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Help a brave therapist being attacked by Southern Poverty Law Center: LifeFunder

(LifeSiteNews) – Conservatives are rightly outraged by Fox News Channel’s recent decision to produce a “Pride Month” segment glorifying the case of a California family that chose to “transition” their daughter into living as a boy starting at age five.

The case, which asks us to believe Ryland Whittington “managed to tell his parents that he is a boy” before the poor child “could even speak,” is almost too preposterous to believe could have made it to air at an ostensibly “conservative” news network without raising red flags in the eyes of anyone with a journalistic bone in their body. That such leftist propaganda would come from a network that built its success expressly on the promise of being an alternative to such propaganda adds insult to injury.

So it’s only natural that an array of conservative public figures are speaking out against the segment. Unfortunately, most are not focusing their commentary where it has the most potential to make a difference.

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Forget about trying to shame Fox’s corporate leadership into changing; after all, these are the people who gushed over Chris Wallace’s “professionalism, skill and fortitude” after Wallace made a mockery of Fox’s “fair and balanced” tagline in 2020’s first Trump-Biden debate. Nor are The First or Newsmax anywhere near posing a serious challenge to Fox.

What would make Fox think twice? The possibility of losing their biggest personalities, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. Fox pays both of them tens of millions of dollars a year because they draw massive audiences. Fox needs them vastly more than either of them needs Fox – for decades Hannity has hosted one of the most successful radio shows in America, and Carlson could replicate that success almost overnight, especially with the still-unfilled void left by Rush Limbaugh’s passing.

If either host decided to start tossing their weight around, Fox would have a serious problem on its hands. Would it really want to sacrifice its biggest names just to appeal to people who are already more at home with CNN or MSNBC?

But so far, Carlson and Hannity seem no more interested in rocking the boat than they’ve been for any number of past Fox scandals, which typically got at most a passing swipe from Carlson. 

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That’s where the rest of us come in: lobbying Fox’s most powerful, most conservative voices to take a stand for conservative principles and basic sanity over child abuse and leftist extremism. Email them personally. Reach out on social media. Sign and deliver petitions. Call them by name in videos and articles. Use every avenue available to push them to do the right thing, both publicly and privately.

By all means, continue letting Fox News as a whole how you feel. Change the channel and let them know why. Register pro forma disapproval with the reporters, producers, and managers who were directly responsible for the segment, and with the executives at the top of the accountability chain. But our best chance at results lies with directing the bulk of our feedback to the Fox giants who present themselves as champions of our values, and giving them a chance to prove it.

Help a brave therapist being attacked by Southern Poverty Law Center: LifeFunder
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