How would you like to stay at a hotel where in the room next door an aborting mother was delivering her dead baby into the toilet, and where the abortionist came to complete the abortion and wrap and remove the dead baby?


Worse, how would you like to stay in a hotel room where a late-term abortion was committed the night before? Where a mother delivered her dead baby on your toilet, in your bathroom, with all the blood and body secretions that come with it? Where the abortionist had the mother lie on your bed to finish it? Do you trust a hotel to sanitize a room as a hospital would?

If you have stayed at the Plaza Inn in Albuquerque, New Mexico, both scenarios are possible.

According to a new undercover video released by Live Action, Albuquerque’s Southwestern Women’s Options late-term abortion clinic has a cooperative agreement with Plaza Inn to provide a discounted rate to aborting mothers as well as chauffeur service to and from the airport and to and from their appointments, which can stretch as long as a week.

Pick-ups from the airport are necessary “because people come from all over the country and all over the world to our clinic,” explained SWWO abortionist Carmen Landau to Live Action’s undercover investigator, “because in most places you cannot get an abortion after 24 weeks, so we see a lot of people who are pretty late in their pregnancy.”

This is because, according to Landau, “New Mexico has, uh, laws… they don’t have a lot of restrictions.”


Actually, New Mexico has no abortion restrictions, making it the “Wild West of abortion.”

And if Southwestern Women’s Options will abort all the way through pregnancy, this makes Albuquerque the capital of the Wild West of abortion.

But tomorrow Albuquerque citizens can change all that if they pass an initiative that would ban abortions in their city past the point babies are known to feel pain, 20 weeks.

It is bad enough that late-term clinics like Southwestern Women’s Options can and do commit abortions as far into a pregnancy as it wants, but seriously, how safe is it for a mother to deliver her dead baby seven, eight, and nine months into her pregnancy alone in a hotel room bathroom? How sanitary is it for the rest of us to use that same bathroom afterward?

The hotel doesn’t think it’s so safe. When asked by Live Action’s undercover investigator what to do if going into labor when the clinic isn’t open, the operator responded, “I think you wind up going to the hospital.”

Clinic staff recommended otherwise (beginning at 1:57 on the video)…



gerri_santoroReally? This is disgusting. And where are the feminists?

In an effort to get abortion legalized, Ms. Magazine published a photo (against the family’s wishes) in 1973 of Gerri Santoro, who died alone in a hotel room in 1964 after an illegal abortion when she was 6-1/2 months pregnant.

The abortion industry has come full circle. Pro-lifers have always said back alley abortions never stopped – the shingle was just moved to main street. This is just that much more evidence.

But Albuquerque citizens can stop this madness in their community by voting YES tomorrow for a 20-week abortion ban.

Reprinted with permission from Jill Stanek