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Trump blasts critics, takes on establishment in awesome interview

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June 18, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Donald Trump keeps defying the established practices of what a president is supposed to do or not do. On Friday, after returning from the G7 meeting and his summit with Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore, he conducted a totally impromptu, unprecedented one-half-hour interview with Fox and friends on the White House lawn. 

The interview did not touch on any of the issues that LifeSite usually covers, but it provided fascinating responses to many criticisms of the pro-life, religious freedom defending president from his numerous enemies on the left. For that reason it is well worth watching the entire interview in order to give the president a fair chance to give his side on these criticisms that are well known to be targeted to take down his presidency no matter how much good he has done.

Give it a watch. I am sure most of you will find the interview entertaining and enlightening - except if you are a conservative never-Trumper. This president is better on his feet taking unprepared questions and answers than any past president I have ever known - no notes, no advisors and no teleprompters.

Whether he is asked about abortion, religious freedom, climate change, globalism or also any of the several different questions asked during this interview, one cannot fail to be impressed by how well Donald Trump has grown into his role. Fascinating.

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