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(LifeSiteNews) — Dear LifeSiteNews readers,

There is only one day left in our Summer Campaign, but we have to admit that we are unusually concerned this time. We are only just a little over halfway to the $500,000 goal at the moment.

We really need a strong wave of donations now – even small amounts by many will easily get us there because of how many visit our website every day.

Please give what you can. Some are able to give a lot more than others and they make up for what those others just can’t give at this time.

However, we are very grateful for what has been donated. It is no small total. It’s just that our needs are so great.

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Yesterday’s interview by LifeSiteNews U.S. Bureau Chief Doug Mainwaring with Sound of Freedom pro-life movie star Eduardo Verástegui is an example of the quality and importance of the work that we do. You can be sure that none of the legacy media will be conducting an interview like that, if any interview, with Eduardo about that crucial film. We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer this to you today.

It is interesting that LifeSiteNews is the first news organization to break the story about Eduardo running for President of Mexico. Back in 2007 I was the first journalist to interview Eduardo about his role in the award-winning pro-life movie Bella.

Similarly, we are able to offer you another interview, this time by our correspondent Jim Hale, with pro-life U.S. Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. It is a fascinating interview with amazingly unexpected statements from the candidate, the only U.S. presidential candidate to make “God is real” the number one “truth” of his political platform. He has been rising up into third place in the running. It really says something that all three of the top candidates claim to be strongly pro-life.

By the way, for those of you in Canada, we have confirmed that at least three Canadian medical freedom hero doctors will be attending and speaking at the July 18 LifeSiteNews gala. More information on that will be provided next week.

Then we have an interview with investigative journalist Michael Hichborn on the horrific situation of a large Catholic health network regularly doing gender change surgeries on both adults and children. This health system cannot possibly be considered to in any way to be Catholic or Christian. They are doing evil, and gender change surgery is only about money – big money.

There was a wonderful U.S. Supreme Court decision on Thursday in favor of a postal worker disciplined for not working on Sundays. The implications of this for faith rights are huge.

And then there was another, possibly more important Supreme Court decision, this time striking down race-based “affirmative action” admissions at U.S. colleges. Liberals are enraged that their increasingly anti-white racist policies have had a kick in the gut from the highest court in the land. Thank God, because these anti-white, Marxist ideological policies have been spreading like a cancer throughout the U.S., especially in Democrat states. We do owe Donald Trump big time for appointing the justices who made these two and other major positive decisions possible.

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God bless all of you,

Steve Jalsevac

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