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Under hail of criticism CBS relents, adds some photos of pro-lifers to March for Life album

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Thu Jan 26, 2012 - 7:46 pm EST

Remember how I told you yesterday that CBS had taken the cake for the most biased mainstream media outlet in history when it came to reporting on the March for Life?

I told you how CBS had uploaded a photo album with the title “Activists Hold Annual March For Life On Roe v. Wade Anniversary” – and then failed to include ANY photos of pro-life activists or the March for Life, instead posting five photos of a miniscule group of pro-abortion counter protesters.

Well, guess what? CBS got completely snowed under with negative comments. Tons of them. And now – surprise! – CBS has discovered that, oh, there were a whole pile of pro-life activists at the March for Life, and they DO have photos of them after all! (Somehow they must have just…”missed”…them.)

CBS’s photo album now includes at least a few great crowd shots of the March for Life, as well as some lovely pictures of young, happy, and exuberant pro-lifers. Of course, CBS still gives equal billing to the tiny group of pro-abort counter protesters…but hey…it’s a pretty major improvement.


So congratulations to all the pro-life activists out there who expressed their outrage and held the mainstream media accountable!

Let’s take the media back!

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