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(LifeSiteNews) – Yesterday was another day when the huge importance of LifeSiteNews was revealed in the extraordinary articles we present that you will not find in almost all other media, or not presented as we present them.

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The top story of the day is by Emily Mangiaracina exposing the evil plans behind the U.N. Pandemic Declaration calling for global “vaccine” access and digital “health.” This is an incredibly dangerous scheme to force these dangerous “vaccines” on the entire world population though a global medical tyranny. What is needed now more than ever is for one or more nations, preferably many, to strongly oppose this declaration. Please read this article carefully. If any of you have influence on the leaders of any governments in the world, you must act on this now or pass this article on to those who may have such influence. It is that crucial. Please take this seriously.

A number of other LifeSite articles yesterday can be seen to be related to the above development. The articles on LGBT issues are also part of the global U.N. Agenda 2030 scheme that has a high priority on advancing “diversity and inclusion” or, in other words, expanding acceptance and promotion of sexual perversions versus natural marriage and procreation of children. The articles on Donald Trump’s now disturbingly much lower emphasis on stopping abortion is related to the same agenda that is also a depopulation agenda.

The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset greatly emphasizes the necessity to advance sterile sexual lifestyles, increase abortion, use vaccines to increase sterility and cause more death, and anything else to depopulate the world. They are determined to “save” the planet from too many humans who are allegedly the cause of “climate change,” formerly known as global cooling and then global warming. Far fewer humans will make it much easier for them to fully control every remaining person via their planned global digital social credit system.

Pope Francis has been transforming the institutional Catholic Church into an agent of the New World Order. That has become all too obvious. Father Gerald Murray is thankfully well aware of and not afraid to speak out about the great damage Pope Francis is doing to the Church. The Diocese of Cleveland is not going along with the madness and of course, the great Bishop Joseph Strickland continues to speak out against the corruption in the Church and preach the true gospel. Bishop Athanasius Schneider warns the world about the upcoming Synod on Synodality.

We must be thankful for people such as Jordan Peterson for constantly telling the unwelcome truth about LGBT radicals and now emphasizing that they are trying to destroy Catholicism. Bravo for Peterson! And we must thank God for the great pro-life hero Joan Andrews Bell, who acts against the evil of abortion as few others do. This woman is a saint of the type the world needs much more of.

All of the above stories are linked to each other. That “Big Picture” perspective is something that we constantly try to educate our readers about.

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