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October 30, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — On October 28, the Trudeau Liberals succeeded in passing 2nd reading of Bill C-6 by vote of 308 to 7. Sadly, many Conservatives joined with the Liberals to vote in a politically correct manner so as to avoid being called “homophobic.”

We thank the seven M.P.s who voted with honor and integrity against criminalizing parents who may want to obtain body-affirming counseling for their gender-confused children:

  1. M.P. Derek Sloan (Hastings-Lennox and Addington, ON)
  2. M.P. Arnold Viersen (Peace River—Westlock, AB)
  3. M.P. Bob Zimmer (Prince George—Peace River—Northern Rockies, BC)
  4. M.P. Jeremy Patzer (Cypress Hills—Grasslands, SK)
  5. M.P. Ted Falk (Provencher, MB)
  6. M.P. Tom Kmiec (Calgary Shepard, AB)
  7. M.P. Damien Kurek (Battle River—Crowfoot, AB)

Only these Conservative M.P.s had the courage and integrity to stand against the Liberal agenda to jail parents for up to five years, as well as pastors, priests, and professional therapists who agree to help sexually confused or same-sex attracted persons who voluntarily ask for help to live according to their faith.

Please thank these seven lawmakers by clicking on their name above to send each of them a thank you note for taking a stand against Justin Trudeau’s parental prosecution bill. They will undoubtedly be flooded with hate mail from LGBT activists across the country.

Hope is not lost. The fight has just begun.

We have a plan to educate the M.P.s who voted badly, about the fact that what is being falsely labeled as “conversion therapy” has actually been extremely helpful in improving the lives of people with unwanted gender confusion or same-sex attraction. These counseling supports have even saved lives.

We’ve just launched a brand new website called There, we have collected video testimonies of ex-gays and ex-trans who testify that spiritual guidance or clinical therapy saved them from despair, depression, and even suicide. debunks the myth that so-called conversion therapy is “degrading” and a form of “torture,” as leftists (and even some Conservative M.P.s) like to claim.

We provide straightforward talking points to use with members of Parliament and their staff to help them understand why Bill C-6 would harm the people it claims to help, including people who no longer want to identify as LGBT.

At, we provide evidence from scientific, peer-reviewed literature proving that sexual orientation change is possible for some people, and that many who chose to identify as transgender, and even to pursue chemical/surgical transition, eventually want to de-transition. We make it clear that counseling supports, both psychological and spiritual, must be available for them.

And there are many more resources at, including an Action Alert Email campaign to federal M.P.s that allows you to send a pre-written email or tweet or make a phone call to your local M.P. within just two minutes. (Tip: The easiest option is to send an email, but please go back to the Action Alert Email campaign and place a phone call, too.)

Expose the lie that claims that conversion therapy is “torture” and “discredited”

We know that the media-driven narrative of people being forcibly confined and electroshocked against their will to cure homosexuality is a lie. This doesn’t happen at all, anywhere in Canada, and has not happened for nearly half a century. It’s a fake, straw-man argument against “conversion therapy.” 

In fact, forcibly confining someone and electroshocking him is already illegal. No new law is required to stop this fictitious horror. The Liberals know this, too.

Making Christianity illegal in Canada

What’s more, we know from the LGBT activists themselves that the real goal of this legislation is to criminalize all public expression of biblical teaching on homosexuality and transgenderism.

Justin Trudeau cannot openly criminalize Christian doctrinal teaching on sexuality, as he would like to do, because there are strong constitutional protections for religious freedom.

So he’s doing it indirectly instead, by classifying attempts to “change a person’s sexual orientation … or gender identity” and to “repress or reduce non-heterosexual attraction or sexual behavior” as “harmful” and therefore criminal.

Bill C-6 incites professionals to aid in the “conversion” of gender-confused individuals to the opposite sex using pharmaceutical and surgical transition but makes it illegal to help homosexuals “convert” from an LGBT lifestyle to one that honors God and forges a new identity in Jesus Christ.

Do not give up on fighting Bill C-6. I ask you, instead, to renew your commitment to defeating this evil bill. 

Please go to now.  Study the amazing content, most especially the video testimonies, and then share it with everybody you know.

Let’s work hard to defeat Bill C-6 on 3rd reading by building an army of resistance across the nation.