of the state to compel people to play along with the delusions of those who insist that gender is fluid. Bathrooms are one thing. But if you believe—as progressives certainly claim to—that a biological man can be a woman and that thus there is such a thing as a female penis, then this sort of thing was bound to happen eventually.

One of the reasons this story is stunning so many people is that Yaniv is obviously delusional, and only those who have locked their ideological blinders onto their skulls and thrown away the key cannot see it. He is obviously a male, and his unfortunate photographs featuring himself striking poses in dresses only accentuate that fact. He is playing dress-up, and his swanky portraits would actually incur genuine pity if he were not attempting to cause real suffering to real women. In one exquisitely absurd story, Yaniv is daring our entire culture to put their money where their mouth is. He sports a dress, and looks sassily out at the mobs that have been obediently following the dictates of the LGBT movement: I’m a woman because I say so. Now, who are you going to believe—me, or your lying eyes?

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