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LifeSite has launched a LifeFunder campaign to help this group of current and former United Airlines employees with mounting legal expenses. Please prayerfully consider helping them fight on behalf of religious liberty for all Americans at This is the first in a series of articles and podcasts examining this important case. 

(LifeSiteNews) — In what promises to be a landmark legal case with broad implications for the entire nation, a group of United Airlines (UAL) employees — terminated, laid off, or otherwise living in limbo after being denied religious exemptions from their company’s COVID-19 “vaccine” mandate — has filed a lawsuit claiming that the airline colluded with the U.S. government, acting as its puppet to force employees to receive a dangerous experimental drug that is not actually a vaccine, but a form of “gene therapy.”   

Their case asserts that when the Biden administration’s unconscionable goal of requiring every working person across the land to submit to the COVID-19 jab was stymied by Congress and the courts, the administration found a willing accomplice in the private sector to carry out its totalitarian intent.    

Thirty brave men and women have joined together in this legal complaint to let UAL know that there is a high price to pay for willfully deceiving, coercing, harassing, and inflicting grave physical harm on Americans by enforcing an unfounded, unjustifiable, dangerous medical mandate. 

At the same time, they are the proverbial “canary in the coal mine.” Their employer’s unrestrained, nightmarish treatment in response to their sincere attempt to follow their consciences and remain true to their religious beliefs is a warning to all Americans that the woke religion of our increasingly Marxist government demands unswerving fealty.   

The high-profile attorney representing them, John M. Pierce, is also currently representing Carter Page regarding FISA abuse and Laura Loomer in her RICO suit against Big Tech Giants and is legal counsel for more than 20 of the January 6 defendants.  All of these cases are not only hugely consequential to U.S. conservatives, their outcomes will play a role in determining if America will remain true to her founding or drift further toward an inhuman Marxist existence. 

Their case 321 points spanning 64 pages naming UAL, its executives, and UAL board members as defendants, was filed on January 19 in Cook County, Illinois, where United Airlines is headquartered.   

This case has, so to speak, flown beneath the radar, garnering little attention … until now. 

‘It’s the jab or your job’ 

As stated clearly at the outset of their complaint, UAL’s behavior “flies in the face of one of our country’s founding freedoms; the freedom of religion.” 

“This case is actually not so much about United Airlines. It incorporates freedoms and liberty for all employees in America,” former UAL pilot Tom Floyd told LifeSiteNews.  

“If we don’t stand up and stop this, they will do it again,” he explained, referring to the unholy alliance between UAL and the Biden administration forged at the outset of the pandemic.    

While other airlines pressured their cockpit and cabin crews, ground crews and others to submit to the COVID-19 “vaccine,” they stopped short of mandating it as requisite to remain employed. United Airlines (UAL) was different. According to pilot Tom Anderson, UAL made it clear to its thousands of employees: “It’s the jab or your job.” 

“If we win, if we prevail, it will set a precedent so that no other employer could ever, ever do this to their employees again,” said Floyd.  

Religious persecution at UAL violated the Bill of Rights 

“Our point is that United Airlines violated the law,” said pilot James Zietlow. “They broke the law with regard to Title VII and religious exemptions, religious accommodations.”   

“They exerted excessive force. They tried to coerce us, they tried to make our lives miserable and uncomfortable to take the shot or they’ll fire us,” continued Zietlow. “They allowed and actually fostered a toxic working environment at the company where people would be angry at others who chose to be unvaccinated.” 

After requesting religious exemptions from taking the “vaccine,” UAL behaved unethically if not ruthlessly by calling into question the sincerity of the religious faith of their employees.   

“United tried to force us to validate our religious convictions,” recounted Zietlow. “United  basically said, ‘We think you’re lying. Prove it. Get us a letter from your pastor. We don’t think you’re really religious.”  

In the end, “United said, ‘Okay, we agree, you’ve proven to us that you’re religious,’” but “’You’re fired. You can’t work here anymore. We’re not going to pay you. We’re taking all of your health benefits away during a pandemic,’” he explained, calling attention to the harshness of UAL’s treatment of its religious employees.  

The unvaccinated were forced to wear masks, referred to in the legal complaint as a “political symbol,” a clear reference to the gold star that Jews were forced to display on their clothing during the Nazi regime. This made unvaccinated UAL employees targets of ridicule and disdain, even subjecting some to physical attacks by their “vaccinated” colleagues.  They became pariahs within the organization. 

Floyd described the toxic environment in the cockpit, “flying a $130 million machine at 600 miles an hour,” while “constantly being chastised by the guy or the girl sitting next to you about your personal religious convictions or your personal moral convictions.” 

United forced employees not to take a vaccine, but to undergo experimental ‘gene therapy’ 

The case asserts that the term “vaccine” is a misnomer regarding the medical products developed by Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson to deal with the  COVID-19 pandemic: “All three COVID-19 vaccines utilize never-before tested on humans technology which constitutes ‘gene therapy.’” 

The outcome of this trial may have an enormous impact on how Big Pharma in the future markets its products, and how the government egregiously uses incorrect terminology to force its will on citizens. 

The case also alleges that UAL is in violation of the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) which prohibits discrimination based on genetic information.   

GINA forbids employers from limiting, segregating, or classifying employees in any way that would deprive or tend to deprive any employee of opportunities within the company or otherwise adversely affect the status of the employee because of genetic information.  Yet this is precisely what UAL did to its non-“vaccinated” employees. 

The complaint reveals a deep concern for the dignity of the human body as created by God, a concern that UAL and the U.S. government has not shared.  

A remarkable section of the complaint states: 

Plaintiffs contend that the introduction of mRNA into their body, or gene therapy, which contains a body-foreign biological/medical substance that delivers metaphorical instructions that alter cell behavior and design, is incongruent with their deeply held religious beliefs that their body is a temple and that their Creator planned their existence and biological design before birth. Further, the introduction of gene therapy medical products cause a fundamental change in the genetic design that their Creator imparted within them.

Gene therapy which changes one’s DNA is “violative of my Christian religion,” noted pilot Floyd. “I believe God created me the way he wanted and he didn’t need any help from me, or Pfizer, or Moderna. This is hubris to go in and say, ‘I think [God] got it wrong.” 

Snaring pilots in a horrible catch-22 

Commercial pilots are legally prohibited from taking experimental medicines and face losing their medical certification for taking anything other than FAA-approved drugs.

If a pilot takes an unapproved medical product, flight surgeons must take administrative measures to revoke or deny issuance of the pilot’s flight physical certificate until the FAA rules on the safety of that product. Yet UAL encouraged, coerced and even paid pilots to violate this federal law.  

Pilots were trapped in a horrific catch-22, with their careers hanging in the balance. Those who accepted the COVID-19 jab under duress were not only strong-armed into violating their religious beliefs, they were forced to choose between abiding by FAA safety rules or breaching those rules, putting their health and the safety of their passengers at risk.   

Those who willfully broke FAA rules were rewarded by UAL, while those who refused to break the law were punished and discriminated against.   

One former UAL pilot pointed out that at the outbreak of the COVID-19 lockdowns which crippled the airline industry along with almost every other business other than Big Pharma, the United States government invested heavily in UAL.  

“It was literally a coup or a hostile takeover of United Airlines by our government,” said Floyd, accomplished “with taxpayer dollars.”  

Among the men and women who have come together to file this extraordinary legal action against UAL’s tyrannical, government-sanctioned treatment of its religious employees are military veterans who have previously put their lives on the line to protect religious freedom:  

  • Pilot Jim Zietlow is a USAF Academy graduate who went on to serve for 23 years in the Air Force, including stints at NORAD, the Pentagon, and Capitol Hill. In 2007, he led the development of the DOD’s global pandemic influenza plan.  
  • Pilot Tom Floyd served six years in the U.S. Army, then transferred to the Air Force, flying F-16s, then served in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq in Command and Control. 
  • Pilot James Breitsprecher served as a United States Navy SEAL for 9 years. At the time of his termination choosing not to submit to COVID-19, he worked as a 777 First Officer with 22 years of experience at UAL.

They are joined by 27 equally brave men and women. 

Support this group fighting on behalf of religious liberty for all Americans at 

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