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(LifeSiteNews) — Over the last decade, Christian conservatives have watched in horror and disbelief as novel ideas, once embraced only by those on the fringes of society, have quickly, seemingly inexplicably, captured “mainstream” western minds, leading to a rapid degradation and deformation of a now increasingly unrecognizable Western culture. 

The odd notion of same-sex “marriage,” established as law across the nation in 2015, threw open the door to the even odder notion of transgenderism. Both ignore and trample over observable, immutable truths about the complementarity of the sexes, untethering the meanings of man and woman, father and mother, husband and wife, son and daughter, boy and girl, from nature, from science, and from the wisdom of virtually every secular society and religious tradition around the world for millennia. And it feels like it has happened overnight, as if a plague of willful ignorance – or worse, sheer madness – has swept over the globe between dusk and dawn. 

But the process through which this insanity came to infect vast swathes of the populace is not inexplicable. It’s the result of cruel corporate calculations, and at the root of it all is money. 

And it’s about to get worse: transgenderism is a sinister means to an even more sinister end. 

The ultimate goal of the powerful forces normalizing transgenderism is to remake humanity, creating an alternative, self-defined existence. Transgenderism is the on-ramp to transhumanism. 

Corporations want to transfer human reproduction to the tech sector 

In a recently published video interview, investigative journalist Jennifer Bilek demystified the ascendancy of the cult of transgenderism. It’s actually pretty simple. 

“The corporate state is running away with human sexual reproduction and transferring it to the tech sector,” explained Bilek, a self-proclaimed feminist who has warned repeatedly that “women are being erased in language and law. It’s like we don’t exist.”  

“When you follow the money like I do, you find the answers,” said Bilek. “It’s all going to the Tech sector. They want to take over human reproduction with technology.”   

By taking away the means of human reproduction from young people and handing it over to Big Tech, huge corporate entities stand to reap billions of dollars annually. The fact is that they see the sterilization of children, teens, and young adults through body and soul-altering medical, hormonal, and social transitioning as a good thing. It’s all about future profits and population control. 

“If you sterilize a whole generation of children, they’re going to need reproductive services, right?” asked Bilek. “If you convince a whole generation of children that they can choose their sex, they’re not going to know where they come from. They’re not going to know who or what they are.”

When these children grow up, they are not going to get married. They are not going to settle down, have children of their own, and raise a family because their bodies will be incapable of engaging in the reproductive act, and their will toward conjugality will have been snuffed out. 

When a man and woman come together, they create a single life-producing organism. Our elites want to shatter that capability so that they can control the means of reproduction and reap profits from this burgeoning industry. 

Opposition or even questioning the validity of the “kids and adults can choose their gender and remake their bodies” lie has risen to the level of criminality because massive corporate players, working in conjunction with Big Government and assorted NGOs, want to protect their future revenue streams.  

Bilek explained:

This is totally a top-down arrangement of power. And it comes from the highest echelons of society… There are no grassroots activists here. These are all uber-businessmen. So you have a profiteering motive. Absolutely. Drugs. Surgeries. Surgery equipment. Not just the hormones and the puberty blockers, but you have the antibiotics, you have the anti-rejection medications. You have myriad surgeries that people want to have after they have this attack, basically, on their sex, a medical attack on their sex. Then they want to get their neck done, they want to get their Adam’s apple done, and they want to have their jaw shaved off. It’s like a compulsion, and it’s driven through technology.

It’s consumerist orgy, and we’re the ones being consumed. People – our sex – is actually being deconstructed. It’s not just an idea, an ideology; it’s actually happening. They are removing young women’s reproductive organs at major hospitals. So, sex is actually medically being deconstructed as well as ideologically, and legally, and linguistically in the culture.

Bilek said that children being taught that they can choose their sex “is madness, it’s absolute madness, because it goes against the grain of reality.”  

“Why are they driving an ideology of physical disassociation from your sexed reality?” she asked.  “Why is this happening?”  

“It’s all a part of the medical tech sector that they’re going to profit from,” she reiterated. 

Bearing children is an occupation of womanhood, and so removing the ability to reproduce is “the pinnacle of objectification,” said Bilek.  

She then distilled into plain terms the series of assaults women have endured over the last decade. Men who fetishize themselves as females, supported by the corporate world and NGOs, first appropriated women’s biology in order to “wear it as a costume.” 

But now we’re witnessing a huge leap: a galaxy of corporations is working to transfer women’s reproductive capacity to the tech sector. 

“This is why women are being legally erased in language and law,” said Bilek. “They just took the [definition of the] word ‘woman’ out of the Cambridge Dictionary, and they replaced it with, ‘anybody who feels like a woman.’” 

All of this is well underway, noted Bilek. The transfer of human reproduction to the tech sector is already occurring through “all the big fertility treatments that are out there now: freezing your eggs, and freezing your sperm, and surrogacy.” 

“They’re researching womb implants… It’s profiteering, and it’s social control in the sense that they really literally want to break sex apart,” she continued. Establishing transgenderism as normal is imperative if the medical-industrial complex’s move to usurp reproduction from normal married conjugal relations is going to be successful. 

Just look at how trans issues – and more significantly, how big corporations, governments, and even country music and comic book industries are throwing their support behind transgenderism – dominated the news cycle for the last few weeks, while healthcare professionals who stand to extract huge incomes from those entrapped in the nightmare of medically mutilated bodies and souls outright lie about the impact of their ghoulish medical practices. 

The medical-industrial complex is tearing down the boundary between the males and females of our species, according to Bilek. “They perceive this as progress. You will be unburdened by sexual stereotypes, sexual inequalities. Mothers and women won’t have to have children.” 

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Doug Mainwaring is a journalist for LifeSiteNews, an author, and a marriage, family and children's rights activist.  He has testified before the United States Congress and state legislative bodies, originated and co-authored amicus briefs for the United States Supreme Court, and has been a guest on numerous TV and radio programs.  Doug and his family live in the Washington, DC suburbs.