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Attorney General Suella Braverman arrives on Downing Street as Prime Minister Boris Johnson convened his cabinet before announcing his plan for "living with Covid" on February 21, 2022 in London, England. Leon Neal/Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — As a growing number of institutions shift to gender-neutral bathrooms to comply with the diktats of gender ideology, the U.K.’s attorney general Suella Braverman has announced that schools which only offer unisex bathrooms are breaking the law.

Braverman is the U.K. government’s chief legal advisor, and she is speaking out against schools transitioning away from sex-segregated bathroom facilities. Writing for the Telegraph, Braverman stated that: “There is also a separate duty to provide single-sex toilets in schools, breach of which would be unlawful. The legislative background therefore means that biological male children are generally not permitted to use the female toilets in schools.”

After years of chaos and confusion, Braverman presented the U.K. government’s advice for schools on dealing with the thorny transgender issue in a speech for the think tank Policy Exchange. Trans activists are going to be enraged by many of the government’s conclusions. Braverman stated that schools can “refuse to allow a biologically and legally male child, who identifies as transgender, from using girls’ toilets.”

This contradicts the current practice of allowing trans-identified students to use whichever facility they choose, whenever they choose.

But far more significant than that is Braverman’s open attack on the now standard practice of schools assisting students in “transitioning” without their parents’ knowledge, which she referred to as “transitioning children behind their parents’ backs,” and stated that teachers should not refer to children by new, “preferred pronouns” unless specifically advised to by a medical professional. Those who “socially transition” without the knowledge and consent of their parents, she stated, may be in breach of their “duty of care” and could face lawsuits.

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Send prayers for Archie and his parents after 12-year-old's life is ended
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UPDATE (8/6/22): We are heartbroken to tell you that Archie's life-support was switched off on Saturday 6 August.

We ask you to add your name to the prayerful message we are sending Archie's parents, Hollie and Paul, who are suffering the most devastating time of their lives. 

Both the European Court of Human Rights and a UK High Court turned down respective applications by Archie's parents to halt the withdrawal of life-support and allow them to transfer their son to hospice care.

This cruel betrayal by the legal and medical establishment, who even denied Archie the right to travel abroad where treatment was being offered to him, represents another blow to the notion that human rights and parents' wishes really matter.

We can only hold Archie and the entire family in our prayers now.

Thank you for your support.

May God have mercy on them all.


Archie Battersbee (12) is on life-support in a UK hospital following a tragic accident, but doctors now want to end his treatment despite his distraught parents begging medics to let God decide when he dies.

Archie's heartbroken mother has submitted an application to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that prevented the hospital turning off her son's life-support earlier today. 

SIGN this urgent petition in support of Archie and his family - tell the ECHR to Let Archie Live.

Lawyers for the hospital last night told Archie's family that he cannot be moved to a hospice, and that if an application to the ECHR was not received by 9am on 3 August, life support would be withdrawn at 11am.

Thankfully the family's lawyers submitted the ECHR application, or Archie would now be dead.

Archie’s mother Hollie Dance said: “We are very relieved (that Archie's machine was not turned off), we are having to battle every decision with the hospital. We now hope and pray that the ECHR will look favorably on the application."

"We will not give up on Archie until the end. Heartbreakingly, the hospital Trust have told us that we cannot move Archie to a hospice....This is cruel and we are absolutely appalled,” she added.

The family are also receiving offers from doctors abroad to treat Archie, but they are not allowed to transfer their son from the hospital.

On Tuesday government lawyers also convinced the UK's Supreme Court to dismiss the interim measures injunction issued by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD), which said Archie’s treatment should not be removed.

Archie's life is on the line - he needs us to raise the alarm throughout the world today.

SIGN AND SHARE this urgent petition today.

It is unspeakably cruel to drag Archie's mother through the courts when her son is in such a devastating condition - she should be allowed to spend this precious time with him, not having to fight tooth and nail to prevent doctors from withdrawing treatment.

While Archie's doctors claim he is "brain-stem dead", not one medic would testify before the courts that this is definitely the case. 

In fact, Archie's parents have footage of their son gripping their fingers, contrary to the doctors' claim he is "brain-stem dead".

Instead, Archie's mom is insisting that God should decide when her son passes, not doctors, lawyers, judges and politicians. 

Archie's dad, Paul Battersbee, fell ill outside the Court of Appeals on 25 July as he awaited a ruling that upheld the hospital's right to withdraw life-support treatment. 

Such is the stress, anxiety and pain that is being inflicted on these poor parents.

Please stand with this sorrowful mother and father today as they fight for their beloved son. 

Sign The Petition: Let Archie Live.

And please say a prayer for Archie and his family - this was the scene before lawyers managed to submit the ECHR application:


UK Supreme Court refuses more time for Archie's parents to appeal to UN court - LifeSiteNews

"We will not give up on Archie" - UK mother vows to fight court order - LifeSiteNews

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“Many schools and teachers believe—incorrectly—that they are under an absolute legal obligation to treat children who are gender questioning according to the preference of the child,” Braverman stated.

I want to make it clear that it is possible, within the law, for schools to refuse to use the preferred opposite-sex pronouns of a child. When it comes to gender-questioning children, we should always have compassion. At the same time, our compassion should never blind us to the harm it is possible to do to children by misplaced affirmation.

For too long, Braverman continued, the important debate over the implications of gender ideology has been silenced. “True diversity and equality are at risk when we divide everyone into separate groups and then silence views which may challenge those group identities. This is not what democracy is about and it is not what the law requires.”

This may simply seem like common sense, but Braverman’s statements here are a complete repudiation of current practices as delineated and called for by transgender activists. Trans activists have been extraordinarily successful in persuading educators to adopt an affirmative stance to any hint of gender confusion as well as convincing schools that socially transitioning students without the knowledge of their parents is essential to student safety.

For the attorney general of the United Kingdom to not only push back against this implicit smearing of parents but to actually warn educators that their actions may well be illegal and could open them to lawsuits is going to have a huge impact.

This announcement will be sure to result in a vicious backlash. Trans activists in the U.K. have faced a series of losses recently, from Maya Forstater’s free speech victory in court to the shuttering of the Tavistock Clinic. To get pushed back within the very institutions they have been utilizing to effect widespread indoctrination is going to unleash their fury like little we’ve seen so far. Braverman, of course, must surely know this—and that makes her statements even more encouraging.

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