Author’s note: Nothing in this report denies that Indigenous Canadians were abused at residential school. It calls into question only unproven claims about mass graves. 

(LifeSiteNews) – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lied to the public about what happened at Canadian Residential Schools, just like he is lying to the public about what is happening with the Freedom Convoy movement. 

Trudeau has lied over the past week about the protesters in Ottawa, calling them racists, Nazis, anti-vaxxers and a fringe minority despite the fact that these claims are not true. His rhetoric is contributing to a legacy media assault on the reality of the freedom movement, and thus both Trudeau and the media are stoking hatred and division in Canada. 

Last summer, news of a discovery of what were labeled “mass graves” by the media and the government was broadcast in Canada and around the world. 

The Canadian government operated numerous Residential Schools for children in the North from 1883, the last one closing as late as 1996. At some of these schools, abuse of children occurred, which is inexcusable. Last year, however, news was published about the finding of what were reportedly the remains of hundreds of children at a Kamloops Indian Residential School. 

Justin Trudeau took the information at face value and said it was Canada’s fault that the children were buried in an unmarked “mass grave.” His support of the narrative of the “discovery” of a mass grave helped push a message that encouraged violence and vandalism all over Canada. This included the destruction by arson of several churches. 

No bodies have been discovered 

Now this shocking ‘discovery’ turns out to have been only a guess. 

According to an extensive investigation by Professor Emeritus Jacques Rouillard from the Université de Montréal: “The ‘discovery’ was first reported last May 27 by Tk’emlúps te secwépemc First Nation Chief Rosanne Casimir after an anthropologist, Sarah Beaulieu, used ground-penetrating radar in a search for the remains of children alleged by some to be buried there.” 

“Her preliminary report is actually based on depressions and abnormalities in the soil of an apple orchard near the school – not on exhumed remains.” 

After the initial news came out and was taken at face value by the public to be evidence of dead children, she scaled back her claims and said they were “probable burials,” but could also be images of “disturbances in the ground such as tree roots, metal and stones.” 

It was her opinion that potential abnormalities in the soil were evidence of burials. 

Ground penetrating radar is unreliable  

However, Beaulieu cannot state with certainty whether bodies or tree roots were picked up by the radar. 

Rouillard cited anthropologist Scott Hamilton, who had worked on discovery teams investigating Residential Schools between 2013-2015. Hamilton concluded as part of his work that researchers must be very careful when appealing to radar imaging because soil can be disturbed by “sedimentary texture, … culturally-derived unconformities, obstructions or void.” 

This means that without any physical evidence of human remains, the imaging could be interpreted as a number of things.  

Reliable death records exist and report no mass graves 

The government of Canada did an in-depth analysis of the goings on at Indian Residential Schools as part of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which took place between June 2008 and mid-December 2015.  

The most reliable information was collected from all over the country at that time, and all deaths at the Kamloops school were accounted for. 

Rouillard wrote: “At the Kamloops residential school, the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) officially recorded the names of 51 children who died from 1915 to 1964 … . We have been able to find information on these children from the records in Library and Archives Canada and from death certificates held by the British Columbia Archives’ Genealogy resource…” 

If there were 200+ other children unceremoniously discarded into mass graves, it is highly unlikely this discrepancy would have been missed as part of the highly collaborative and thorough NCTR.  

Falsely labeled ‘genocide’ 

Professor Rouillard opined that the unverifiable narrative of what could have amounted to child-murder has led to the false assertion of genocide, an assertion without any supporting evidence. 

“By never pointing out that it is only a matter of speculation or potentiality, and that no remains have yet been found, governments and the media are simply granting credence to what is really a thesis: the thesis of the ‘disappearance’ of children from residential schools,” Rouillard wrote.  

“From an allegation of ‘cultural genocide’ endorsed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) we have moved to ‘physical genocide,’ a conclusion that the Commission explicitly rejects in its report. And all of this is based only on soil abnormalities that could easily be caused by root movements, as the anthropologist herself cautioned in the July 15 press conference.”  

Trudeau’s lies have led to anti-Catholic bigotry 

The Catholic Church in Canada managed many of the Residential Schools, although not all. There were undoubtedly instances of abuse of children there by teachers and other staff members which have been documented, and they were all inexcusable.  

Sadly, abuse is not unheard of in boarding school settings of all denominations, even when the establishments are otherwise overwhelmingly positive. Even today, teachers commit abuse at public schools. 

It is one thing to call out individual cases of abuse, but it is quite another to allege that Catholic nuns and teachers systematically erased the memory of Indigenous children by discarding them like executed Jews during the Holocaust. 

Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt commented on this on February 1, calling out what he viewed as the use of a false narrative by leftist politicians and media in order to smear the Catholic Church for crimes she did not commit. 

“Last year the ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corporation] reported shocking claims that the remains of 215 children had been found at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in Canada,” Bolt said. 

“Not a single one of those 215 bodies has actually been found, not one.” 

Bolt added: “This whole story started when an activist anthropology lecturer announced she used ground-penetrating radar to find evidence of a mass grave.” 

“But the results weren’t certain, she said. The bodies need to be dug up. The media didn’t wait, of course, to treat speculation as fact.” 

“Does the prime minister want to apologize for promoting what may in fact be a hoax and a smear of the Catholic Church?” 

To this date, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not apologized, even after his rhetoric helped spark a fiery hatred for Catholics and the Catholic Church that spread across Canada.  

Rouillard ended his report by saying: “On the road to reconciliation, isn’t the best way to seek and tell the whole truth rather than deliberately create sensational myths?” 

It seems that Trudeau does not want the truth to come out, which is why he lies to the public for political gain. He lied about the Residential Schools then, and he is lying  now about the truckers because they do not fit his narrative. 

Maybe Trudeau simply wants to destroy the country. 


Kennedy Hall is an Ontario based journalist for LifeSiteNews. He is married with children and has a deep love for literature and political philosophy. He is the author of Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity, a non-fiction released by TAN books, and Lockdown with the Devil, a fiction released by Our Lady of Victory Press. He writes frequently for Crisis Magazine, Catholic Family News, and is on the editorial board at OnePeterFive.