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Trudeau gov’t thrilled Biden regime will fund abortions overseas

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are of one mind on abortion.
Thu Feb 4, 2021 - 1:47 pm EST
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February 4, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In all the noise surrounding the pandemic, many people missed the release of an important documentary: Obsessed: Canada’s Coercive Diplomacy. Featuring the prominent former Canadian diplomat and leading expert on China David Mulroney (author of Middle Power, Middle Kingdom: What Canadians Need to Know about China in the 21st Century) and Nigerian human rights activist and filmmaker Obianuju Ekeocha (author of Target Africa: Neo-Colonialism in the 21st Century), Obsessed explores how the Trudeau government is using foreign aid money to push abortion and the LGBT agenda on African countries with very different values.

Funding abortion—even in nations where killing pre-born children remains illegal—is the centerpiece of Trudeau’s foreign aid plan. Even with the ballooning federal debt and precarious financial times ahead, the Liberals have committed more Canadian taxpayer dollars to funding abortions overseas. As Ekeocha and Mulroney observe, using foreign aid with strings attached—we’ll give you badly needed funds so long as you use this amount for abortion—is an incredibly effective way of shoving developing nations in the direction that leaders like Trudeau want them to go. The Liberals have committed $700 million to abortion specifically.

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are of one mind on abortion, and thus it was no surprise that, as CTV put it: “Canada's Liberal government cheered Thursday as President Joe Biden reversed a U.S. policy that denies federal funding to international aid organizations that support abortion.”

Most pro-lifers will be aware that Biden signed an executive order to rescind the Mexico City Policy, allowing American tax dollars to once again fund abortions overseas. Both Biden and Trudeau are enthusiastic about using the hard-earned money of American and Canadian citizens to fund the deaths of pre-born children overseas.

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That, of course, is not how Trudeau’s people would put it. “Women's rights are human rights,” International Development Minister Karina Gould said in a statement congratulating Biden. In that statement the Liberals also offered America a pat on the head for joining “the global consensus on the right for women to choose and support programs for women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. Our government will continue to work with partners in Canada and around the world to dismantle barriers that seek to restrict women, girls and trans people from accessing the health care they have a right to.”

When the Trudeau government refers to a “global consensus,” of course, they are referring—with their typical arrogance—to largely Western nations run by leaders with the same ideological views as themselves. Many countries ban it altogether, and thirty-two nations—including the U.S., Hungary, Poland, Brazil, Uganda, and Egypt, recently signed the Geneva Declaration, a U.N. document affirming that there is no internationally recognized right to abortion.

Justin Trudeau and his acolytes, however, prefer to pretend that inconvenient truths don’t exist. They ignore the fact that abortion is considered immoral by large majorities in almost every single country in Africa; they ignore the massive Blue Wave movement made up of millions of women and men in South and Latin America pushing back against legalization efforts spearheaded primarily by Western NGOs; they ignore the fact that in nations like Poland, Honduras, and others, pro-life victories are being won. In the meantime, they take money from the taxpayers to push feticide on nations asking for water, education, and the essentials of daily life—and give them abortions and rubbers instead.

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