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Trump v. Biden: One honors Virgin Mary with song, other fawns over sexually explicit rapper Cardi B

Trump turned to classical ‘Ave Maria’ for inspiration while accepting his party's nomination. Biden tried to gain popularity among young voters by interviewing sexually explicit rapper Cardi B.
Tue Sep 1, 2020 - 6:35 pm EST
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September 1, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Music tells a large part of the story when it comes to understanding the difference between President Donald Trump and Democrat presidential contender Joe Biden and what they and their political parties stand for. 

Trump’s official announcement accepting the Republican Party’s nomination to run for reelection was immediately followed by a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria ––Hail Mary–– sung in Latin, honoring the Blessed Virgin Mother.   

A week before that unprecedented Catholic moment at the White House, Elle Magazine published Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s interview with Cardi B, a rapper famous for extreme obscene lyrics in the music she peddles to young minds.  

Cardi B is a former stripper whose song, Wet A** Pu**y (WAP), is about a woman who prostitutes herself to earn money.  Moreover, it’s a lesson in hypersexualization for impressionable teen girls, grooming them to see themselves as nothing more than sex objects, and in the most base, demeaning, and vile terms. 

“The 77 year-old Democrat is happy associating with a rapper who revels in women being whores,” noted conservative radio show host Wayne Dupree of Biden.  

“Not only Biden, but the Democratic Party and progressives have embraced this vile woman,” continued Dupree.  “Not a real surprise, for they have also embraced the BLM thugs, the Antifa anarchists, and anyone who hates America.” 

Compare Ave Maria to Cardi B’s current hit, Wet A** Pu**y: One is about a woman full of grace, the other about a woman full of sin. There are more souls in hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason, Our Lady of Fatima told the Portuguese children more than a century ago. 

Tucker Carlson called the song, “Garbage.”  

“It's aimed at young American girls,” said Carlson. “People are getting rich pushing that crap on the country and they should be ashamed of themselves, but they’re not ashamed of themselves.”

“Joe Biden just did an interview with Cardi B,” continued the Fox News host.  Biden “doesn’t do a lot of interviews,” but “he just did one with her.  He sucked up to her and called himself ‘Joey B.’”

“This is not James Brown being sexually suggestive on stage.  Go online right now and look up the lyrics to this song,” urged Carlson. “Ask yourself: ‘If you were Joe Biden, would you suck up to the person who sang it?’” 

Biden referred to Cardi B in “glowing terms,” wrote National Review’s Robert Cherry, “How can he justify embracing her?”

And yet he has embraced her, and in so doing, embraced her loud message to American girls to see themselves as nothing more than whores, willfully engaging in rough, dehumanizing, loveless sex.

In contrast, President Trump, with his family gathered around him, kicked off his reelection campaign with a song honoring the Virgin Mary. 

“By all means let's invoke the help of Jesus' mother in protecting our nation & our descendants from those who consider abortion ‘sacred’ and our physical, sexual natures as the tools of fetishists, quack doctors, and pornographers,” said conservative Catholic commentator John Zmirak in a Tweet about the White House event. 

“The stakes could not be clearer this election,” he declared.

In June, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited Washington, DC’s Saint John Paul II Shrine and took a moment to kneel and pray.

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