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UK woman demands gov’t identify her as a ‘father’ on baby’s medical documents

The trans activist who gave birth and wants to be called a man is featured in a new documentary funded by UK taxpayers.
Mon Sep 9, 2019 - 5:07 pm EST
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September 9, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – If one transgender activist has her way, the United Kingdom will soon be recognizing some biological women—who bore their own children—as “fathers.” According to the Metro UK earlier this week, trans activist Freddy McConnell “has appealed to be recognised as his child’s father after legal medical documents [indicate] that he can only be registered [as the child’s] mother.” The reason for this fact, which the media is presenting as a grave injustice, is that Freddy is, in fact, a biological female identifying as male. She “used a sperm donor” to become pregnant two years ago, and this journey was glowingly covered by the BBC in their new documentary Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth. Seahorses, of course, are one of the few species where the males carry the young.

Considering the fact that the taxpayer-funded state broadcaster has already produced what amounts to an extended advert for McConnell’s legal challenge, the BBC has provided an obvious opportunity for Freddy, and it is one that the trans activist intends to take advantage of. McConnell is already hitting the interview circuit, sporting a close-clipped haircut and a well-trimmed mustache and goatee. 

“Someone in my position at the moment as it stands would be registered as the mother,” she stated to one pair of sympathetic interviewers. “There are actually lots of ways in which the laws actually hasn’t [sic] kept up with society and different kinds of families and the ways families are being created now.”

It is not enough for McConnell that the media obediently calls her a “him,” or that an entire documentary was created at the taxpayer’s expense based on the premise that a man gave birth, accepting the idea that someone can, in fact, switch genders. Scientifically speaking, McConnell is a woman, and no amount of external surgery will change the fact that her DNA is female through and through (and even surgery can only roughly approximate a male body). McConnell has every right to claim to be whatever she wishes—but of course, what she actually wants is for the government to legally recognize her as a male. Once this is done, anybody who says otherwise can be persecuted or even prosecuted as discriminatory (and the United Kingdom has already begun down this path).

This is not about people who identify as LGBT being permitted to live as they wish, regardless of the confusion they inflict upon children in the process. This is about demanding that society at large affirm their views in law, regardless of what their views are actually based on. “There’s lots of struggles for lots of LGBTQ+ families and parents and it does need to change, and it’s a struggle,” McConnell told the hosts of This Morning. The documentary, McConnell hopes, will begin to break down barriers and highlight the errant claim that men can give birth: “If there was a way that someone like me could go through this experience, and be gendered correctly on forms and by midwives, and I was lucky because I generally was. Or if I could just attend ante-natal classes and pregnancy yoga and just know that I’d be totally welcomed and safe.”

Despite the fact that McConnell is quite obviously asking that civilization’s fundamental understanding of sex and be gendered to accommodate her belief that she is a man who gave birth, she was coy about it during her interview: “Again, not to totally change something to accommodate someone like me, but just to make a little bit of extra space—then it would’ve been so much easier psychologically [to be pregnant.]” Apparently allowing a biological female to register on legal documents as a biological male, thus confirming that according to the state, men can give birth—this is just a “little bit of extra space.” And if that concession is just “a little bit of extra space,” then we can only imagine what is coming down the road. 

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